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Geoff Lloyd

British radio presenter add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1973.

Countries: United Kingdom (83%), (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Virgin Radio, BBC Radio, Annabel Port

Linked to: Virgin Radio, XFM, Labour Party




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Geoff Lloyd was born in 1973 add something


After working as a paperboy, in 1989 he began working at a local print works after school, earning £1 an hour add something


In late 1998 they were subsequently recruited by Virgin Radio, where they took over the weekday evening show and covered Chris Evans on the Breakfast Show, and again rapidly built up a significant audience add something


Lloyd later signed up with Piccadilly Radio in Manchester, and in 1998 teamed up with Pete Mitchell to present the afternoon show on Key 103 add something


The duo rapidly established a cult following with their witty and slightly risque banter, and in 1998 won a Sony radio academy award for their show add something


The pair took over the Drivetime show in early 2002 add something


By 2003, they were the most popular DJs on the station and were moved to the Breakfast Show in order to increase the audience add something


On 28 November 2005 the duo announced that they were splitting up and leaving the Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio add something


Lloyd has made several television appearances, appearing on the Channel 4 show "Richard & Judy" on 8 December 2005 to celebrate the life of former Beatles member, John Lennon and again on 26 March 2007 to discuss the band Slade, together with the band's frontman Noddy Holder add something


Christian O'Connell, from the Breakfast Show on London indie station XFM replaced the pair as host of the breakfast show on Virgin Radio in January 2006 add something


Lloyd's show, entitled "The Geoff Show" started on 3 January 2006 and was broadcast from 10pm - 1am Monday to Thursday on Virgin radio, with his co-host Annabel Port and producer Nelson Kumah add something


In late September 2008, Lloyd began presenting the Absolute Radio drive-time program, entitled Geoff Lloyd's Hometime Show add something


In 2009, Lloyd worked alongside Annabel Port on a Channel 5 'fan show' for the drama series "FlashForward" add something


In 2011 and 2012, Lloyd and Port worked on a similar online project for Sky in which they presented "Thronecast"; a programme reviewing the latest episodes of "Game of Thrones" add something


During October 2012 on his Hometime Show, Lloyd revealed that he was adopted as a child add something


In 2013, Lloyd began hosting "Beatles Brunch with Geoff Lloyd" on Sunday mornings on Absolute Radio 60s add something


On August 1, 2015, the show was renamed "Geoff Lloyd with Annabel Port" add something


In 2016, Lloyd and Port created the podcast "Serial: This British Life", a parody of the WBEZ podcast "Serial" add something


In January 2017 Geoff Lloyd announced he and Annabel were leaving Absolute Radio, the final show aired on Wednesday 12th April add something


On 18 January 2017 Geoff Lloyd announced he and Annabel were leaving Absolute Radio add something


In August 2017, Lloyd and Port launched a weekly podcast called Adrift, which is similar in style to their former radio show add something


Ed Miliband - In November 2017, Miliband appeared on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast as a joint guest with Geoff Lloyd


Since February 2018, Geoff has been working with Union JACK radio, hosting 'Geoff Lloyd's Hometown Glory' add something


Lloyd covered for Adrian Chiles on the mid morning show on BBC Radio 5Live in July 2018 add something


On BBC Radio 5 Live, Saturday morning 11 May 2019, installed at short notice for the sacked Danny Baker , Lloyd's introduction included, "We have some top-notch Polyfilla this morning covering the cracks add something