Georges Agabekov

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Georges Agabekov

Soviet Red Army soldier, Chekist, OGPU Agent, Chief of OGPU Eastern Section add

Category: Military

Born in 1896.

Countries: Russia (31%), Ukraine (19%), Iran (19%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Joseph Stalin, Yakov Blumkin, Boris Bazhanov

Linked to: Communist Party of the Soviet Union




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Georges Agabekov was born in 1896 add something


From 1914 till 1916 he was fighting in the Russian army during !World_War_I; at the end of 1916 he was sent to the Tashkent Praporshchiks school add something


After the 1917 October revolution, in March 1918, he joined the Red Guard; in 1920 he joined the Bolshevik Party add something


As he could speak Persian and Turkish, Agabekov was brought to Moscow in October 1921 to join the Oriental Section of the Cheka add something


In 1922 he was dispatched to Tashkent to work for Yakov Peters add something


In April 1924, he was posted to the Soviet mission in Kabul , where he spied under diplomatic cover add something


At the end of 1926, Agabekov was posted in Tehran as "rezident" of the OGPU Foreign Branch in Persia, where he was successful in obtaining foreign powers' secret codes, recruiting agents and fomenting animosity against Britain amongst the local tribal leaders; however, he failed in the task of dispatching back to the USSR the defector Boris Bazhanov, Joseph Stalin's former assistant add something


In April 1928, back in Moscow, Agabekov was promoted to the position of chief of the OGPU Near Eastern Section add something


Amongst other things, Agabekov said that starting from 1929, the OGPU Foreign Branch actively used Armenian clergy both from the USSR and abroad for the purposes of espionage add something


At the end of October 1929, Agabekov arrived from Odessa in Constantinople as "illegal" "rezident" in Turkey, where he replaced the Trotskyite Yakov Blumkin executed in Moscow shortly afterward add something


According to Agabekov, prior to 1930, Turkey was viewed by OGPU as a friendly power pursuant to the Russo-Turkish Treaty of Moscow, yet cooperation offers on the part of Turkey's police and intelligence were declined add something


He was the first senior OGPU officer to defect to the West in 1930, motivated presumably by his amorous infatuation with an English language teacher in Constantinople; his revelatory books led to massive arrests of Soviet intelligence assets across the Near East and Central Asia add something


Shortly after his arrival in Paris , in August 1930, the French authorities expelled Agabekov to Brussels , Belgium, where he lived under his original name of Arutyunov add something

Georges Agabekov died in 1938 add something