Goldene Kamera

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Goldene Kamera

Annual German film and television award, awarded by the television magazine HÖRZU add

Category: Movies & TV (402)

Launched in 1966.

Countries: Germany (60%), (30%), United States (10%)

Main connections: Herbert Gronemeyer, Susan Sarandon, Heinz Ruhmann




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The award was first presented in 1966 as a strictly German television award add something


Since 1987, it has been awarded to international stars add something


And in 1995 the categories expanded to more public interests, such as pop groups and organizations, for example Greenpeace add something


Heinz Ruhmann - His popularity with German audiences continues: In 1995, he was posthumously *awarded the Goldene Kamera as the "Greatest German Actor of the Century"; in 2006, a poll voted him number one in the ZDF TV-show "Unsere Besten - Favorite German Actors"


Johanna Wokalek - She was nominated as best German actress for her performances in "Barfuss", "Hierankl" and "Die Kirschenkönigin" for the Goldene Kamera *award in 2006, and received the Shooting Stars *award as best new German actress during the Berlinale in the same year


Stefan Raab - On 6 February 2008 the show was awarded the "Goldene Kamera"


Up Where We Belong - In 2013 Cocker was honored in Berlin with a Goldene Kamera *award, and Warnes joined him to sing the song at the ceremony


Herbert Gronemeyer - Grönemeyer's 2014 album "Dauernd Jetzt" won the Goldene Kamera *award for the best German language album of 2014 and 2015, while Grönemeyer himself received the Best National Music *award


Susan Sarandon - In 2015, she received the Goldene Kamera international lifetime achievement *award


Heike Makatsch - Makatsch served on the jury of the Goldene Kamera *awards in 2017