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Harry Morgan

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Harry Morgan

Prolific American actor and director whose television and film career spanned six decades add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1915.

Countries: United States (61%), New York (13%), United Kingdom (6%)

Main connections: Glenn Miller, Moss Hart, Peter Lorre

Linked to: University of Chicago, The Ox-Bow Incident, Los Angeles Times, American Broadcasting Company




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Harry Morgan was born in 1915 add something


Morgan was raised in Muskegon, Michigan, and graduated from Muskegon, Michigan High School in 1933, where he achieved distinction as a statewide debating champion add something


He originally aspired to a law degree, but began acting while a junior at the University of Chicago in 1935 add something


He began acting on stage under his birth name, joining the Group Theatre in New York City formed by Harold Clurman, Cheryl Crawford and Lee Strasberg in 1937 add something


Morgan was married first to Eileen Detchon from 1940 until her death in 1985 add something


Morgan made his screen debut in the 1942 movie "To the Shores of Tripoli" add something


Morgan continued to play a number of significant roles on the big screen in such films as "The Ox-Bow Incident" ; "Wing and a Prayer" ; "Dragonwyck" ; "The Big Clock" ; "High Noon" ; and several films in the 1950s for director Anthony Mann, including "Bend of the River" ; "Thunder Bay" ; "The Glenn Miller Story" ; "The Far Country" and "Strategic Air Command" add something


Morgan hosted the NBC radio series "Mystery in the Air" starring Peter Lorre in 1947 add something


In 1950 Morgan appeared as an obtrusive, alcohol-addled hotel clerk in the "Dragnet" radio episode "The Big Boys" add something


Jack Webb - " In 1950, Webb appeared alongside future 1960s "Dragnet" partner Harry Morgan in the film noir "Dark City," which featured the first screen appearance of a new young actor named Charlton Heston


A few years later, still credited as Henry Morgan, he was cast in the role of pianist Chummy MacGregor in the 1954 biopic "The Glenn Miller Story" add something


He was given a supporting role in John Wayne's last film "The Shootist" in 1976, playing the town lawman who cheered Wayne's character's forthcoming demise from cancer add something


Sandy Duncan - In 1978, she starred in Disney's "The Cat from Outer Space" alongside Ken Berry, Harry Morgan and Roddy McDowall


In 1979, Morgan played Mr. DePinna in a TV version of George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart's Pulitzer prize-winning play "You Can't Take It With You" add something


In 1980, Morgan won an Emmy award for his performance on "M add something


The Love Boat - In 1981, P&O Cruises' "Sea Princess" was used for the special two-hour episode "Julie's Wedding", set in and around Australia, and guest-starring Lloyd Bridges, Katherine Helmond, Harry Morgan, Patrick Duffy and Anthony Andrews, among others


In 1986, he costarred with Hal Linden in "Blacke's Magic", a show about a magician who doubled as a detective solving unusual crimes add something


He married Barbara Bushman Quine on December 17, 1986; the marriage lasted until his death add something


He played the lead role of Martin Vanderhoff in a short-lived series based on the same play, in 1987 add something


In 1987, Morgan reprised his Bill Gannon character, now a captain, for a supporting role in another film version of "Dragnet", a parody of the original series written by and starring Dan Aykroyd and co-starring Tom Hanks and Christopher Plummer add something


In July 1997, Morgan was charged with abusing his wife a year earlier, after a beating left her with injuries to her eye, foot, and arm add something


In 2006, Morgan was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum add something

Harry Morgan died in 2011 add something


Morgan died peacefully in his sleep at 3:00 am in Los Angeles, on December 7, 2011, at the age of 96 add something


Frances Rafferty - With the death of Harry Morgan in 2011, none of the "December Bride" cast is still living