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Good Morning America

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Good Morning America

American morning television show that is broadcast on ABC add

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Launched in 1970.

Countries: United States (73%), (7%), United Kingdom (3%)

Main connections: ABC News, NBC, Spencer Christian

Linked to: American Broadcasting Company, Columbine High School shootings, Fox Broadcasting Company, Federal Communications Commission




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The program's ratings climbed slowly, but steadily throughout the 1970s and into the 1980s while "Today" experienced a slight slump in viewership, especially with Walters's decision to leave NBC for a job at ABC News add something


Peter Jennings - Jennings returned to the U.S. at the end of 1974 to become Washington correspondent and news anchor for ABC's new morning program "AM America", a predecessor to "Good Morning America"


Rona Barrett - Barrett began appearing on "Good Morning America" in 1975


Geraldo Rivera - From 1975 to 1977, Rivera was a correspondent for ABC's "Good Morning America"


David Hartman (TV personality) - Hartman is best known as the first host of ABC's "Good Morning America", from 1975 to 1987


On January 6, 1975, ABC launched "AM America" in an attempt to compete with NBC's "Today" add something


After very positive reviews for the pilot, the format replaced "AM America" in November 1975 as "Good Morning America" add something


It debuted on November 3, 1975, and first expanded to weekends with the debut of a Sunday edition on January 3, 1993 add something


On August 30, 1976, Tom Brokaw began anchoring "Today" while the program began a search for a female co-host add something


Dussault was replaced in 1977 by Sandy Hill add something


Betty Hutton - She appeared on Good Morning America, which led to a 1978 televised reunion with her two daughters


In 1980, Hill left "Good Morning America" and was replaced by Joan Lunden, a reporter at ABC's New York City flagship station WABC-TV add something


The team of Lunden and Gibson became the most popular news partnership on television in the late 1980s and early 1990s and, for the first time, "Good Morning America" regularly won the ratings against "Today" add something


"Good Morning America" continued to threaten "Today"s ratings dominance into the 1980s, especially after Brokaw left the latter program to become co-anchor of "NBC Nightly News" with Roger Mudd for 17 months before being named sole anchor of that program add something


Joy Behar - Behar started her career in show business in the early 1980s as a stand up comedian, including appearances on ABC's "Good Morning America", and "The New Show", a short lived Lorne Michaels NBC project


Alfred William Edel - In 1980, he moved to Washington, DC, where he worked at ABC as a news writer for "Good Morning America"


Joan Lunden - She was the co-host of ABC's "Good Morning America" from 1980 through 1997 and is the author of 8 books


Jay North - Throughout the rest of the 1980s, North appeared with other former television stars on news and talk shows such as "Good Morning America", "Donahue" and "Oprah"


Cindy Adams - She became a syndicated newspaper columnist in 1981; she was an original contributor to the syndicated, tabloid-television series "A Current Affair" and has appeared often on "Good Morning America", a morning news-and-talk show on the ABC television network


For the first seven years, weather forecasts were presented by John Coleman, former chief meteorologist for ABC owned-and-operated station WLS-TV in Chicago, who would leave "GMA" in 1982 to start The Weather Channel with Landmark Communications CEO Frank Batten add something


Tina Louise - Although she did not appear in these television movies, she made brief walk-on appearances on a few talk shows and specials for "Gilligan's Island" reunions, including "Good Morning America" , "The Late Show" and the 2004 TV Land *award show with the other surviving cast members


Ann Tyrrell - Tyrrell made her final public appearance in a phone interview on the ABC morning program "Good Morning America" in November, 1982


Kathie Lee Gifford - Following her divorce from Johnson in 1983, Gifford met sports commentator Frank Gifford during an episode of ABC's "Good Morning America"; the couple married in 1986


Fordham University - Television programs filmed at Fordham include "Shattered Vows", a 1984 television film starring Valerie Bertinelli, which portrays the true story of a young nun in the 1960s who goes to Fordham for her master's degree and falls in love with a priest; "White Collar"; "Naked City"; "Saturday Night Live"; "Chappelle's Show"; and the 2009 U2 performance on "Good Morning America"


At one point prior to Spencer Christian's arrival in 1986, forecasts on the program were provided by WXYZ-TV chief meteorologist Jerry Hodak via a split screen between the WXYZ studios in Detroit, and the "Good Morning America" set in New York City add something


