Grace Kelly

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Grace Kelly

American actress who, in April 1956, married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, to become Princess consort of Monaco, styled as Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco, and commonly referred to as Princess Grace add

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Born in 1929.

Countries: United States (57%), Monaco (10%), France (9%)

Main connections: Albert II, Prince of Monaco, Alfred Hitchcock, William Holden

Linked to: Paramount Pictures, Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, American Film Institute




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Grace Kelly was born in 1929 add something


"'Grace Patricia Kelly"' was an American actress who, in April 1956, married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, to become Princess consort of Monaco, styled as "'Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco"', and commonly referred to as "'Princess Grace"' add something


Registering as a Democrat, he obtained the party's nomination for mayor in the 1935 election and lost by the closest margin for any Democrat in the city's history add something


Fred Joaillier - The first store opened in Paris in 1936 and became famous for its jewels designed by Jean Cocteau, and for its famous client such as Marlène Dietrich or Grace Kelly


In 1942, at the age of twelve, she played a lead in "Don't Feed the Animals", a play produced by the East Falls Old Academy Players add something


Following in his father's athletic footsteps, John Jr. won in 1947 the James E. Sullivan award as the country's top amateur athlete add something


During high school, she acted and danced, graduating in May 1947 from Stevens School, a small private institution in a mansion on Walnut Lane in the Northwest Philadelphia neighborhood of Germantown add something


Because of low mathematics scores, Kelly was rejected by Bennington College in July 1947 add something


After embarking on an acting career in 1950, at the age of 20, Grace Kelly appeared in New York City theatrical productions as well as in more than forty episodes of live drama productions broadcast during the early 1950s Golden Age of Television add something


Director Alfred Hitchcock saw the 1950 screen test and would become one of Kelly's last mentors add something


Director John Ford had first noticed Kelly in a 1950 screen test add something


Petticoat - Edith Head designed a number of gowns and dresses, supported by multiple layers of petticoats, for actresses such as Grace Kelly and Doris Day, who appeared in Alfred Hitchcock films in the 1950s


Kelly made her film debut in a small role in the 1951 film "Fourteen Hours" add something


The studio flew Kelly to Los Angeles to audition in September 1952 add something


John W. Cunningham - It was adapted into the film "High Noon" in 1952, which starred Gary Cooper alongside Grace Kelly


High Noon - "'High Noon"' is a 1952 American Western film directed by Fred Zinnemann and starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly


In October 1953, with the release of "Mogambo", she became a movie star, a status confirmed in 1954 with a Golden Globe award and Academy award nomination as well as leading roles in five films, including "The Country Girl", in which she gave a deglamorized, Academy award-winning performance add something


Gene Tierney - By 1953, Tierney's mental health problems were becoming harder for her to hide; she dropped out of "Mogambo" and was replaced by Grace Kelly


Red Dust - The movie was remade by director John Ford in 1953 as "Mogambo", this time set in Africa rather than Indochina and shot on location in color, with Ava Gardner in the Harlow role and Grace Kelly playing Astor's part


Although Kelly won the New York Film Critics Circle award for best actress for her performances in her three big movie roles of 1954 , she and Garland both received Golden Globe awards for their respective performances add something


Kelly began filming scenes for her next film, "The Bridges at Toko-Ri", in January 1954 with William Holden add something


In April 1954, Kelly flew to Colombia for a 10-day shoot on her next project, "Green Fire", with Stewart Granger add something


"Dial M for Murder" opened in theaters in May 1954 to both positive reviews and box-office success add something


With the film's opening in October 1954, Kelly was again praised add something


Kelly bag - In 1954, Hitchcock allowed the costume designer Edith Head to purchase Hermès accessories for the film "To Catch a Thief", starring Grace Kelly


Ray Milland - In 1954, he starred opposite Grace Kelly and Robert Cummings in Alfred Hitchcock's "Dial M for Murder"


