Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia

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Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia

Last Grand Duchess of Imperial Russia add

Category: Politics

Born in 1882.

Countries: Russia (28%), Canada (25%), United Kingdom (13%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Duke Peter Alexandrovich of Oldenburg, Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia, Nikolai Kulikovsky

Linked to: Soviet Union




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Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia was born in 1882 add something


Olga left Gatchina for the first time in the early fall of 1888 when the imperial family visited the Caucasus add something


During 1894 Olga's father became increasingly ill, and the annual trip to Denmark was cancelled add something


Olga was due to enter society in the summer of 1899, but after the death of her brother George at the age of 27, her first official public appearance was delayed by a year until 1900 add something


By 1900 Olga, age 18, was being escorted to the theatre and opera by a distant cousin, Duke Peter Alexandrovich of Oldenburg, a member of the Russian branch of the House of Oldenburg add something


In 1901, she married Duke Peter Alexandrovich of Oldenburg, who was privately believed by family and friends to be homosexual add something


Their engagement, announced in May 1901, was unexpected by family and friends, as Peter had shown no prior interest in women, and members of society assumed he was homosexual add something


In April 1903, she was introduced to a Blue Cuirassier Guards officer Nikolai Kulikovsky by her brother Michael during a royal military review at Pavlovsk Palace add something


From 1904 to 1906, Duke Peter was appointed to a military post in Tsarskoye Selo, a complex of palaces just south of Saint Petersburg add something


At Epiphany 1905, a band of revolutionaries fired live rounds at the Winter Palace from the Peter and Paul Fortress add something


Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia - In the autumn of 1907, Olga's aunt Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia was escorted to the nursery by the Tsar to meet Rasputin


Olga supported the appointment of the liberal Pyotr Stolypin as prime minister, and he embarked on a programme of gradual reform, but in 1911 he was assassinated add something


Princess Helen of Serbia - "Perhaps you know that Ioanchik is engaged to Helene of Serbia, it is so touching," wrote his distant cousin, 14-year-old Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia, to her aunt, Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia, on 14 July 1911


On 1 August 1914, just before the start of World War I, Olga's regiment, the Akhtyrsky Hussars, appeared at an Imperial Review before her and the Tsar at Krasnoe Selo add something


Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia - Olga's younger sister Maria reportedly hemorrhaged in December 1914 during an operation to remove her tonsils, according to her paternal aunt Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia, who was interviewed later in her life


In 1916, Tsar Nicholas II officially annulled the marriage between Duke Peter Alexandrovich and the Grand Duchess, allowing her to marry Colonel Kulikovsky add something


The couple led separate lives and their marriage was eventually annulled by the Emperor in October 1916 add something


Russian Revolution of 1917 - At the downfall of the Romanovs in the Russian Revolution of 1917, she fled to the Crimea with her husband and children, where they lived under the threat of assassination add something


After Tsar Nicholas II abdicated in early 1917, many members of the Romanov dynasty, including Nicholas and his immediate family, were detained under house arrest add something


On 12 August 1917, her first child and son, Tikhon Nikolaevich was born during their virtual imprisonment add something


In a rented five-roomed farmhouse there, Olga gave birth to her second son, Guri Nikolaevich, on 23 April 1919 add something


In November 1919, the family set out on what would be their last journey through Russia add something


Olga escaped revolutionary Russia with her second husband and their two sons in February 1920 add something


Defying the advice of her family, Grand Duchess Olga traveled to Berlin in 1925 to meet Anna Anderson, the best-known Anastasia impostor add something


She met Anna Anderson, the best-known impostor, in Berlin in 1925 add something


After the Dowager Empress's death in 1928, Olga and her husband purchased a dairy farm in Ballerup, near Copenhagen add something


The Dowager Empress died on 13 October 1928 at Hvidøre add something


In the 1930s, the family took annual holidays at Sofiero Castle, Sweden, with Crown Prince Gustaf of Sweden and his wife, Louise add something


Her sister Grand Duchess Xenia spent two months at Knudsminde with some of her family in 1938 add something


Neutral Denmark was invaded by Nazi Germany on 9 April 1940, and was occupied for the remainder of World War II add something


Tikhon was imprisoned for a further month in 1943 after being arrested on charges of espionage add something


On 4 May 1945, German forces in Denmark surrendered to the British add something


In 1948, feeling threatened by Joseph Stalin's regime, Olga emigrated with her immediate family to a farm in Ontario, Canada add something


In May 1948, the Kulikovskys traveled to London by Danish troopship add something


On 2 June 1948, Olga, Kulikovsky, Tikhon and his Danish-born wife Agnete, Guli and his Danish-born wife Ruth, Guli and Ruth's two children, Xenia and Leonid, and Olga's devoted companion and former maid Emilia Tenso departed Liverpool on board the "Empress of Canada" add something


By 1952, the farm had become a burden to Olga and her husband add something


By 1958, Olga's husband was virtually paralyzed, and Olga sold some of her remaining jewelry in an attempt to raise funds add something


Following her husband's death in 1958, she became increasingly infirm until hospitalized in April 1960 at Toronto General Hospital add something


In June 1959, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited Toronto and invited the Grand Duchess for lunch on board the Royal Yacht, "Britannia" add something

Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia died in 1960 add something


On 21 November 1960, she slipped into a coma, and she died on 24 November, at the age of 78 add something


She was interred next to her husband in York Cemetery, Toronto, on 30 November 1960, after a funeral service at Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Toronto add something


The Russian Relief Programme, which was founded by Tikhon and his third wife Olga in honour of the Grand Duchess, exhibited a selection of her work at the residence of the Russian ambassador in Washington in 2001, in Moscow in 2002, in Ekaterinburg in 2004, in Saint Petersburg and Moscow in 2005, in Tyumen and Surgut in 2006, and at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and Saint Michael's Castle in Saint Petersburg in 2007 add something