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Hans Ruesch

About the racing driver, for the Norwegian geologist with a similarly spelled name go to Hans Reusch Hans RueschNationality 22x20px SwissBorn 17 May 1913Naples, ItalyDied 27 August 2007 Debut season 1932Former teams Maserati, Alfa Romeo, MGStarts 100 add

Category: Auto racing

Born in 1913.

Countries: United States (31%), Italy (31%), Europe (19%)

Main connections: Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Cannes Film Festival

Linked to: Alfa Romeo, Maserati, MG Cars




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Hans Ruesch was born in 1913 add something


During the 1930s, he drove several Alfa Romeo and Maserati racing and sports cars at many smaller events throughout Europe add something


In the late 1930s, Ruesch moved to the United States, publishing short fiction in popular magazines add something


He began racing in 1932 with MG at the Klausenrennen when he was 19 add something


He studied Law at the University of Zurich but dropped out in 1932 to join the racing circuit add something


Ruesch drove a Maserati 8CM 1934 and a Maserati 4CS in 1935 and 1936, followed by an Alfa Romeo GP car in 1936 and 1937 add something


He took part in the 1937 South Africa series add something


After World War II, in 1946, Ruesch left the United States and returned to Naples add something


In 1946, he returned to Naples to continue writing add something


He married Maria Luisa de la Feld in 1949 add something


Kirk Douglas starred as Gino Borgesa, a reckless Formula One driver, ensnared by speed, adrenaline, and a Hollywood 1950s romance add something


Cannes Film Festival - This movie was nominated for the Golden Palm award at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival add something


In 1961, it was released in the United States as The Savage Innocents add something


In the 1970s, Ruesch started writing exposés of the animal testing and research industry add something


They separated in the early 1970s and Maria Luisa died in 2006 add something

Hans Ruesch died in 2007 add something