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Henry Nemo

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Henry Nemo

Musician, songwriter and actor in Hollywood films who had a reputation as a hipster and was sometimes referred to as the [GUI]creator of jive[GUI] talk add

Category: Music

Born in 1909.

Country: United States (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Tommy Dorsey




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Henry Nemo was born in 1909 add something


Nemo's rare collection of jazz memorabilia documents 1930s music and his days at the Cotton Club, where he wrote the lyrics with Irving Mills and John Redmond for "I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart" , with music by Duke Ellington add something


In Nemo's historical collection are original photographs which he took at the Cotton Club, plus Cotton Club memorabilia and a 1939 telegram from Ellington to Nemo, written in jive talk add something


Nemo teamed with numerous music industry music celebrities, including Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Mildred Bailey and Tommy Dorsey and Artie Shaw, who recorded his song "Don't Take Your Love for Me." Shaw recorded this song in 1941 with a band of mostly African-American musicians accompanying the African-American vocalist Lena Horne add something


He showcased some of this "jive talk" in a bit part as "The Neem" in the 1947 movie "Song of the Thin Man add something


He composed the incidental music and lyrics for the 1959 Broadway production of Saul Levitt's play "The Andersonville Trial", directed by José Ferrer, and starring George C. Scott add something


In 1989, he appeared in "The Plot Against Harry", a film made in 1969 by independent filmmakers Michael Roemer and Robert M. Young add something

Henry Nemo died in 1999 add something