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Greg Mottola

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Greg Mottola

American filmmaker, screenwriter and television director add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1964.

Countries: United States (63%), Israel (13%), Canada (13%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Jesse Eisenberg, The Daytrippers, Adventureland (film)

Linked to: Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, NPR




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Greg Mottola was born in 1964 add something


Mottola directed "Adventureland", set in the 1980s, a "first love" story about a group of college-age kids working at an amusement park add something


Mottola wrote and directed the 1996 independent film "The Daytrippers", concentrated for several years on directing in television for series such as "Undeclared" and "Arrested Development" add something


The Daytrippers - "'The Daytrippers"' is a 1996 independent drama film written and directed by Greg Mottola


Adventureland (film) - "Adventureland" was less successful than Greg Mottola's previous film, the 2007 box-office hit "Superbad", with a smaller release on 1,862 screens


It premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and received critical praise add something


Jesse Eisenberg - In 2009, Eisenberg played the lead role in "Adventureland", a comedy directed by Greg Mottola and filmed in Kennywood Park near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Adventureland (film) - "'Adventureland"' is a 2009 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Greg Mottola, starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart and co-starring Ryan Reynolds, Bill Hader, Martin Starr, and Margarita Levieva


His most recently released film, "Paul", is about two comic book nerds who find an alien named Paul while vacationing in the US. As of 2011, Mottola is writing a screenplay based on Leanne Shapton's "Important Artifacts and Personal Property From the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion and Jewelry", to be produced by Natalie Portman and Plan B Entertainment add something