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Giuseppe Farina

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Giuseppe Farina

Italian racing driver add

Category: Auto racing

Born in 1906.

Countries: (40%), United States (10%), Monaco (10%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Grand Prix motor racing, Alfa Romeo Tipo 316, Formula One

Linked to: Lancia




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Giuseppe Farina was born in 1906 add something


Alfa Romeo Tipo 316 - "'Alfa Romeo Tipo 316"', 316 or 16C-316 Grand prix car was used in Grand Prix seasons 1938 and 1939, when its was driven by Giuseppe Farina and Clemente Biondetti


He went on to take his first major race win, at the 1940 Tripoli Grand Prix in Libya add something


Entering post-war Grands Prix in a privately owned Maserati, Farina took a win at the 1948 Monaco Grand Prix add something


English Racing Automobiles - In the 1949 BRDC/"Daily Express" International Trophy, Peter Walker took GP1 to within 1,2 seconds of Giuseppe Farina's Maserati in practice and finished fifth in the race, despite gearbox and steering problems, a leaking radiator, and the exhaust burning the driver's foot


Formula One - The first Formula One World Championship was won by Italian Giuseppe Farina in his Alfa Romeo in 1950, barely defeating his Argentine teammate Juan Manuel Fangio


In 1951, he was forced to play second fiddle to Fangio, whose pace was too much for Farina to match add something


Moving to Ferrari in 1952, Farina found himself being outdone by another younger team-mate, this time Alberto Ascari who went on to win nine successive World Championship Grand Prix in 1952 and 1953 add something


At the beginning of 1954, Farina won a round of the World Sports Car Championship, only to be badly burnt following a startline crash at the Sports Car race at Monza add something


Farina attempted a comeback in 1955, dosing himself with painkillers and scoring a couple of points finishes add something


In 1956 he made a half-hearted attempt at the Indianapolis 500, crashing in the process, only to break his collar bone after a crash at a minor race at Monza add something

Giuseppe Farina died in 1966 add something