Lunden's popularity led to her promotion to co-anchor in 1986 add something


Steve Bell (anchorman) - After his return to America, he began working on "Good Morning America", where he would stay for 11 years, eventually rising to the position of news anchor; he left the position in 1986 and moved to Philadelphia , Pennsylvania to co-anchor evening newscasts for KYW-TV


Sonia Sotomayor - In a 1986 appearance on "Good Morning America" that profiled women ten years after college graduation, she said that the bulk of law work was drudgery, and that while she was content with her life, she had expected greater things of herself coming out of college


In August 1986, he was replaced by Spencer Christian, who served as fill-in meteorologist for both Coleman and Murray whenever they were away on vacation or assignment add something


Spencer Christian - In August 1986, Christian joined "Good Morning America" as their weather forecaster


Leonard Matlovich - He announced on "Good Morning America" in 1987 that he had contracted HIV, and was arrested with other demonstrators in front of the White House that June protesting what they believed was an inadequate response to HIV-AIDS by the administration of President Ronald Reagan


The partnership ended on February 20, 1987, when Hartman retired after 3,189 broadcasts add something


After Hartman's departure, Lunden was paired with ABC News correspondent Charles Gibson on February 23, 1987, which ultimately resulted in ratings for the program skyrocketing add something


Mike Schneider (news anchor) - In 1989, he became news anchor for ABC's "World News This Morning" and "Good Morning America", where he served as the regular substitute for host Charles Gibson


Reba McEntire - In 1989, she co-hosted "Good Morning America" on the ABC network


"Good Morning America" entered the 1990s with continued overwhelming ratings success add something


Couric had hosted the rival NBC morning program "Today" from 1991 to 2006; her "Good Morning America" stint marked her return to morning news after six years add something


In 1992 and 1993, "Good Morning America" won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk/Service Show add something


Lisa McRee - McRee left the show in 1993 to serve as a host for "Good Morning America Sunday"


The first weekend edition of "Good Morning America" premiered on January 3, 1993, airing only on Sundays; it was hosted at various points by Willow Bay, Aaron Brown, John Hockenberry, Dana King, Lisa McRee, Antonio Mora, Kevin Newman and Bill Ritter add something


Michael Larson - In 1994, the film "Quiz Show" was released and, as part of the renewed discussion on game show scandals, Larson appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America"


GMA generally placed second in the ratings, behind NBC's "Today" from 1995 to 2012 add something


Alex Trebek - In August 1995, Trebek filled in for Charles Gibson for a week on "Good Morning America"


Gibson and Lunden became a hard team to beat, however the program stumbled from its top spot in late 1995, falling to second place behind "Today" add something


ABC executives promised Lunden a prime time program; "Behind Closed Doors" would premiere on the network in 1996 add something


Jane Clayson Johnson - In 1996, Jane Clayson moved to Los Angeles, California, where she worked as a correspondent for "Good Morning America", "World News Tonight", and other ABC News broadcasts


Ron Hazelton - Ron has been the Home Improvement Editor for ABC Television's "Good Morning America" program since 1996


On September 5, 1997, Lunden decided to step down as host of "Good Morning America" after 17 years and was replaced by ABC News correspondent Lisa McRee add something


However, ratings sharply declined when Gibson left the show to make way for Kevin Newman in 1998 add something


Spencer Christian - Christian left "Good Morning America" in 1998 and began doing weather forecasts at KGO-TV in San Francisco , California in January 1999, a position he holds to this day


Michelle Charlesworth - Since 1998 she has been a reporter for both ABC News and WABC-TV, as well as a weekend morning anchor for WABC-TV's Eyewitness News and is probably best known for an award-winning series of reports about her battle with skin cancer, which aired on both WABC-TV and ABC's "Good Morning America"


The Sunday edition was later canceled in 1999; weekend editions returned on both Saturdays and Sundays on September 4, 2004 add something


Tony Perkins (meteorologist) - In 1999, Perkins joined ABC's "Good Morning America", where his catchphrase to turn it over to the local weather was "the weather in your neighborhood


To improve "Good Morning America"s ratings performance, which briefly fell to third place among the morning shows in January 1999, ABC News management selected Shelley Ross from the field of executive producer candidates add something


