Gerry Brownlee

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Gerry Brownlee

New Zealand politician add

Category: Politics

Born in 1956.

Countries: New Zealand (75%), Israel (8%), Finland (8%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: New Zealand National Party, John Key, Silvia Cartwright

Linked to: New Zealand National Party, St Bede's College, Christchurch, Ellesmere College, Helsingin Sanomat




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Gerry Brownlee was born in 1956 add something


In the 1996 election he contested the nearby seat of Ilam, and won by a comfortable margin add something


Brownlee received criticism during the 1999 election campaign when he ejected Neil Able, a 60-year old Native Forest Action campaigner, from the National Party's 1999 election campaign launch add something


In 2002, a District Court judge found in favour of Mr Able that Brownlee had "used excessive and unnecessary force on Mr Abel when he tried to remove him from a staircase handrail" add something


Brownlee featured high on the list of potential deputy-leaders, but he declined to pursue the position, and on 28 October 2003 Nick Smith became Brash's deputy add something


Eventually, on 28 October 2003, however, English gave way to Don Brash, a former governor of the Reserve Bank add something


Informed of the challenge, Smith resigned, and on 17 November 2003 Brownlee won the caucus vote unopposed add something


Following the controversy surrounding Brash's Orewa speech of 27 January 2004, Brownlee became the National Party's spokesman for Maori Affairs in place of Georgina Te Heuheu, who resigned from the position after refusing to endorse party-leader Brash's comments add something


He has remained the MP for Ilam since that point, although his majority declined until making a strong recovery in the 2005 election add something


Silvia Cartwright - Following the 2005 general election, former National deputy leader Gerry Brownlee stated that Dame Silvia had not allowed National the chance at forming a government


On 26 November 2006 Brownlee announced that he would step aside as Deputy Leader add something


On 1 December 2006 John Key confirmed Brownlee as the third-ranked National Party MP with responsibility for Energy, SOEs, and State Services; the Shadow Leader of the House, and the chair the National Party's Strategy Committee add something


In November 2008 he became a senior front-bench Minister in John Key's coalition cabinet add something


In August 2009, Brownlee was criticised by Forest and Bird Spokesperson Kevin Hackwell for playing down government discussions to possibly allow more mining within conservation areas add something


In early December 2009, Forest and Bird released a leaked document that included the proposal to remove part of the conservation status of Mount Aspiring National Park to allow mining add something


After the Canterbury Earthquake of 4 September 2010, Brownlee, due to his position as his Party's only Electorate MP in Christchurch, was appointed Earthquake Recovery Minister on 7 September 2010 add something


On 14 September 2010, Brownlee introduced the Canterbury Earthquake Response and Recovery Act 2010 into the house with leave to pass the legislation in one sitting add something


On 29 March 2011 Brownlee was appointed to the Office of Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery add something


In March 2012 Brownlee sparked a near-diplomatic incident with Finland, after he suggested during a parliamentary session that Finns are uneducated, unemployed murderers who don't respect women add something


In April 2013, Prime Minister John Key was invited to attend to the funeral of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, but declined, instead sending Brownlee add something


Nicky Wagner - In 2013 she was appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary to Gerry Brownlee and Nick Smith in the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery and Environment portfolios, respectively


Bob Parker (mayor) - In mid-June 2013, Minister for Earthquake Recovery Gerry Brownlee revealed in a press conference that International Accreditation New Zealand had written to Christchurch City Council threatening to revoke its accreditation for issuing building consents


In May 2017, less than a week after being appointed as Foreign Minister, Brownlee was publicly corrected by the Prime Minister, Bill English, after claiming that a New Zealand-sponsored United Nations Security Council Resolution on Israel was "premature" add something


Minister of Foreign Affairs (New Zealand) - The current Minister of Foreign Affairs is Gerry Brownlee, who has held the position since 2017