Henry B. Carrington

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Henry B. Carrington

Lawyer, professor, prolific author, and an officer in the United States Army during the American Civil War and in the Old West during Red Cloud's War. A noted engineer, he constructed a series of forts to protect the Bozeman Trail, but suffered a major defeat at the hands of the warchief Red Cloud add

Category: Literature

Born in 1824.

Countries: United States (33%), Massachusetts (17%), Ohio (17%)

Main connections: Indiana, Oliver P. Morton, Wabash College

Linked to: Union Army, United States Army, Republican Party, Whig Party




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Henry B. Carrington was born in 1824 add something


An ardent abolitionist in his youth, he was graduated from Yale University in 1845 add something


He was professor of natural science and Greek at the "Irving Institute" in Tarrytown, New York, New York from 1846 to 1847 add something


In 1847 he studied at Yale Law School, taught school briefly at a women's institute, and the following year moved to Columbus, Ohio, where he practiced his profession in partnership with William Dennison, Jr. add something


Carrington was an active anti-slavery Whig, and helped organize the Republican Party in 1854 add something


He became a close friend and supporter of Governor Salmon P. Chase and was appointed Judge Advocate General by Chase in 1857, charged with reorganizing the state militia add something


He was commissioned the colonel of the 18th U.S. Infantry in May 1861 and established Camp Thomas near Columbus add something


In 1862, Indiana Governor Oliver P. Morton requested Carrington's assistance to organize the state's levies for service add something


Oliver P. Morton - Following the suppression of the General Assembly in 1862, Morton asked General Henry B. Carrington for assistance in organizing the state's levies for service


In March 1863, Carrington was promoted to brigadier general and made commander of the District of Indiana of the Department of the Ohio, later renamed the Northern Department add something


Carrington subsequently rejoined his old regiment in the Army of the Cumberland, and completed his war duty in the volunteer army in 1865 add something


Carrington was assigned as commander of the Mountain District, Department of the Missouri, in 1866 and moved his regimental headquarters to Colorado add something


In December 1866, a force of up to fifteen hundred Indians attacked a wood-cutting detail, overwhelmed a reaction force of eighty troops under Captain William J. Fetterman add something


In 1868, Margaret Carrington published her story about Fort Phil Kearny in a book titled "Absaraka, home of the Crows" add something


In 1870, Carrington retired from active service and was appointed professor of military science at Wabash College in Indiana, serving until 1878 when he moved to Hyde Park in Boston, Massachusetts add something


In 1871, Carrington married Frances Grummond, the widow of Lt. George W. Grummond who was killed in the Fetterman massacre add something


He received the degree of LL. D. from Wabash College in 1873 add something


Under the influence of the school's founder, Washington Irving, he subsequently wrote "Battles of the American Revolution", which appeared in 1876 add something


He briefly returned to the West and was instrumental in drafting a treaty with the Flathead Indians in Montana in 1889 add something


In 1890, he conducted a detailed census of the Six Nations in New York and the Cherokee Nation add something


In 1908, Carrington and his second wife, Frances C. Carrington, were honored in Sheridan, Wyoming, and Carrington spoke at the Fetterman massacre site memorial add something


With Carrington's help, Frances authored "Army Life on the Plains" in 1910, detailing their experiences at Fort Phil Kearny add something

Henry B. Carrington died in 1912 add something


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