Geoffroi Jacques Flach

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Geoffroi Jacques Flach

French jurist and historian born at Strasbourg, Alsace, of a family known at least as early as the 16th century, when Sigismond Flach was the first professor of law at University of Strasbourg add

Category: Politics

Born in 1846.

Countries: France (67%), Europe (33%)

Main connection: Renaissance

Linked to: Franco-Prussian War




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Geoffroi Jacques Flach was born in 1846 add something


G.J. Flach studied classics and law at Strasbourg, and in 1869 took his degree of doctor of law add something


Since 1877 he had been professor of comparative law at the free school of the political sciences add something


In 1879 he became assistant to the jurist Édouard René de Laboulaye at the Collège de France, and succeeded him in 1884 in the chair of comparative legislation add something


In 1904 appeared the third volume, "La Renaissance de l'État", in which the author describes the efforts of the Direct Capetian kings to reconstruct the power of the Frankish kings over the whole of Gaul; and goes on to show how the clergy, the heirs of the imperial tradition, encouraged this ambition; how the great lords of the kingdom , whether as allies or foes, pursued the same end; and how, before the close of the 12th century, the Capetian kings were in possession of the organs and the means of action which were to render them so powerful and bring about the early downfall o add something

Geoffroi Jacques Flach died in 1919 add something