Glenn Talbot

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Glenn Talbot

Fictional character and a villain in the Marvel Comics universe add

Category: Movies & TV (150)

Launched in 2003.

Country: United States (100%)

Main connections: Betty Ross, Josh Lucas, Adrian Pasdar

Linked to: Marvel Comics, The Incredible Hulk, American Broadcasting Company




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Talbot appeared in the 2003 film "Hulk", portrayed by Josh Lucas add something


In the alternate reality depicted in the 2005 "House of M" storyline, Glenn Talbot is married to Betty Ross add something


Betty Ross - In the alternate universe seen in the 2005 "House of M" storyline, Betty Ross is married to Major Glenn Talbot


In the 2012 miniseries "Avengers: X-Sanction", Cable initially mistakes Red Hulk for a foe of his from the future named 'Talbot', suggesting that one of Talbot's relatives will become another Red Hulk at some future add something


Adrian Pasdar - On March 12th, 2014 it was revealed Padsar would be playing the role of Glenn Talbot on the Marvel TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D