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Henry Fonda

American film and stage actoradd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1905.

Countries: United States (80%), United Kingdom (6%), (4%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: James Stewart, John Ford, Bette Davis

Linked to: The Ox-Bow Incident, Democratic Party, Republican Party, University of Minnesota




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Henry Fonda was born in 1905 add something


Henry Fonda as found in the 1910 US Census, 1920 US Census, 1930 US Census, 1931 Maryland Marriages, and Social Security Death Index. add something


At age 20, Fonda started his acting career at the Omaha Community Playhouse, when his mother's friend Dodie Brando (mother of Marlon_Brando) recommended that he try out for a juvenile part in You and I, in which he was cast as Ricky. add something


Michael Wager - Born as Emanuel Weisgal and nicknamed "Mendy", Wager, April 29, 1925, in New York, NY; son of Meyer W. and Shirley Weisgal; married Mary Jo Van Ingen, December 21, 1948 ; married Susan Blanchard Fonda, June 9, 1962 after her divorce from Henry Fonda


Fonda appeared in theatrical productions from 1926 to 1934. add something


Fonda decided to quit his job and go East in 1928 to strike his fortune. add something


Donald Crisp - Throughout the 1930s and 1940s, he appeared in a wide range of roles alongside some of the era's biggest stars, including Katharine Hepburn in "The Little Minister" , Charles Laughton and Clark Gable in "Mutiny on the Bounty" , Bette Davis and Henry Fonda in "That Certain Woman" , Laurence Olivier in "Wuthering Heights" , Errol Flynn in "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex" and "The Sea Hawk" and Gregory Peck in "The Valley of Decision"


The Brokaws had a daughter, Frances de Villers, nicknamed "Pan," who had been born soon after the Brokaws marriage in 1931. add something


Karl Swenson - It was during "Verdun" that Swenson became acquainted with Bretaigne Windust, who was assistant stage manager for that production and one of the founding directors of the University Players, a summer stock company in West Falmouth on Cape Cod. As a principal player with University Players during its summer seasons of 1931 and 1932, and during its 18-week winter season in Baltimore, Maryland, in between, Swenson, as Peter Wayne, acted alongside such other unknowns as Henry Fonda, Margaret_Sullavan, Joshua Logan, James Stewart, Barbara O'Neil, Mildred Natwick, Kent Sm


James Stewart - The troupe had previously included Henry Fonda, who married Margaret Sullavan on Christmas Day 1931, while the University Players were in Baltimore, Maryland, for an 18-week winter season.


Margaret Sullavan - She married Henry Fonda on December 25, 1931 in Baltimore, while both were performing with the University Players in its 18-week winter season there


Stewart did not join the University Players until the summer of 1932, after his graduation from Princeton. add something


Helen Ferguson - In 1933, she left acting altogether to focus on publicity work, a job she became very successful in and which made her a major power in Hollywood , because she was representing such big name stars as Henry Fonda, Barbara_Stanwyck, and Robert Taylor, among others


James Stewart - In the fall of 1934, Fonda's success in The Farmer Takes a Wife took him to Hollywood .


James Stewart - When Henry Fonda moved to Hollywood in 1934, he was again a roommate with Stewart in an apartment in Brentwood and the two gained a reputation as playboys.


Mary Wickes - Wickes' first Broadway appearance was in Marc Connelly's "The Farmer Takes a Wife" in 1934 with Henry Fonda


Fonda got the first break, as he was hired to make his first film appearance in 1935 as Janet Gaynor's leading man in 20th Century Fox's screen adaptation of The Farmer Takes a Wife; he reprised his role from the Broadway production of the same name, which had gained him critical recognition. add something


From the beginning of his career in 1935 through his last projects in 1981, Fonda appeared in 106 films, television programs, and shorts. add something


In 1935 Fonda starred in the RKO film I Dream Too Much with the opera star Lily Pons. add something


George Tuttle Brokaw - After Brokaw died in 1935, Seymour married Henry Fonda in 1936; the couple had two children, Jane and Peter


Eddie Quillan - Eddie Quillan would remain a popular leading and secondary actor throughout the sound film era and would appear in such notable fims as 1935's "Mutiny on the Bounty" with Clark Gable, Charles Laughton, and Franchot Tone, 1939's "Young Mr. Lincoln" opposite Henry Fonda and Alice Brady, and as 'Connie Rivers' in John Ford's 1940 film adaptation of the John Steinbeck novel "The Grapes of Wrath" opposite Henry Fonda and 1943's "Alaska Highway" and "It Ain't Hay" opposite the comedic duo Abbot


James Stewart - With Fonda's encouragement, Stewart agreed to take a screen test, after which he signed a contract with MGM in April 1935, as a contract player for up to seven years at $350 a week.


