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Japanese public multinational corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles add

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Founded in 1948.

Countries: (30%), Japan (18%), United States (14%)

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The first complete motorcycle, with the both frame and engine made by Honda, was the 1949 Model D, the first Honda to go by the name Dream add something


Production started in 1953 with H-type engine add something


Honda is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Japan and has been since it started production in 1955 add something


In 1959, Honda entered five motorcycles into the Isle of Man TT race, the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world add something


American Honda Motor Company - The "'American Honda Motor Company, Inc."' is a North American subsidiary of the Honda Motor Company, Ltd. It was founded in 1959 and is based in Torrance, California


During the 1960s, when it was a small manufacturer, Honda broke out of the Japanese motorcycle market and began exporting to the U.S. Working with the advertising agency Grey Advertising, Honda created an innovative marketing campaign, using the slogan "You meet the nicest people on a Honda add something


Honda's entry into the U.S. motorcycle market during the 1960s is used as a case study for teaching introductory strategy at business schools worldwide add something


The song is from the 1960s musical "Man Of La Mancha", sung by Andy Williams add something


Evel Knievel - During the early 1960s, it was difficult to promote and sell Japanese imports and the Moses Lake, Washington Honda dealership eventually closed


American Honda Motor Company - In 1960, the first full year of operations, American Honda sold fewer than 2,000 motorcycles through three product lines: the Dream, Benly and Honda 50


While always having powerful engines, it took until 1961 for Honda to tune their chassis well enough to allow Mike Hailwood to claim their first Grand Prix victories in the 125 and 250 cc classes add something


Honda's automotive manufacturing ambitions can be traced back to 1963, with the Honda T360, a kei car truck built for the Japanese market add something


The campaign was hugely successful; the ads ran for three years, and by the end of 1963 alone, Honda had sold 90,000 motorcycles add something


Kymco - Founded in 1963 after splitting from & Honda, KYMCO originally made parts for Honda


The first production automobile from Honda was the T360 mini pick-up truck, which went on sale in August 1963 add something


Honda Motor Company grew in a short time to become the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles by 1964 add something


Honda entered Formula One as a constructor for the first time in the 1964 season at the German Grand Prix with Ronnie Bucknum at the wheel add something


After a learning year in 1965, Honda-powered Brabhams dominated the 1966 French Formula Two championship in the hands of Jack Brabham and Denny Hulme add something


In 1965, Honda built a two-door commercial delivery van, called the Honda L700 add something


Jack Brabham - The season saw the fruition of Brabham's relationship with Japanese engine manufacturer Honda in Formula Two. After a generally unsuccessful season in 1965, Honda revised their 1-litre engine completely


Hailwood would later pick up their first Senior TT wins in 1966 and 1967 add something


Phil Read - In 1967 he would battle Hailwood on his six-cylinder Honda all the way to the final round


Minako Honda - Minako Honda was born in 1967


In 1968, Jo Schlesser was killed in a Honda RA302 at the French Grand Prix add something


In North America, the Civic is the second-longest continuously running nameplate from a Japanese manufacturer; only its perennial rival, the Toyota Corolla, introduced in 1968, has been in production longer add something


Honda Canada Inc. - Founded in 1969, Honda has been building cars in Canada since 1986


SYM Motors - In 1969 assembly of small Honda cars began


American Honda Motor Company - Honda first introduced passenger cars to the North American market in 1970 with sales of the Honda N600 sedan through 32 dealers in the Western U.S.; however, sales of the vehicle and subsequent models, the Z600 coupe and S600 roadster, only reached 20,000 units in 1972


Triumph Engineering - The 1970 Tiger/Bonneville re-design and taller twin front downtube oil tank frame had a mixed reception from Triumph enthusiasts at the time, and was insufficient to win back those already riding the Japanese bikes that had been vended since 1969; the Honda 750 Four, and the Kawasaki 500 Mach 3


The Civic, which appeared in 1972 and replaced the N600 had a smaller sibling that replaced the air-cooled N360, called the Honda Life that was water-cooled add something


Honda Canada Inc. - Motorcycles were the first Honda products sold and it was not until 1973 that cars were sold in Canada


American Honda Motor Company - The Honda Civic, introduced in 1973, became popular in the U.S., leading a significant expansion of Honda into the U.S. market


The first of these explanations was put forward when, in 1975, Boston Consulting Group was commissioned by the UK government to write a report explaining why and how the British motorcycle industry had been out-competed by its Japanese competitors add something