Frederick Knott - Knott wrote the screenplay for the 1954 Hollywood movie which Hitchcock filmed for Warner Brothers in 3D, starring Ray Milland and Grace Kelly, with Anthony Dawson and John Williams reprising their characters from the New York stage production, which had brought Williams a Tony Award for his role as Inspector Hubbard


Dial M for Murder - "'Dial M for Murder"' is a 1954 American detective fiction film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert_Cummings and John Williams


The Country Girl (1954 film) - "'The Country Girl"' is a 1954 American drama film directed by George Seaton and starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and William Holden


Bob Russell (entertainer) - Lee Meriwether, age 19 from California, was crowned Miss America on September 11, 1954, by a panel of judges including movie queen Grace Kelly


Released in January 1955, the "The New Yorker" remarked on the apparent on-screen chemistry of Kelly and Holden, and took note of Kelly's delivery of her performance "with quiet confidence add something


On the night of the Academy awards telecast, March 30, 1955, Garland was unable to attend because she was in the hospital having just given birth to her son, Joseph Luft add something


Cannes Film Festival - Kelly headed the US delegation at the Cannes Film Festival in April 1955 add something


Sally Kirkland (editor) - Together with Grace Kelly and Vera Maxwell , Kirkland received a Neiman-Marcus award in 1955 for her contribution to fashion


While pregnant with her daughter Caroline in 1956, Princess Grace was frequently photographed clutching a distinctive leather hand-bag manufactured by Hermes add something


On April 4, 1956, leaving from Pier 84 in New York Harbor, Kelly, with her family, bridesmaids, poodle, and over eighty pieces of luggage boarded the ocean liner SS "Constitution" for the French Riviera add something


The 40-minute civil ceremony took place in the Palace Throne Room of Monaco on April 18, 1956, and was broadcast across Europe add something


The religious wedding was set for April 19, 1956 add something


Nadia Boulanger - As a long-standing friend of the family , Boulanger was asked to organise the music for the wedding of Prince Rainier of Monaco and the American actress, Grace Kelly, in 1956


Hermes - In 1956, a photo of Grace Kelly, who had become the new Princess of Monaco, was shown carrying the "Sac à dépêches" bag in a photography in "Life"


Princess Antoinette, Baroness of Massy - Rainier's marriage to Grace Kelly in 1956 and the arrival of his heirs, Princess Caroline in 1957 and Prince Albert in 1958, effectively scuttled Antoinette's plans


The Philadelphia Story (film) - The film was adapted in 1956 as the MGM musical "High Society", starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Frank_Sinatra, Celeste Holm, and Louis Armstrong, directed by Charles Walters


Bing Crosby - After Dixie's death, Crosby had relationships with actresses Inger Stevens and Grace Kelly before marrying the actress Kathryn Grant in 1957


Quincy Jones - Jones first worked with Frank Sinatra when he was invited by Princess Grace to arrange a benefit concert at the Monaco Sporting Club in 1958


Kelly was a member of the International Best Dressed List since 1960 add something


The Princess Grace Foundation, Monaco was founded in 1964 with the aim of helping those with special needs for whom no provision was made within the ordinary social services add something


Lou van Burg - On 25 August 1966 the show was even broadcasted from the Monte Carlo Casino starring Grace Kelly and in 1967 it was adopted by the British ITV network


Taylor-Burton Diamond - Thousands of people in New York and Chicago queued to see the diamond after its 1969 sale, and it was subsequently worn by Taylor at Princess Grace of Monaco's fortieth birthday and at the 42nd Academy Awards


The princess encouraged Baker to return to performing and financed Baker's triumphant comeback in 1975, attending the opening night's performance add something


Director Herbert Ross attempted to lure Princess Grace for his 1977 film "The Turning Point", but Prince Rainier quashed the idea add something


Gilbert V. Hartke - In 1978, Princess Grace of Monaco visited the university to prepare for a poetry reading for the American Wildlife Fund


Philippe Junot - In Monaco civilly on 28 June 1978 and religiously on 29 June 1978 he married Princess Caroline, eldest daughter of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco and former Hollywood icon Grace Kelly


In 1981, the Prince and Princess celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary add something


