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Division of Renault Sport Technologies add

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Founded in 1946.

Countries: (41%), France (35%), Italy (12%)

Main connections: Renault, Renault Sport, Formula One

Linked to: Fiat, Simca, Abarth, Renault




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In 1946, Gordini introduced the first cars named after him, Fiat-engined single-seaters raced by him and Jose Scaron, achieving several victories add something


In the past, it was a sports car manufacturer and performance tuner, established in 1946 by Amédée Gordini, nicknamed "Le Sorcier" add something


Juan Manuel Fangio - Fangio's first entry into Formula One came in the 1948 French Grand Prix at Reims, where he started his Simca Gordini from 11th on the grid but retired


Gordini competed in Formula One from 1950 to 1956 , although it achieved a major success in Formula Two during that period add something


Gordini-tuned Renault cars won various rallies during the 1950s and 1960s add something


Economy car - Meanwhile, from the 1950s Abarth tuned Fiats and Gordini tuned Renaults did the same in Italy and France


Gordini and Simca started to diverge in 1951 because of political conflicts add something


Jean Behra - Behra was in a Gordini in the Panamericana road race in the Mexican state of Oaxaca in November 1952


Georges Berger - In 1953 he raced for the Simca-Gordini team and finished fifth at the same track


Tour de France Automobile - In 1954 the event was won by the 2,5 litre Gordini of Jacques Pollet and M. Gauthier, running on the traditional Nice to Nice route


In 1957, Gordini and & Renault manufactured the Dauphine Gordini, a modified version of the Renault Dauphine which was a sales success add something


After its Formula One programme ended Gordini worked with Renault as an engine tuner, entering Renault-Gordini cars at the 24 Hours of Le Mans between 1962 and 1969 add something


In 1963, the Gordini company moved its headquarters to Noisy-le-Roy add something


Gordini became a division of & Renault in 1968 and of Renault Sport in 1976 add something


In 1968, Gordini retired and sold his firm to Renault add something


Renault-Gordini was moved to Viry-Châtillon in 1969 and became a sport division of & Renault, before be merged with Alpine to form Renault Sport in 1976 add something


Markku Alen - Alén started his rallying career in 1969 driving a Renault 8 Gordini, and finished ninth at the 1000 Lakes Rally at his first attempt


V6 engine - Another influential V6 design was the Renault-Gordini CH1 V6, designed by François Castaing and Jean-Pierre Boudy, and introduced in 1973 in the Alpine-Renault A440


Renault - In 1976, the Alpine's competition department and the Gordini factory at Viry-Chatillon were merged into Renault Sport


Renault Sport - It was officially established in 1976 as a merger between the Alpine and Gordini competition departments


Renault Sport - In the WRC, Renault had some success with cars such as the R5 Turbo and the R17 Gordini until it left international rallying in late 1994


In November 2009, Renault announced that it would be reviving the Gordini name for an exclusive line of hot hatches, in a similar fashion to Fiat's revival of its Abarth name add something