In 1936, he married Frances Ford Seymour Brokaw, widow of a wealthy industrialist, George Tuttle Brokaw. add something


George Tuttle Brokaw - After his death, Seymour married actor Henry Fonda in 1936; the couple had two children, Jane and Peter Fonda


Frances Ford Seymour - A year after George Tuttle Brokaw died, his widow married actor Henry Fonda on September 16, 1936, at Christ Church, New York City


Frank James - In 1939, Henry Fonda played Frank James and Tyrone Power played Jesse James in the film "Jesse James"


MCA Inc. - In 1939, MCA's headquarters moved from Chicago to Beverly Hills, California, creating a movie division and beginning to acquire talent agencies and represent established actors such as James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Bette_Davis, and Ronald Reagan, whom Wasserman became very close with personally


Linda Darnell - While working on "Hotel for Women", Darnell was cast alongside Henry Fonda and Claudette Colbert in "Drums Along the Mohawk" in June 1939


The Grapes of Wrath - A celebrated Hollywood film version, starring Henry Fonda and directed by John Ford, was made in 1940


Ruth Warrick - She worked alongside Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., in the film "The Corsican Brothers" and had a role in the Academy Award winning Disney film "Song of the South"; she appeared in "Daisy Kenyon", which starred Joan Crawford and Henry Fonda, but by the late 1940s her film roles were becoming infrequent and less notable


The Grapes of Wrath - The book was quickly made into a famed, 1940 Hollywood movie of the same name directed by John Ford and starring Henry Fonda as Tom Joad


The Grapes of Wrath (film) - "The New York Times", film review, "Twentieth Century-Fox Shows a Flawless Film Edition of John Steinbeck's 'The Grapes of Wrath,' With Henry Fonda and Jane Darwell, at the Rivoli", January 25, 1940


Fonda after enlisting in United States Navy in November 1942. add something


Later in 1950, Fonda married Susan Blanchard, with whom he had been having an affair since sometime in 1948. add something


Rouben Mamoulian - His foray into screwball comedy genre in 1942 was a success with "Rings on Her Fingers" starring Henry Fonda and Gene Tierney


Walter Van Tilburg Clark - In 1943 it was adapted into a movie featuring Henry Fonda


Barbara Bel Geddes - Bel Geddes began her film career starring with Henry Fonda in "The Long Night" , a remake of the 1939 French film "Le Jour se lève"


The Power and the Glory - In 1947, the novel was freely adapted into a film, "The Fugitive", directed by John Ford and starring Henry Fonda as the priest


Jack Benny - The company gave Benny the opportunity to produce and package other radio programs , and invest in other entertainment ventures, including the production of a 1949 feature film, "The Lucky Stiff", starring Dorothy Lamour, and as a key financial backer of the 1948 Broadway version of Mister Roberts, starring Henry Fonda


Fort Apache (film) - "'Fort Apache"' is a 1948 American Western film directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne and Henry Fonda


Michael Wager - He married Mary Jo Van Ingen, December 21, 1948 ; married Susan Blanchard Fonda, June 9, 1962 after her divorce from Henry Fonda ; children: one daughter; one son


John McIntire - His films include the film noir classic "The Asphalt Jungle" , the 1960 Hitchcock thriller "Psycho" and the 1960 drama "Elmer Gantry", but some of his more memorable roles were in westerns such as the acclaimed "Winchester '73" and "The Far Country" , both with James Stewart, and "The Tin Star", with Henry Fonda


Susan Blanchard (socialite) - Her first marriage was to actor Henry Fonda on December 27, 1950, and lasted until their divorce in May 1956


Frances Bavier - Career highlights include the play "Point of No Return", alongside Henry Fonda, and her turn as Mrs. Barley in the classic 1951 film "The Day the Earth Stood Still"


John Cromwell (director) - Cromwell won the 1952 Tony for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his performance as John Gray in "Point of No Return" starring Henry Fonda


James Garner - In 1954 a friend, Paul Gregory, whom Garner had met while attending Hollywood High School, persuaded Garner to take a non-speaking role in the Broadway production of "The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial", where he was able to study actor Henry Fonda night after night


William Powell - His last film was 1955's "Mister Roberts" with Henry Fonda, James_Cagney, and Jack Lemmon


Lauren Bacall - In 1955, a live television version of Bogart's own breakthrough, The Petrified Forest, was performed as a live installment of Producer's Showcase, a weekly dramatic anthology, featuring Bogart as Duke Mantee, Henry Fonda as Alan, and Bacall as Gabrielle, the part originally played in the 1936 movie by Bette Davis.


