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German singer of popular music and traditional Volksmusik add

Category: Music

Born in 1938.

Countries: Russia (25%), Germany (25%), France (25%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Bobbejaan Schoepen, Soviet Union, Camillo Felgen

Linked to: Soviet Union




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Heino was born in 1938 add something


Heino's father died August 2, 1941 during the invasion of the Soviet Union add something


In 1945 he began school in Großenhain add something


Until 1945, Heino lived with his mother and his older sister Hannelore in Pomerania add something


His interest in music started when his mother gave him an accordion in 1948, although his family couldn't actually afford it add something


After 1952 he went to in Düsseldorf where he initially trained as a baker and confectioner add something


In June, 1959, he married 18-year-old Henrietta Heppner add something


Bobbejaan Schoepen - During the 1960s, Camillo Felgen, Heino, and James Last, among others, would catapult his evergreen Ik heb eerbied voor jouw grijze haren into a huge European hit, which has sold more than three million copies


In 1961, he first appeared on the trio OK Singers add something


They had one son, Uwe, born in 1962 before subsequently divorcing add something


He married his second wife, Lilo Kramm, in 1965; their marriage ended in divorce in 1978 add something


In 1968, he became the father of an illegitimate daughter add something


He met his third wife Hannelore Auersperg in 1972 at the Miss Austria contest in Kitzbühel add something


They were married in April 1979, and she became his manager add something


The mother died in 1988, and the daughter in late November 2003, both by suicide add something


Since 1996, Heino is a patron of a café in Bad Münstereifel add something


In 2004, Hannelore had a heart attack, which was one reason Heino curtailed his career add something


Lilo died of cancer on January 28, 2010 add something


In January 2013 Heino released a new album , called "Mit freundlichen Grüßen",which topped the german album charts add something


In a 2014 German newspaper story Heino was quoted as saying that he feels "naked" without them and that he had put in his will that he was to be buried with them on add something


In December 2014, Heino released a new album, "Schwarz Blüht der Enzian" add something


In November 2016, Heino announced the release of his new Christmas album, "Mit weihnachtlichen Grüßen" , the album includes a duet with fellow singer Sarah Jane Scott add something


After a 50 year career, Heino announced on 30 September 2018 his final tour in 2019 and the release of his final album add something