On January 18, 1999, the Gibson-Sawyer team paired by Ross debuted on-air which, during the first full season, resulted in a dramatic increase in viewership while all other network news franchises saw losses add something


The program was cancelled on February 28, 1999 add something


Jeff Gerstmann - Gerstmann appeared in a segment on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer and Sega product analyst Dennis Lee in September 1999 to talk about the release of the Sega Dreamcast, playing NFL 2K and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, notable for the Dreamcast crashing while live on national television in one of its first TV demonstrations


The show moved from the ABC News headquarters in Manhattan's Lincoln Square district to its present home at the Times Square Studios on September 13, 1999 add something


ABC News management started floating the idea of restoring a weekend edition of the program to its schedule after several situations between 2001 and 2003 where the network was the last to provide coverage of major breaking news stories because of its commitment to airing the ABC Kids block on Saturday mornings add something


According to Linda McLoof, executive director of news research at ABC News from 2001 to 2009, "When Shelley left, her viewing momentum was initially sustained, but a season later, the audience began to decline add something


Tamala Edwards - In August 2001, she came to work for ABC News as a White House correspondent, later moving on to be a Washington D.C.-based general correspondent appearing on "World News Tonight" and "Good Morning America"


Noah Gray-Cabey - His career in television began in December 2001 and he has appeared on "My Wife & Kids" playing the role of Franklin Aloysius Mumford, "48 Hours", "Grey's Anatomy", "The Tonight Show", "Good Morning America" and "The Oprah Winfrey Show"


Horace Freeland Judson - Horace Freeland Judson's oldest daughter, Grace Judson, is a small-business coach and writer in San Diego, after her successful 25-year corporate career; she was the Fastest Knitter in America in 2002, appearing on Good Morning America in October of that year


Antonio Mora served as newsreader for the program until March 18, 2002, when he left to become an anchor at CBS owned-and-operated station WBBM-TV in Chicago add something


Bill Deasy - In September 2002 a reader of Parade Magazine who asked "Who's the gorgeous guy who sings the Good Morning America theme song-" had her questioned answered in the Sunday magazine alongside a picture of Deasy as he appeared in the promo


Gilbert Levine - He led the London Philharmonic Orchestra in 2003, conducting selections from Verdi and Mozart on ABC's "Good Morning America" in a historic first for that program


Kate Snow - Snow joined ABC in 2003 as "Good Morning America"'s White House reporter before she was tapped to co-host the morning show's weekend edition


Barbara Bush - On March 18, 2003, two days before the beginning of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, when her son George W. Bush was holding the office of the presidency, ABC's "Good Morning America" asked her about her family's television viewing habits; she replied:


Jessica Yellin - Yellin worked at ABC News from July 2003 to August 2007, serving as White House correspondent for the ABC News program "Good Morning America," and ABC News


Kate Snow - Prior to joining NBC, she was a co-anchor for the weekend edition of "Good Morning America" on ABC from 2004 to 2010


Marysol Castro - Prior to that, she was the weather and features correspondent for the weekend edition of "Good Morning America" on ABC from 2004 to 2010


The current version of "GMA"s weekend editions debuted on September 4, 2004, airing as hour-long broadcasts on Saturdays and Sundays; the program was initially co-anchored by Bill Weir and Kate Snow, with Ron Claiborne serving as the news anchor and Marysol Castro primarily serving as the weather anchor, while reporting on a wide range of subjects from lifestyle trends, to breaking news and entertainment stories add something


George W. Bush - Bush to Diane Sawyer, Good Morning America, September 1, 2005.


Robin Roberts (newscaster) - In 2005, Roberts was promoted to co-anchor of "Good Morning America". in December 2009 George Stephanopoulos joined Robin Roberts as Co-anchor of GMA after Diane Sawyer left to anchor ABC World News Tonight, Under their partnership the Roberts-Stephanopoulos team led Good Morning America back to the top of the ratings and became the Number 1 Morning Show again after beating TODAY show in the ratings in April 2012 for the first time in 16 Years


Adam Yahiye Gadahn - In 2005, on the fourth anniversary of the September 11, 2001,_attacks (September_11_attacks), an eleven minute videotape message purportedly from &Al-Qaeda was broadcast on the ABC News program "Good Morning America"


Tony Perkins (meteorologist) - Perkins left "Good Morning America" in late 2005 to return to WTTG in Washington