Princess Grace was invited to present the prizes at the Henley Royal Regatta in 1981 as a peace offering by the Henley Stewards to put a long conflict between the Kelly family and Stewards to rest add something


Incorporated in 1982, PGF-USA is headquartered in New York and is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit, publicly supported organization add something

Grace Kelly died in 1982 add something


On September 13, 1982, while driving with her daughter, Stéphanie, to Monaco from their country home, Roc Agel, on the French side of the border, Princess Grace suffered a stroke, which caused her to drive her Rover P6 off the serpentine road down a mountainside add something


She died after suffering a stroke on September 14, 1982, when she lost control of her automobile and crashed add something


Grace was buried in the Grimaldi family vault on September 18, 1982, after a requiem mass in Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco add something


Albert II, Prince of Monaco - Prince Albert is the Vice-Chairman of the American charity founded in 1982, after his mother's death, the Princess Grace Foundation-USA, which supports, as Princess Grace did in her lifetime, emerging artists in theater, dance and film


Charlene, Princess of Monaco - Upon her marriage, Charlene became Princess consort of Monaco; the previous incumbent being her mother-in-law, Grace Kelly, who died in 1982


In 1983 following Princess Grace's death, Caroline, Princess of Hanover assumed the duties of President of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation add something


In 1983, an American television film which focused on the early life of the princess was presented featuring Cheryl Ladd and Ian McShane as Grace and Prince Rainier add something


On June 18, 1984, Prince Rainier inaugurated a public rose garden in Monaco in Princess Grace's memory because of her passion for the flower add something


Lloyd Cole - The Commotions' 1984 debut, "Rattlesnakes", contained literary and pop culture references to such figures as Arthur Lee, Norman Mailer, Grace Kelly, Eva_Marie_Saint, Simone de Beauvoir, Truman Capote, and Joan Didion


In 2003, 83 years after Olympic Gold Medalist John Kelly, Sr. was refused entry to the most prestigious rowing event in the world, the Henley Royal Regatta renamed the Women's Quadruple Sculls after his daughter, "Princess Grace Challenge Cup" add something


Prince Rainier, who did not remarry, was buried alongside her following his death in 2005 add something


Candy O'Terry - She would realize the lifelong dream of hearing and playing her own songs on the radio between 2005-2011 with the recording and release of Jim Brickman's The Gift and Valentine, a duet with Charlie Farren called You Are The Only One and a collaboration with jazz prodigy Grace Kelly on the Christmas classic, Silent Night


In 2008, Princess Stephanie opened the "Epoch of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco" at the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation in Moscow add something


Albert II, Prince of Monaco - The Prince and Wittstock attended the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and the "Bal de la Rose" and the Princess Grace *awards Gala in 2009


In October 2009, a plaque was placed on the "Rodeo Drive Walk of Style" in recognition of Princess Grace's contributions to style and fashion add something


In November 2009, to commemorate what would have been her 80th birthday, TCM named her as star of the month which saw Prince Albert II pay a special tribute to his mother add something


In 2010, an exhibition of Grace Kelly's clothes was held at the Victoria and Albert Museum add something


The exhibition was opened by Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock in April 2010 add something


This exhibition continued in Australia at the Bendigo Art Gallery between March 11 and June 17, 2012 add something


Nicole Kidman - In April 2012, various sources, including Variety, announced that Kidman was in talks to star in upcoming Grace Kelly biopic Grace of Monaco


In June 2013, the McCord Museum in Montréal presents the exhibition From Philadelphia to Monaco: Grace Kelly - Beyond the Icon. http://www add something


In 2014, Nicole Kidman portrayed Kelly in "Grace of Monaco", directed by Olivier Dahan add something


In October, 2016, Prince Albert of Monaco, Grace's son, purchased the property, stating the home might be used as a museum space or as offices for the Princess Grace Foundation add something


In October 2016, Prince Albert of Monaco, Grace's son, purchased the property, speculating that the home would be used either as museum space or as offices for the Princess Grace Foundation add something