Hans Zimmer

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Hans Zimmer

German film composer and music producer add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1957.

Countries: United States (43%), United Kingdom (21%), (14%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: James Newton Howard, Pharrell Williams, The Dark Knight (film)

Linked to: Roland Corporation, DreamWorks Animation, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Roma




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Hans Zimmer was born in 1957 add something


Zimmer began his career playing keyboards and synthesizers in the 1970s, with the band Krakatoa add something


After working with The Buggles, he started to work for the Italian group Krisma, a New Wave band formed in 1976 with Maurizio Arcieri and Christina Moser add something


He worked with The Buggles, a New Wave band formed in 1977 with Trevor Horn, Geoff Downes, and Bruce Woolley add something


Zimmer can be seen briefly in The Buggles' music video for the 1979 song "Video Killed the Radio Star" add something


Warren Cann - During a period of inactivity for Ultravox in mid' 1979 Cann got to know German keyboardist Hans Zimmer, who became his frequent collaborator through mid 80's


In 1980 Zimmer co-produced a single, "History of the World, Part 1," with, and for, UK Punk band The Damned, which was included on their 1980 LP release, "The Black Album," and carried the description of his efforts as "Over-Produced by Hans Zimmer add something


In the 1980s, Zimmer partnered with Stanley Myers, a prolific film composer who wrote the scores for over sixty films add something


Harold Faltermeyer - In many ways, Faltermeyer's work on action films during the 1980s presaged the work that Hans Zimmer would embody and perpetuate during the mid 1990s


Both Zimmer and Cann , were invited to be part of the Spanish group Mecano for a live performance in Segovia in 1984 add something


One of Zimmer's most durable works from his time in the United Kingdom is the theme song for the television game show "Going for Gold", which he composed with Sandy McClelland in 1987 add something


Zimmer acted as score producer for the 1987 film "The Last Emperor", which won the Academy award for Best Original Score add something


Zimmer's first solo score was "Terminal Exposure" for director Nico Mastorakis in 1987, for which he wrote the songs add something


A turning point in Zimmer's career occurred with the 1988 film "Rain Man" add something


For the 1992 film "The Power of One", Zimmer traveled to Africa in order to use African choirs and drums in the recording of the score add something


Trevor Horn - In 1992, Horn collaborated with composer Hans Zimmer to produce the score for the movie "Toys", which included interpretations by Tori Amos, Pat Metheny and Thomas Dolby


On the strength of this work, Walt Disney Animation Studios approached Zimmer to compose the score for the 1994 film "The Lion King" add something


Thomas Newman - His first major successes for which he was recognised, came in 1994, when he earned two Academy Award nominations for his scores to "Little Women" and "The Shawshank Redemption"; he was the only double-nominee that year, although he lost to Hans Zimmer for "The Lion King"


Justin Burnett - Justin Burnett started his career working for Hans Zimmer from 1995 through 2000


Duane Eddy - In 1996, Eddy played guitar on Hans Zimmer's soundtrack for the film "Broken Arrow"


In 1997, the score was adapted into a Broadway musical version which won the Tony award for Best Musical in 1998 add something


Ramin Djawadi - After graduating summa cum laude from Berklee College of Music in 1998, Djawadi garnered the attention of Hans Zimmer, who recruited him to Remote Control Productions


Klaus Badelt - In 1998, Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer invited Badelt to work at Media Ventures in Santa Monica, his studio co-owned by Jay Rifkin


In the 2000s, Zimmer has composed scores for Hollywood blockbuster films including "Gladiator" , "Black Hawk Down" and "Hannibal" , "The Last Samurai" , "Madagascar" , "The Da Vinci Code" "The Simpsons Movie" , "Angels & Demons" and "Sherlock Holmes" add something


In October 2000, Zimmer performed live in concert for the first time with an orchestra and choir at the 27th Annual Flanders International Film Festival in Ghent add something


During the scoring of "The Last Samurai" in early 2003, Zimmer was approached by the producer Jerry Bruckheimer, with whom he had worked previously on "Crimson Tide", "The Rock" and "Pearl Harbor" add something


Batman Begins - In 2006, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers honored James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer, and Ramin Djawadi with an ASCAP *award for composing a film that became one of the top grossing films of 2005


Zimmer succeeded in reversing the decision not to nominate "The Dark Knight" in December 2008, arguing that the process of creating a modern film score was collaborative, and that it was important to credit a range of people who had played a part in its production add something