Gregory Walcott - While serving in the Army, he appeared as a drill instructor in the film "Battle Cry", as a military policeman in 1955's war-themed classic "Mister Roberts" with Henry Fonda, as the drill instructor with Tony Curtis in "The Outsider", and later "Midway" as Capt


John Ford - Later in 1955 Ford was hired by Warner Bros to direct the Naval comedy Mister Roberts, starring Henry Fonda, Jack_Lemmon, William Powell, and James Cagney, but there was conflict between Ford and Fonda, who had been playing the lead role on Broadway for the past seven years and had misgivings about Ford's direction.


Fonda worked with Alfred Hitchcock in 1956, playing a man falsely accused of robbery in The Wrong Man; the unusual semi-documentary work of Hitchcock's was based on an actual incident and partly filmed on location. add something


War and Peace - The 208-minute long American 1956 version was directed by King Vidor and starred Audrey Hepburn , Henry Fonda and Mel Ferrer


The Wrong Man - "'The Wrong Man"' is a 1956 Film Noir docu-drama by Alfred Hitchcock which stars Henry Fonda and Vera Miles


In 1957, Fonda made his first foray into production with 12 Angry Men, based on a teleplay and a script by Reginald Rose and directed by Sidney Lumet. add something


Frank McGrath - In 1957, McGrath had an uncredited role as a stagecoach driver in the Henry Fonda film, "The Tin Star"


Fonda shared the Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations with co-producer Reginald Rose and won the 1958 BAFTA Award for Best Actor for his performance as "Juror 8", who with logic and persistence eventually sways all the jurors to an acquittal. add something


Anne Bancroft - In 1958, Bancroft made her Broadway debut as lovelorn, Bronx-accented Gittel Mosca opposite Henry Fonda in William Gibson's two-character play "Two for the Seesaw", directed by Arthur Penn


James Best - He played the outlaw Billy John in "Ride Lonesome" , Dr. Ben Mizer in the 1966 comedy "Three on a Couch", the cross-dressing Dewey Barksdale in the 1976 drama "Ode to Billy Joe," and the gunfighter Drew in "Firecreek" , with James Stewart and Henry Fonda


In 1960, Fonda appeared in a campaign commercial for Democratic Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy. add something


Peter Glenville - In 1960, Glenville directed Barbara Bel Geddes and Henry Fonda in "Silent Night, Lonely Night" by Robert Anderson


James Bassett (author) - Bassett drew on his World War II experiences for his novel "Harm's Way", which became a bestseller after its publication in 1962 and was made into a motion picture starring John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, and Henry Fonda and directed by Otto Preminger


Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. - Roosevelt's actions on D-Day are portrayed in "The Longest Day", a 1962 film in which he was played by actor Henry Fonda


Joseph Campanella - In February 1962, he was cast in "A Gift of Time" with Henry Fonda and Olivia de Havilland


Donald Crisp - His final screen role was as Grandpa Spencer alongside Henry Fonda and Maureen O'Hara in the 1963 film "Spencer's Mountain"


Kym Karath - Karath started her career at the age of three, appearing in "Spencer's Mountain" with Henry Fonda and Veronica Cartwright in 1963


Ann Sothern - She co-starred with Henry Fonda in a 1964 dramatic film, "The Best Man", as a woman whose annoying behavior must be tolerated by presidential candidates because she is considered to have considerable influence in party politics


Sex and the Single Girl (film) - "'Sex and the Single Girl"' is a 1964 American comedy film directed by Richard Quine and starring Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Henry Fonda, Lauren_Bacall, and Mel Ferrer


Richard Jordan - In 1966 Jordan returned to Broadway, appearing in "Generation" with Henry Fonda


Martha Scott - In 1968, Scott joined Henry Fonda and Robert Ryan in forming a theatrical production company called "The Plumstead Playhouse"


In 1970, Fonda and Stewart costarred in the western The Cheyenne Social Club, a minor film in which they humorously argued politics. add something


In 1970, Fonda appeared in three films, the most successful The Cheyenne Social Club. add something


John Dehner - In 1970, he appeared in "The Cheyenne Social Club" with James Stewart and Henry Fonda


