Hermione Gingold

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Hermione Gingold

English actress known for her sharp-tongued, eccentric persona, an image enhanced by her sharp nose and chin, as well as her deepening voice, a result of vocal nodes which her mother reportedly encouraged her not to remove add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1897.

Countries: United States (69%), United Kingdom (19%), South Africa (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Henry Kendall (actor), Massachusetts, Pride and Prejudice

Linked to: Jews, NBC, BBC, University of Bristol




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Hermione Gingold was born in 1897 add something


She married British publisher Michael Joseph in 1918, with whom she had two sons, Stephen and Leslie add something


After her divorce in 1926, she married writer and lyricist Eric Maschwitz, whom she divorced in 1945 add something


In the 1930s, her quirky, ribald comedic sense became well known through musical revues add something


Henry Kendall (actor) - But a greater contribution in this field was his appearance with Hermione Baddeley and Hermione Gingold , Walter Crisham and Wilfred Hyde-White, in Leslie Julian Jones's revue "Rise Above It", first at the Q Theatre in January 1941, when Hedley Briggs was nominally directing; in two West End editions of the show which ran for a total of 380 performances at the Comedy Theatre opening in June 1941 and again in December 1941, when he was both starring and directing show


Henry Kendall (actor) - He enjoyed great success co-starring with Hermione Gingold in the three long-running "Sweet and Low" revues, with scripts by Alan Melville, first taking over from Walter Crisham in 1944; this was followed in June 1948 by the "A la Carte" revue at the Savoy Theatre


Gigi (1958 film) - The lyrics for another of his songs, the duet "I Remember It Well" performed with Hermione Gingold as his former love Madame Alvarez, were adapted from words Lerner had written for "Love Life", a 1948 collaboration with Kurt Weill


After she moved to the United States in 1951, her first engagement was at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts in "It's About Time," a revue which incorporated some of her London material add something


In December 1953, she opened in "John Murray Anderson's Almanac" which made her an instant Broadway success and for which she won the Donaldson award in 1954 add something


Juliet Prowse - She would go on to appear with Sinatra and other notable guests such as Ella Fitzgerald, Peter Lawford, Hermione Gingold, the Hi-Lo's, Red Norvo, Nelson Riddle and his orchestra on the 1959, " Frank Sinatra Show


Pride and Prejudice - "First Impressions" was a 1959 Broadway musical version starring Polly Bergen, Farley Granger, and Hermione Gingold


In October 1963, she opened in Jewish American playwright Arthur Kopit's "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad", playing a monstrously possessive mother who is driving her son crazy add something

Hermione Gingold died in 1987 add something


She died from heart problems and pneumonia on 24 May 1987 at the age of 89 add something


Gingold's autobiography "How to Grow Old Disgracefully" was published posthumously in 1988 add something