The Dark Knight (film) - Warner Bros. held the world premiere for "The Dark Knight" in New York City on July 14, 2008, screening in an IMAX theater with the film's composers James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer playing a part of the film score live


For the 2009 film "Sherlock Holmes", "The Daily Variety" reported that Zimmer purchased an out-of-tune piano for 200 dollars and used it throughout the scoring process because of its "quirkiness" add something


James Newton Howard - In 2009, he was *awarded a Grammy along with Hans Zimmer for the soundtrack to "The Dark Knight"


In December 2010, Zimmer received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame add something


Zack Hemsey - A notable example was "Trailer 3" of the 2010 movie "Inception" which included his composed piece "Mind Heist"; it is a common misconception that the piece for this trailer was composed by Hans Zimmer because Zimmer composed the official score for the movie itself


Film score - Composer Hans Zimmer was asked to write music in this way in 2010 for director Christopher Nolan's film "Inception"; composer Gustavo Santaolalla did the same thing when he wrote his Oscar-winning score for "Brokeback Mountain"


The Pacific (TV miniseries) - The series' score was written by Hans Zimmer, Geoff Zanelli and Blake Neely and was released on 9 March 2010


The Dark Knight Rises - In an interview in October 2010, composer Hans Zimmer confirmed that he would be returning to score "The Dark Knight Rises


Inception - The majority of the score was included in high resolution 5,1 surround sound on the 2nd disc of the 2 disc Blu-ray release Hans Zimmer's music was nominated for an Academy *award in the Best Original Score category in 2011, losing to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of "The Social Network"


Kung Fu Panda 2 - "'Kung Fu Panda 2"' is the soundtrack of the film of the same name, collaboratively scored by Hans Zimmer and John Powell and originally released on May 24, 2011


Amnesty International - In July 2011, Amnesty International celebrated its 50 years with an animated short film directed by Carlos Lascano, produced by Eallin Motion Art and Dreamlife Studio, with music by Academy *award winner Hans Zimmer and nominee Lorne Balfe


In 2012, Zimmer composed and produced the music for the 84th Academy awards with Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes add something


The Lone Ranger (2013 film) - White later declined to work on the film's music, however, citing scheduling conflicts, and he was replaced with Hans Zimmer in December 2012


In an interview with Mashable in February 2013, he said of his parents "My mother was very musical, basically a musician, and my father was an engineer and an inventor add something


He co-composed the music for the television series "The Bible", which was broadcast in March 2013, with Lorne Balfe and Lisa Gerrard add something


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - On July 20, 2013, Webb announced that Hans Zimmer would be composing the music for the film, replacing James Horner, the composer of the first film


Tomorrowland - Zimmer composed the "Tomorrowland Hymn" for the Tomorrowland festival to celebrate its tenth anniversary in July 2014 add something


Guthrie Govan - In 2014, Govan performed with Hans Zimmer at the Hammersmith Apollo in "Hans Zimmer Revealed"


Kung Fu Panda 3 - On July 25, 2014, it was announced that Hans Zimmer would return to score the film


Pharrell Williams - At the 2015 Grammy *awards Pharrell performed an orchestral rendition of "Happy" with composer Hans Zimmer and pianist Lang Lang that included a tribute to the Black Lives Matter "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" movement inspired by Eric Garner's death and the events in Ferguson, Missouri


Lang Lang (pianist) - On Sunday 8 February 2015, Lang Lang played with Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer at the 57th Annual Grammy *awards, performing Pharrell's hit song "Happy"


In an interview with BBC News in March 2016, Zimmer said that he was retiring from composing the music for superhero films, saying of "Batman V Superman" "This one was very hard for me to do, to try to find new language" add something


Aleksey Igudesman - In 2016, Igudesman appeared alongside Hans Zimmer as a soloist on his world tour


Jonny Greenwood - In 2016, film composer Hans Zimmer said the score was the one that had most "stood out to him" in the past decade, describing it as "recklessly, crazily beautful"


He composed the score for Christopher Nolan's 2017 film "Dunkirk", basing part of the score on a recording of a ticking watch that he had been given by Nolan add something


On November 1, 2017, it was announced that he will return to score the upcoming 2019 CGI live-action adaptation of Disney's "The Lion King" directed by Jon Favreau add something


In 2018, Zimmer composed the score for the television intro of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia add something


On August 22, 2018, Zimmer was announced as the composer for Wonder Woman 1984 add something