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George Lazenby

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George Lazenby

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Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1939.

Countries: United States (32%), France (9%), United Kingdom (9%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Bruce Lee, James Bond, Jor-El

Linked to: Durham University, Comedy Central, Rolex, BBC




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George Lazenby was born in 1939 add something


He went to Bourke Street School in his primary years, and Goulburn, New South Wales High until either 1953 or 1954 add something


In 1968, after Sean Connery quit the role of James Bond, producer Albert R. Broccoli first met Lazenby when getting their hair cut at the same barber add something


In November 1969, prior to the release of the film, Lazenby announced that he no longer wished to play the role of James Bond add something


Although Lazenby had been offered a contract for seven movies, his agent, Ronan O'Rahilly, convinced him that the secret agent would be archaic in the liberated 1970s, and as a result he left the series after the release of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" in 1969 add something


Michael Gambon - He played romantic leads, notably in the early 1970s BBC television series, "The Borderers", in which he was swashbuckling Gavin Ker. As a result, Gambon was asked by James Bond producer Cubby Broccoli to audition for the role in 1970, to replace George Lazenby


Broccoli claims that Lazenby asked for another chance to play James Bond in 1971 but the producer refused add something


John Gavin - Gavin was signed for the role of James Bond in the 1971 film "Diamonds Are Forever" after George Lazenby left the role


He played a role in the BBC's "Play For Today" series in 1973, with Lazenby starring in Roger Smith's "The Operation" add something


In 1973, Lazenby married his girlfriend of three years, Chrissie Townsend add something


In 1973, Lazenby was set to work in Hong Kong with Bruce Lee add something


Bruce Lee - On 20 July 1973, Lee was in Hong Kong, to have dinner with James Bond star George Lazenby, with whom he intended to make a film


Bruce Lee - Pallbearers at his funeral on 31 July 1973 included Taky Kimura, Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Chuck Norris, George Lazenby, Dan_Inosanto, Peter Chin, and Lee's brother Robert


In 1978, he took out an advertisement in "Variety", offering himself for acting work add something


Jor-El - Jor-El was "played" by George Lazenby, who was actually playing the role of an alien disguised as Jor-El, in the late 1980s television series "Superboy," which Alexander Salkind and his son Ilya Salkind produced for first-run syndication


Lazenby had a brief appearance in the 1983 made for television movie "The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E", which his on screen character was identified only by the initials "J.B." add something


Lazenby has portrayed James Bond several times over the years in numerous parodies and unofficial 007 roles, most notably the 1983 television movie "The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E." and an episode of "The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents", entitled "Diamonds Aren't Forever" add something


He appeared with Sylvia Kristel in several new "Emmanuelle" films in the 1990s, many of which appeared on cable television add something


Lazenby made a guest appearance on the television series "Superboy", playing as an alien disguised as Jor-El, Superboy's biological father, in a two-part episode story during the series' 1990 second season add something


Lazenby later spoofed his spy image in the 1996 video game "Fox Hunt", the full-motion video aspects of which were later reedited as a limited-release feature film add something


The couple have three children, including twins born in 2005 add something


In a September 2006 episode of "The Daily Show", comedian John Oliver suggested that Pope Benedict XVI is the George Lazenby of the papacy, in comparison to "John Paul II's Sean Connery" add something


In August 2008, it was reported that Shriver had filed for divorce from Lazenby add something


Lazenby's autobiography, "The Other Fella", is scheduled to be released in hardcover by Century in 2012, the year of James Bond's 50th feature film anniversary, and in paperback by Arrow in 2013 add something


Lazenby's autobiography, "The Other Fella", is scheduled to be released in hardcover by Century in 2013, and in paperback by Arrow in 2013 add something


On September 19, 2013, comedian Jim Jefferies announced on Twitter that Lazenby would be playing his father in the upcoming Season 2 of his FX network sitcom "Legit add something


During a Q&A session at the Sydney 2014 Supanova pop culture expo, Lazenby stated that the reason was because he was too hairy at the time add something


In 2017, a documentary entitled "Becoming Bond" was released on Hulu, featuring Lazenby recounting his life story add something