Mike Barz - In early May 2005, Barz received an early release from his contract at WGN-TV to become a full-time feature contributor at ABC News' "Good Morning America"


On May 23, 2005, ABC News announced that Robin Roberts would be promoted from newsreader to co-anchor of "Good Morning America", joining Gibson and Sawyer add something


This was the first major set change since the show upgraded to high definition in November 2005 add something


On November 3, 2005, "Good Morning America" celebrated its 30th anniversary with retrospectives on and clips from the show's history and by decorating Times Square add something


On December 2, 2005, weather anchor Tony Perkins left the program after six years add something


Diane Sawyer - In 2006 she spent a week in North Korea and opened "Good Morning America" with a live shot from Pyongyang


Jay Della Valle - In 2006, Della Valle started to film his acclaimed documentary, "The Glorious Mustache Challenge", which received press and attention from "The Today Show", "Good Morning America", "Geraldo at Large", CNN, and The New York Times


Gibson left "Good Morning America" for the second time on June 28, 2006 add something


In August 2006, Chris Cuomo was named news anchor, while continuing his anchoring duties on the newsmagazine "Primetime" and serving as ABC News's senior legal correspondent add something


Christopher Cuomo - From September 2006 to December 2009, Cuomo was the news anchor for "Good Morning America"


Both Cuomo and Champion began their respective duties on the program on September 5, 2006, when "Good Morning America" instituted a new graphics package, and new news area for Cuomo to report headlines add something


Sam Champion - In August 2006 "Good Morning America" announced that Champion was named to his current positions with "GMA" and ABC News, effective September 5, 2006


Bob Woodruff - On December 29, 2006, Woodruff's wife, Lee, an editor at "Family Fun Magazine" appeared on "Good Morning America" to discuss family activities to celebrate the New Year


A third hour of the weekday broadcast aired from 2007 to 2008, exclusively on ABC News Now add something


There had been speculation that Sawyer would leave "Good Morning America" when her contract expired in 2007, to assume the anchor position at "ABC World News" that was given to Gibson add something


"Good Morning America" won the first three Daytime Emmy Awards for "Outstanding Morning Program," sharing the inaugural 2007 award with "Today" and winning the 2008 and 2009 awards outright add something


Bianna Golodryga - She has been a correspondent for the network since 2007, and was named the new co-anchor of "GMA Weekend" in May 2010, following the departure of former co-anchor Kate Snow, who went to work for NBC


Bob Woodruff - On February 27, 2007, Woodruff appeared on "Good Morning America", "ABC World News with Charles Gibson", and "The Oprah Winfrey Show", in advance of a documentary that aired on ABC later that evening


Andrea Jaeger - In April 2007, Jaeger and several former athletes, including Andre Agassi, Lance Armstrong, Tony Hawk, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Muhammad Ali, appeared on the American morning television talk show Good Morning America to announce their formation of a new charity entitled "Athletes for Hope" with the goal of encouraging their fellow athletes to think philanthropically


Athletes for Hope - On April 25, 2007, the founding athletes launched Athletes for Hope on Good Morning America


Mormon Stories Podcast - In June 2007 John Dehlin was quoted for stories by The New York Times and Good Morning America, discussing Mitt Romney and Mormonism


On June 29, 2007, the program's longtime film critic Joel Siegel died due to complications from colon cancer at age 63 add something


One month later on July 31, 2007, Robin Roberts announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, after discovering a lump in her breast during a self-examination while preparing the Siegel tribute episode add something


Robin Roberts (newscaster) - On July 31, 2007, Roberts announced during the live broadcast of "Good Morning America" that she had been diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer


Barbara Billingsley - On October 4, 2007, she and her surviving castmates, Jerry Mathers, Tony Dow, Ken Osmond and Frank Bank, were reunited on ABC's "Good Morning America", to celebrate "Leave It to Beaver"'s 50th anniversary


On October 22, 2007, "Good Morning America" introduced a new on-air graphics package add something


Monty Hall - " Monty appeared on "GSN Live" on March 14, 2008, and hosted a game of "Let's Make a Deal" for "Good Morning America" on August 18, 2008, as part of Game Show Reunion week


Urszula Dudziak - On 21 March 2008, the dance was featured on ABC's "Good Morning America", where the hosts danced to the song