American Honda Motor Company - Honda established U.S. research and development operations in Southern California in 1975 as Honda Research California, an arm of American Honda Motor, Co., Inc. In 1979, Honda Research of America, Inc. was created as a subsidiary of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. As of 2010, the company operates as Honda R&D Americas, Inc. with 14 facilities in North America, including two product research and design studios for Honda and Acura, in Torrance, California, an automobile and motorcycle new-model development center in Raymond, Ohio, and a power equipment research, development and testing


American Honda Motor Company - By 1976, the company had 630 automobile dealers, and Honda followed the Civic with the Accord hatchback, which became the best-selling passenger car in the United States from 1990 to 1992


Starting in 1978, Honda in Japan decided to diversify their sales distribution channels, and created "'Honda Verno"', which sold established products with a higher content of standard equipment and a more sporting nature add something


The "Honda Clio" chain sold products that were traditionally associated with Honda dealerships before 1978, like the Honda Accord, and "Honda Primo" sold the Honda Civic, kei cars, such as the Honda Today, superminis like the Honda Capa, along with other Honda products, such as farm equipment, lawn mowers, portable generators, marine equipment, motorcycles, and scooters add something


In 1979, Honda returned to Grand Prix motorcycle racing with the monocoque-framed, four-stroke NR500 add something


Honda installed new technologies into their products, first as optional equipment, later standard, like anti lock brakes, speed sensitive power steering, and multi-port fuel injection in the early 1980s add something


In the early 1980s Honda returned to F2, supplying engines to Ron Tauranac's Ralt team add something


In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Honda powered cars won six consecutive Formula One Constructors Championships add something


Formula One - After having virtually disappeared by the early 1980s, factory teams made a comeback in the 1990s and 2000s and formed up to half the grid with Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW, Renault, Toyota, and Honda either setting up their own teams or buying out existing ones


Roger De Coster - In 1980, He joined Honda for one final season


Toyota - In response to the tariff, Toyota, Nissan Motor Co. and Honda Motor Co. began building plants in the US by the early 1980s


Senor Wences - In the early 1980s, a Tri-State Honda dealer's commercial featured SeƱor Wences with Johnny


Honda Racing Corporation was formed in 1982 add something


At its peak in 1982, Honda manufactured almost three million motorcycles annually add something


For the 1982 season, Honda debuted their first two-stroke race bike, the NS500 and in 1983, Honda won their first 500 cc Grand Prix World Championship with Freddie Spencer add something


David Bailey (motocross) - A major breakthrough came when he was asked to ride for Team Honda in 1982, managed by multi-time World Champion Roger DeCoster


Honda returned to Formula One in 1983, initially with another Formula Two partner, the Spirit team, before switching abruptly to Williams in 1984 add something


Formula One - Since 1983, Formula One had been dominated by specialist race teams like Williams, McLaren, and Benetton, using engines supplied by large car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Honda, &Renault, and Ford


As sales progressed, Honda created two more sales channels, called "'Honda Clio"' in 1984, and "'Honda Primo"' in 1985 add something


Five of United States Environmental Protection Agency's top ten most fuel-efficient cars from 1984 to 2010 comes from Honda, more than any other automakers add something


The second explanation was offered in 1984 by Richard Pascale, who had interviewed the Honda executives responsible for the firm's entry into the U.S. market add something


Jack Youngblood - Additionally, some of the sponsorships and advertising ventures Youngblood was involved with were a Miller Lite TV commercial in 1985 and Honda Power machines in 1985


Minako Honda - In 1985, Honda appeared on the music scene with her debut EP "Satsui No Vacance"


Honda was the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to release a dedicated luxury brand, Acura, in 1986 add something


In 1986, Honda introduced the successful Acura brand to the American market in an attempt to gain ground in the luxury vehicle market add something


It is the eleventh in a line of successive builds starting in 1986 with Honda E0 moving through the ensuing Honda E series and the Honda P series add something


WilliamsF1 won the crown in 1986 and 1987 add something


Honda Canada Inc. - Honda Canada Finance Inc. , o/a Honda Financial Services, was established in 1987 to provide financing and leasing options for Canadian consumers


Honda switched allegiance again in 1988 add something


It won only one race, in 1988 for Bobby Rahal at Pocono. add something


New partners Team McLaren won the title in 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1991 add something


Since 1989, the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge has been a quizbowl tournament for Historically black colleges and universities add something


The most recent school of thought on Honda's strategy was put forward by Gary Hamel and C. K. Prahalad in 1989 add something


