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Gladys Aylward

Evangelical Christian missionary to China whose story was told in the book The Small Woman by Alan Burgess, published in 1957 add

Category: Exploration

Born in 1902.

Countries: UK (33%), United States (22%), China (22%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Taiwan, England, Ingrid Bergman




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Gladys Aylward was born in 1902 add something


Her determination was such that, in 1932, she spent her life savings on a passage to Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, China add something


Aylward became a Chinese citizen in 1936 and was a revered figure among the people, taking in orphans and adopting several herself, intervening in a volatile prison riot and advocating prison reform, risking her life many times to help those in need add something


In 1938, the region was invaded by Japanese forces, and Aylward led over 100 orphans to safety over the mountains, despite being wounded herself add something


After 10 years in England she sought to return to China, but was denied re-entry by the Communist government and instead settled in Taiwan in 1958 add something


In 1958, the story was made into the Hollywood film "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness", starring Ingrid Bergman add something


The major motion picture based on her life, "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness", was released in 1958 add something


There she founded the Gladys Aylward Orphanage, where she worked until her death in 1970 add something

Gladys Aylward died in 1970 add something


Aylward died on 3 January 1970 just short of her 68th birthday, and is buried in a small cemetery on the campus of Christ's College in Guandu, New Taipei, Taiwan add something