Roberts remained as anchor while undergoing chemotherapy, and completed radiation treatments on March 28, 2008 add something


In September 2008, "Good Morning America"s anchors rode an Amtrak train to tour the United States as part of ABC Newss "50 States in 50 Days" event, in which the program was broadcast from different locations around the U.S. each day throughout that month add something


Cameron Mathison - As of January 15, 2009, Mathison has signed on as a correspondent for "Good Morning America"


Maksim Chmerkovskiy - On February 9, 2009, on "Good Morning America" it was announced that he would be paired with Denise Richards for the eighth season of "Dancing with the Stars"


Following the death of Michael Jackson, Charles Gibson returned to the "Good Morning America" anchor desk with Roberts on June 26, 2009, while Sawyer was away add something


Liam Neeson - In August 2009, Neeson stated on ABC's Good Morning America that he had been naturalised as a United States citizen.


Adam Lambert - In August 2009, he appeared with fellow Idols David Cook and Kris Allen on "Good Morning America"'s televised concert series held in Central Park, New York City , performing a nearly acoustic version of Muse's "Starlight"


On September 2, 2009, ABC announced that Sawyer would replace Gibson as anchor of "ABC World News" at the end of that year add something


Mika (singer) - His American promotional tour consisted of live performances on Good Morning America in New York City on 25 September 2009 and the Late Show with David Letterman on 14 October 2009


On December 10, 2009, Stephanopoulos was announced as Sawyer's replacement, with Juju Chang replacing Cuomo as newsreader; the changes took effect four days later on December 14 add something


In 2010, the program was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for "Outstanding TV Journalism Segment" for the segment "Total Transformation: Why Chaz Bono Decided to Change" add something


Erin Andrews - Andrews hosted the first hour of ESPN's "College GameDay" on ESPNU, and had been a "Good Morning America" correspondent on ABC since 2010, though she had not appeared on the show since covering the Oscars in February 2011


Kate Snow - Before joining NBC News in 2010, she was a co-anchor for the weekend edition of "Good Morning America" on ABC from 2004 to 2010


Portia de Rossi - In a 2010 interview on "Good Morning America", she explained that as a young actress, she was fearful of being exposed as a lesbian


Bubble Ball - In an interview with Good Morning America, Nay said he researched mobile software programming in his local library and started creating his new application in November, 2010


Juju Chang - As the news anchor on "Good Morning America", Chang reported on the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010


In March 2010, Kate Snow left "GMA Weekend" to become a correspondent for NBC News, at which point, various female ABC News personalities filled in to co-anchor add something


In April 2010, the anchor desk in the studio was relocated back in front of the window overlooking Times Square, where it had been when "Good Morning America" moved to the Times Square Studios facility in 1999; the news desk was moved in front of a window add something


Then-financial correspondent Bianna Golodryga officially succeeded Snow as the new weekend co-anchor two months later in May 2010 add something


On May 3, 2010, the program debuted new "light blue and sunny" graphics, and new theme music by DreamArtists Studios add something


Renee Fleming - Fleming appeared on "Good Morning America" on June 8, 2010, performing a cover of Muse's "Endlessly" from their album "Absolution"


Bret Michaels - Michaels performed a duet of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" with Miley Cyrus on the June 18, 2010 episode "Good Morning America"


Juju Chang - For a series of reports airing on "Good Morning America" from June 25, 2010, Chang traveled to Seoul , South Korea


In August 2010, Bill Weir left the weekend edition to become co-anchor of "Nightline"; Marysol Castro left the show the following month add something


Many ABC stations air a weekend morning newscast immediately after the weekend editions of "Good Morning America", this has become fairly common since ABC ceded one hour of its Saturday morning children's program lineup and turned it over to its affiliates in August 2010 add something


Marysol Castro - In September 2010, Castro left "GMA Weekend"


Juju Chang - She later took part in the Housatonic Valley Sprint Triathlon on September 11, 2010, to raise money for UNICEF's relief efforts in Haiti in collaboration with "Good Morning America"


Billy the Kid - On December 31, 2010, on the last day of his term in office, Bill Richardson announced on "Good Morning America" his decision not to pardon McCarty


In the summer of 2011, "Good Morning America" decided to vacate the first floor of the Times Square studios because of cost issues add something


Debbie Gibson - In the summer of 2011, she released "'Rise"' on iTunes, and performed it on Good Morning America in NY.


