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Half Nelson (film)

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Half Nelson (film)

2006 American drama film directed by Ryan Fleck, written by Fleck and Anna Boden add

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Launched in 2004.

Countries: United States (78%), Canada (11%), (11%)

Main connections: Anna Boden, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Fleck

Linked to: Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor, Chicago Film Critics Association Awards




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The film is based on a 19-minute film made by Boden and Fleck in 2004, titled "Gowanus, Brooklyn" add something


The film was greeted with high critical acclaim, found its way on many "Top Ten" films of 2006 lists and calculated an overall average of 85 out of 100 on Metacritic add something


"'Half Nelson"' is a 2006 American drama film directed by Ryan Fleck, written by Fleck and Anna Boden add something


Drive (2011 film) - Beth Mickle was hired as "Drive"s production designer on Gosling's recommendation; they had worked together on 2006's "Half Nelson"


Anna Boden - Boden and Fleck made the film, "Half Nelson" starring Ryan Gosling in 2006


Ryan Gosling - Gosling next starred in 2006's "Half Nelson" as a drug-addicted junior high school teacher who forms a bond with a young student


Original Media - "Half Nelson", which premiered at Sundance in 2006, received multiple nominations and *awards including an Academy *award nomination for Best Actor , five Independent Spirit *award nominations and Best Picture at The Gotham *awards


Anna Boden - "'Anna Boden"' is an American film director, cinematographer, editor, and screenwriter best known as the co-writer of the 2006 film "Half Nelson"


"'Half Nelson: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack"' was released in the United States and Canada on August 8, 2006 by Lakeshore Records add something


It was released theatrically on August 11, 2006 add something


On the television show "Ebert & Roeper" that aired during the weekend of August 13, 2006, Richard Roeper and guest critic Kevin Smith gave "Half Nelson" a "two big thumbs up" rating add something


"Half Nelson" was released on DVD on February 13, 2007, courtesy of ThinkFilm and Sony Pictures add something