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George Plimpton

American journalist, writer, editor, actor, and gamesman add

Category: Literature

Born in 1927.

Countries: United States (81%), Monaco (4%), Italy (4%)

Main connections: Peter Matthiessen, John F. Kennedy, Brown University

Linked to: St. Bernard's School, University of Cambridge, Phillips Exeter Academy, King's College, Cambridge




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George Plimpton was born in 1927 add something


His studies were interrupted by military service lasting from 1945 to 1948, during which he served as a tank driver in Italy for the U.S. Army add something


Plimpton entered Harvard as a member of the Class of 1948, but did not graduate until 1950 due to intervening military service add something


Aram Avakian - There he was part of a tight group of young friends who defined the American literary movement of 1950's Paris, including Terry Southern, William Styron, John P. Marquand Jr., and George Plimpton


He earned a second bachelor's degree at Cambridge and took a master's in English there in 1952 add something


In 1953, Plimpton joined the influential literary journal "The Paris Review", founded by Peter Matthiessen, Thomas H. Guinzburg, and Harold L. Humes, becoming its first editor in chief add something


Peter Matthiessen - Along with George Plimpton, Harold L. Humes, Thomas Guinzburg and Donald Hall, in 1953 Matthiessen founded the literary magazine "The Paris Review"


Robert B. Silvers - He met and befriended George Plimpton, and upon his discharge from the Army, he joined the editorial board of "The Paris Review", as managing editor, in 1954 and became Paris editor in 1956


In 1958, prior to a post-season exhibition game at Yankee Stadium between teams managed by Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle , Plimpton pitched against the National League add something


Plimpton's classic "The Bogey Man" chronicles his attempt to play professional golf on the PGA Tour during the Nicklaus and Palmer era of the 1960s add something


He was appointed by President John F. Kennedy as U.S. deputy ambassador to the United Nations serving from 1961 to 1965 add something


In 1963, Plimpton attended preseason training with the Detroit Lions of the National Football League as a backup quarterback, and ran a few plays in an intrasquad scrimmage add something


Plimpton, along with former decathlete Rafer Johnson, was credited with helping wrestle Sirhan Sirhan to the ground when Kennedy was assassinated following his victory in the 1968 California Democratic primary at the former Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles add something


These events were recalled in his best-known book "Paper Lion", which was later adapted into a feature film starring Alan Alda, released in 1968 add something


Mike Bass - During a brief stint with the Detroit Lions, Bass had a small speaking part in the 1968 film adaptation of George Plimpton's book "Paper Lion"


Christopher Cerf - In 1970, he helped launch the "National Lampoon", serving as a Contributing Editor from its first issue until the mid-1970s, and in 1978, he co-conceived and co-edited with Tony Hendra, George Plimpton and Rusty Unger the journalistic parody "Not the New York Times"


He was notable for his appearance in television commercials during the early 1980s, including a memorable campaign for Mattel's Intellivision add something


David Robbins (artist) - After attending Brown University, Robbins was employed in the early 1980s by Andy Warhol, George Plimpton, and Diana Vreeland, during which years he educated himself about art by interviewing emerging artists such as Richard Prince, Jenny Holzer, Keith Haring, and Allan McCollum


A longtime fireworks aficionado, Plimpton wrote the book "Fireworks", and hosted an A&E Home Video with the same name featuring his many fireworks adventures with the Gruccis of New York in Monte Carlo and for the 1983 Brooklyn Bridge Centennial add something


In 1992, he married Sarah Whitehead Dudley, a graduate of Columbia University and a freelance writer add something

George Plimpton died in 2003 add something


Plimpton died on September 25, 2003 in his New York City apartment from an apparent heart attack add something


In 2006, the musician Jonathan Coulton wrote the song entitled 'A Talk with George', a part of his 'Thing A Week' series, in tribute to Mr. Plimpton's many adventures and approach to life add something


Plimpton appeared in the closing credits of the 2006 film "Factory Girl" add something


An oral biography titled "George, Being George" was edited by Nelson W. Aldrich Jr., and released on October 21, 2008 add something


The work premiered in its entirety in November 2008, with Keith Buterbaugh in the role of Dr. Alfred J. McGee, Jendi Tarde as Hamster, Barbi McCulloch as Goldfish, Ryan Naimy as Dog, Aus Jordan II as Turtle, Kyrian Friedenberg as Frog, Branch Fields as Parrot, and Garrett Taylor as Horse add something


Researcher and writer Samuel Arbesman filed with NASA to name an asteroid after George Plimpton; NASA issued the certificate in 2009 add something