Demi Lovato - Lovato granted her first post-rehab interview to ABC newscaster Robin Roberts, which aired on Good Morning America and 20/20 on April 22, 2011.


Chris Medina - He performed the ballad on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on February 28, 2011 and on "Good Morning America" on March 4, 2011


On March 17, 2011, ABC News President Ben Sherwood announced that former "GMA" national correspondent Lara Spencer would be rejoining the program in a newly created lifestyle anchor position add something


On March 29, 2011, ESPN anchor Josh Elliott was named news anchor of the program following the departure of Juju Chang add something


Juju Chang - On March 29, 2011, it was announced that Chang would be leaving "Good Morning America" to take a full-time role on Nightline, ABC News President Ben Sherwood announced Tuesday


On September 6, 2011, "Good Morning America" began broadcasting from an entirely new set located on the first floor of the Times Square studios add something


While Dan Harris officially took over as Weir's replacement that October, meteorologists from various ABC affiliates across the country filled in to provide the national weather segments for over a year after Castro's departure; eventually in November 2011, Ginger Zee, who previously served as a meteorologist at NBC O&O WMAQ-TV in Chicago, was appointed as weather anchor for the weekend editions add something


Amid declining ratings at "Today" in the aftermath of reports of Matt Lauer's alleged role in Ann Curry's departure as co-host , viewership for "Good Morning America" increased starting in 2012 add something


"Good Morning America" has been the most watched morning show in total viewers and key demos each year since Summer 2012 add something


Katie Couric - From April 2 to 6, 2012, Couric substituted for co-anchor Robin Roberts on ABC's "Good Morning America", her first stint at hosting a morning news show since leaving "Today"


Porterhouse Media - Porter has been nominated for a daytime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Promotional Announcement" for his work with ABC's "Good Morning America" and received a Webby Award in 2012 for his Tim Tebow parody "All He Does Is Win"; in 2013 he received a Webby Award for Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith "So Disrespectful" remix


Amy Robach - She is now a contributing correspondent on Good Morning America on ABC, and start her appearance at WJBK-TV in Detroit on Election Day 2012


During the week of April 1, 2012, ABC News special correspondent Katie Couric, who had recently joined the network as part of a deal to host a syndicated talk show distributed by corporate sister Disney-ABC Domestic Television, filled for Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America" add something


The program beat "Today" for the first time in 16 years during the week of April 9, 2012, ending that program's streak of 852 consecutive weeks as the most-watched network morning news program, by a margin of 31,000 more viewers than the NBC program add something


"Good Morning America" beat "Today" once again during the week of April 16, 2012, by a much larger margin of 166,000 viewers add something


Robin Roberts (newscaster) - On June 11, 2012, five years after the start of Roberts' fight with breast cancer, she announced on "Good Morning America" that she has MDS or myelodysplastic syndrome


On August 30, 2012, Roberts went on medical leave after undergoing a bone marrow transplant following her diagnosis with myelodysplastic syndrome add something


Kellie Pickler - On September 4, 2012 Pickler shaved her head on "Good Morning America" in support of her friend, Summer Holt Miller, who started chemotherapy after breast surgery


The limited-run program, which ended on September 7, 2012, was hosted by "Good Morning America" news anchor Josh Elliott and lifestyle anchor Lara Spencer add something


Eastern Time slot on September 10, 2012 add something


During the weekend of September 15, 2012, "Good Morning America Weekend" topped the weekend edition of "Today" in the ratings for the first time in the program's history add something


The Terminator - In an October 1, 2012 interview on "Good Morning America", he revealed that he had difficulty pronouncing the word "I'll" properly, and asked director James Cameron if it could be changed to "I will be back"


In 2013, "GMA" won its first May sweeps ratings period in 18 years add something


Buckeye, Arizona - In 2013, a video featuring a Verrado High School student who overcame Down's Syndrome to join the school's cheerleading squad, and using the Katy Perry song "Roar", was selected as a finalist in a "Good Morning America" contest


CBS News Sunday Morning - The program won its first Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Morning Program in 2013, beating out weekday programs "Today" and "Good Morning America"


On January 14, 2013, Roberts announced that she hoped to return to the program sometime that February; Roberts performed dry run rehearsals during the week of January 21 in preparation for her return; she and her doctors evaluated her body's reaction to the makeup, the lighting, her hair, and the number of people she comes in contact with to avoid compromising her then-gradually-improving health add something