Lonesome Dove (TV miniseries) - Originally developed in the 1970s as a script by McMurtry for director Peter Bogdanovich and stars Henry Fonda, John_Wayne, and James Stewart, Lonesome Dove earned 18 Emmy nominations and inspired a pair of miniseries sequel as well as two attempts at an ongoing television series


He starred in the ABC television series ''The Smith Family between 1971 and 1972. add something


After the unsuccessful Hollywood melodrama, Ash Wednesday, he filmed three Italian productions released in 1973 and 1974. add something


Ray Stricklyn - In 1973 he joined the public relations firm John Springer Associates in Los Angeles and became one of the most influential publicists in Hollywood , working with some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Henry Fonda, Shelley_Winters, Janet Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bette Davis


Pierre Nord - This novel was adapted into a film "Le Serpent" 1973 starring Yul Brynner, Henry Fonda and Dirk Bogarde


Fonda's health had been deteriorating for years, but his first outward symptoms occurred after a performance of the play in April 1974, when he collapsed from exhaustion. add something


Fonda returned to the play in 1975. add something


Also in 1976, Fonda starred in the World War II blockbuster Midway. add something


In 1976, Fonda appeared in several notable television productions, the first being Collision Course, the story of the volatile relationship between President Harry Truman and General MacArthur, produced by ABC. After an appearance in the acclaimed Showtime broadcast of Almos' a Man, based on a story by Richard Wright, he starred in the epic NBC miniseries Captains and Kings, based on Taylor Caldwell's novel. add something


Orson Welles - He won three Grammy Awards, each win in the category of Best Spoken Word Recording: in 1976, for "Great American Documents" (shared with Helen Hayes, Henry Fonda and James Earl Jones; in 1978, for the original motion picture soundtrack to Citizen Kane; and in 1981, for a recording of Donovan's Brain.


Kevin Dobson - In the 1976 World War II film "Midway", starring Henry Fonda and Charlton Heston, Dobson played the non-fictional character of Ensign George Gay, a pilot and the sole survivor of Torpedo Squadron Eight from the Aircraft Carrier "USS Hornet"'s ill-fated opening attack against the Japanese fleet on June 4, 1942


The first of these was the 1977 Italian killer octopus thriller Tentacoli and Rollercoaster, in which Fonda appeared with Richard Widmark and a young Helen Hunt. add something


Henry Fonda received the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1978. add something


In 1979, the Tony Awards committee gave Fonda a special award for his achievements on Broadway. add something


Michael Douglas - In 1979, he both produced and starred in The China Syndrome, a dramatic film co-starring Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon about a nuclear power plant accident (the Three Mile Island accident took place 12 days after the film's release).


Lifetime Achievement awards from the Golden Globes and Academy Awards followed in 1980 and 1981, respectively. add something


Jose Ferrer - In 1980, he had a memorable role as future Justice Abe Fortas, to whom he bore a strong resemblance, in the made-for-television film version of Anthony Lewis' "Gideon's Trumpet", opposite Henry Fonda in an Emmy-nominated performance as Clarence Earl Gideon


Fonda's final performance was in the 1981 television drama Summer Solstice with Myrna Loy. It was filmed after On Golden Pond had wrapped and Fonda was in rapidly declining health. add something


On Golden Pond in 1981, the film adaptation of Ernest Thompson's play, marked one final professional and personal triumph for Fonda. add something


Premiered in December 1981, the film was well received by critics, and after a limited release on December 4 On Golden Pond developed enough of an audience to be widely released on January 22. add something


Ernest Thompson - It went on to become a hit 1981 film starring Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda


Soon after, Fonda married Shirlee Mae Adams, and remained with her until his death in 1982. add something


Fonda died at his Los Angeles home on August 12, 1982, from heart disease add something


James Stewart - Stewart's best friend Henry Fonda died in 1982 and his long-time friend Grace Kelly, his favorite female co-star, was killed in a car crash shortly afterwards.


The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, California, originally known as the Carter DeHaven Music Box, was named for the actor in 1985 by the Nederlander Organization add something


Peter Coyote - His speaking voice, which helped him win an Emmy for narration in 1992, has often been compared with that of actor Henry Fonda


In Peter Fonda's 1998 autobiography "Don't Tell Dad" , he described how he was never sure how his father felt about him add something


Richard Widmark - In 1999, Widmark married socialite Susan Blanchard, who had been Henry Fonda's third wife.


Also in May 2005, the United States Post Office released a 37-cent postage stamp with an artist's drawing of Fonda as part of their "Hollywood legends" series add something


On the centenary of his birth, May 16, 2005, Turner Classic Movies honored him with a marathon of his films add something