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George Arliss

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George Arliss

English actor, author and filmmaker who found success in the United States add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1868.

Countries: United States (38%), United Kingdom (38%), Canada (15%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Darryl F. Zanuck, Henry Lytton, Cecil B. DeMille

Linked to: Columbia University, Harrow School, Warner Bros.




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George Arliss was born in 1868 add something


He began his acting career on the stage in the English provinces in 1887 add something


Henry Lytton - He and some partners leased the Criterion Theatre in 1899 to produce "The Wild Rabbit", a farce by George Arliss, who later became a famous actor in America


By 1900, he was playing London 's West End in supporting roles add something


He embarked for a tour of America in 1901 in Mrs Patrick Campbell's troupe add something


Intending to remain in the U.S. only for the length of the tour, Arliss stayed for twenty years, eventually becoming a star in 1908 in "The Devil" add something


Producer George Tyler commissioned Louis Napoleon Parker in 1911 to write a play specifically tailored for Arliss and the actor toured in "Disraeli" for five years, eventually becoming closely identified with the 19th century British prime minister add something


He was president of the Episcopal Actors' Guild of America from 1921 to 1938 add something


Jack Warner - In 1929, Warner persuaded British stage and screen actor George Arliss to play the title role in a remake of the 1921 United Artists film "Disraeli", a project that turned out to be a box-office hit


The two co-starred in "The Working Man" in 1933 add something


Working closely with Warners' production chief, Darryl F. Zanuck, Arliss left the studio when Zanuck resigned in April 1933 add something


Farren Soutar - A boyhood friend was George Arliss, for whom Soutar found his first acting job in 1886


Arliss was approaching 70 when he completed the British-made "Doctor Syn" in 1937 add something


Producer-director Cecil B. DeMille arranged for the Arlisses to re-enact their roles in "Disraeli" on DeMille's popular radio show, Lux Radio Theater, in January 1938 add something


George and Flo subsequently appeared on Lux in radio adaptations of "The Man Who Played God" in March 1938, and in "Cardinal Richelieu" in January 1939, which was apparently their final dramatic appearance anywhere add something


Returning to their home in London in April 1939, the onset of World War II prevented their return to America during Arliss's remaining years add something


The only taint of scandal involved charges by the British Government in September 1941 that Arliss had not complied with a recent requirement to report bank accounts he maintained in the U.S. and Canada add something


Film producer Darryl F. Zanuck tried to interest Arliss in returning to Hollywood to star in "The Pied Piper" in 1942 add something

George Arliss died in 1946 add something


Braving the Luftwaffe's Blitz on London throughout the war, Arliss remained in his native city, where he died of a bronchial ailment on 5 February 1946, aged 77 add something