Al Jazeera America - On July 26, 2013 the network announced that former Good Morning America host and award winning journalist Antonio Mora would he hosting a current events talk show called "Consider This"


Leah Remini - On September 4, 2013, it was announced on Good Morning America that Remini will participate on the seventeenth season of "Dancing with the Stars", and that she will be partnered with former champion Tony Dovolani


Nicole Polizzi - On September 4, 2013, it was announced on "Good Morning America" that Snooki participated on the 17th season of "Dancing with the Stars", partnered with newcomer Sasha Farber


Britney Spears - That same day, Spears announced that "Work Bitch" will have its worldwide radio premiere on September 16, 2013 at 6 pm ET on iHeartRadio stations and will be be made available for purchase six hours later via iTunes on September 17, 2013 at 12:01 am ET. Also on September 17, Spears will appear on "Good Morning America", where she will perform the song for the first time


Shania Twain - In October 2013, Twain sat down with Robin Roberts from Good Morning America as a featured artist on the Countdown to the CMA *awards


Amy Robach - On November 11, 2013, Robach revealed on "Good Morning America" that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer after receiving a mammogram on live television on October 1, 2013, and after undergoing follow up tests off of the air


After Zee was promoted to weather anchor of the weekday edition of "Good Morning America" in December 2013, the program returned to having ABC affiliate meteorologists to substitute on the Saturday and Sunday editions, until ABC announced the appointment of Rob Marciano as full-time weekend weather anchor in July 2014, effective that September add something


On December 4, 2013, weather anchor Sam Champion departed "Good Morning America" and ABC News after seven years on the program to join The Weather Channel, where he became primary anchor of the competing morning program "America's Morning Headquarters" add something


Sam Champion - His last day on "Good Morning America" was December 4, 2013


Spencer Christian - In June, 2014, Christian temporarily returned to the set of "Good Morning America" as a substitute weather forecaster


Tim Tebow - Tebow was asked to co-host ABC News' Good Morning America on January 31, 2014 just prior to Super Bowl XLVIII


Cody Simpson - On March 4, 2014, Simpson was announced as one of the celebrities to participate on the 18th season of "Dancing with the Stars" during "Good Morning America"


Amy Robach - On Sunday, March 30, 2014, ABC News announced that Robach would be promoted to the position of News Anchor for Good Morning America, with the departure of Josh Elliott, who went to NBC Sports


Strahan's new position was confirmed on April 15, 2014, when he was introduced to the audience as the new contributing anchor on the program add something


On April 18, 2014, Lara Spencer was promoted to co-anchor effective immediately, receiving top billing on the program alongside Roberts and Stephanopoulos add something


Pia Toscano - On May 30, 2014, Toscano began a six-date summer tour as a background singer for Jennifer Lopez, including appearances on "Good Morning America" and "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon"


Joan Lunden - On Tuesday, June 24, 2014, Lunden revealed on "Good Morning America" that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer


In July 2014, Bianna Golodryga announced she would be leaving ABC to take a correspondent role at Yahoo News add something


Bianna Golodryga - She served as weekend co-anchor of "Good Morning America" until August 4, 2014, when she departed for Yahoo


In September 2014, former NFL player Tim Tebow was announced to be joining the program as a part-time correspondent to help launch the new segment, "Motivate Me Mondays" add something


He made his debut on the program on September 15, 2014 add something


Beginning in February 2016, the ESPN Radio morning show "Mike & Mike" will move from the ESPN campus in Bristol, Connecticut to New York and record on the second floor of Times Square studios, and both "GMA" and "Mike & Mike" will have frequent collaborations on content and some segments, including crossovers involving Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic appearing on "GMA" occasionally, and vice-versa add something


On September 6, 2016, Michael Strahan began his run as official full-time co-host of the program along with Roberts, Stephanopoulos, and Spencer add something


On September 10, 2016, Sara Haines left the program as lifestyle anchor to take a full time position as co-host of ABC's "The View add something


In April 2018 it was announced that Spencer would cut back on her hours on GMA from five days a week to three add something


As of 3rd July 2018, Nine Network no longer airs Good Morning America add something


The new show is premiering on September 10, 2018 add something