In the late 1990s, the company resisted considerable pressure from its American dealers for a V8 engine , with American Honda reportedly sending one dealer a shipment of V8 beverages to silence them add something


The Civic, along with the Accord and Prelude, comprised Honda's vehicles sold in North America until the 1990s, when the model lineup was expanded add something


Minako Honda - By the 1990s, Honda became a musical singer, with appearances as Kim in the Japanese production of "Miss Saigon", "supra"


V8 engine - In the late 1990s, the company resisted considerable pressure from its American dealers for a V8 engine with American Honda reportedly sending one dealer a shipment of V8 beverages to silence them


Acura - The parent company, Honda, was feeling the results of the decline of the Japanese economy, due to the Japanese asset price bubble that took place during the 1990s and into the 2000s


Honda in 1991 introduced the Honda NSX supercar, the first all-aluminum monocoque vehicle that incorporated a mid-engine V6 with variable-valve timing add something


Honda withdrew from Formula One at the end of 1992, although the related Mugen-Honda company maintained a presence up to the end of 1999, winning four races with Ligier and Jordan Grand Prix add something


Mitsubishi Motors - It was heavily rumored that Mitsubishi Motors intended a hostile acquisition of Honda by Japanese media in 1992 and 1993


Honda debuted in the CART IndyCar World Series as a works supplier in 1994 add something


Chevrolet Trooper - In Japan it was known as the Honda Horizon from 1994 to 1999, and as the Acura SLX in the United States from 1996 to 1999


Later, 1995 gave rise to the Honda Aircraft Company with the goal of producing jet aircraft under Honda's name add something


James Kaye - In 1995 he was hired by Honda for their BTCC programme, racing there for 2 seasons


Chevrolet Trooper - The " & Acura SLX" was a lightly upgraded and re-badged Isuzu Trooper sold by the Acura division of Honda from 1995 to 1999, as 1996 to 1999 year models


Jenna Elfman - After appearing in numerous national television commercials, most notably as the girl in the Honda ad who said "Regular or Decaf-", Elfman landed her first principal cast acting role on the short-lived 1996 American sitcom entitled "Townies" on ABC


James Thompson (racing driver) - In 1997, Thompson joined Honda, finishing fifth in the championship in 1997, third in 1998, and fourth in 1999


Mitsubishi Motors - Other Japanese automakers, such as Toyota and Honda, bolstered their own slipping domestic sales with success in the U.S. However, with a comparatively small percentage of the American market, the impact of the turmoil in the Asian economy had a greater effect on Mitsubishi, and the company's 1997 losses were the worst in its history


Chevrolet Spectrum - The 1997 Gemini generation was a rebadged Honda Domani sedan


During 1998, Honda considered returning to Formula One with their own team add something


The Honda Civic GX is the only purpose-built natural gas vehicle commercially available in some parts of the U.S. The Honda Civic GX first appeared in 1998 as a factory-modified Civic LX that had been designed to run exclusively on compressed natural gas add something


Dallara - Dallara returned briefly to F1 in 1999, building the test-chassis for Honda's planned and aborted return to the series


Nobuteru Taniguchi - In 1999, he came into the attention of HKS when he won a Suzuka Clubman Race in a Honda Civic sponsored by Bride


The first-generation Insight was produced from 2000 to 2006 and had a fuel economy of for the EPA's highway rating, the most fuel-efficient mass-produced car at the time add something


Acura - Another refreshed Acura introduced in the early 2000s was the MDX, a popular three-row crossover SUV based on the Honda Odyssey minivan


Hero MotoCorp - Hero & Honda has a customer loyalty program since 2000, called the Hero Honda Passport Program


Chevrolet Spectrum - The last two generations were no more than badge-engineered Honda Domani until 2000


In 2001, Honda became the second-largest Japanese automobile manufacturer add something


In 2001, the Civic GX was rated the cleanest-burning internal combustion engine in the world by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency add something


Chevrolet Trooper - Sold only in the United States, the SLX was later replaced by the Honda Pilot-based Acura MDX in 2001


James Kaye - This was renamed the Production Class for 2001, and James again finished 2nd, before winning the Production Class title in 2002 for Synchro Motorsport, a team of Honda employees working in their spare time at the Honda factory in Swindon


Since 2002, Honda has been selling the Honda Civic Hybrid in the U.S. market, add something


SYM Motors - As Sanyang's own motorcycles entered direct competition with & Honda's products worldwide, the relationship was terminated in January 2002 and Honda began building cars themselves as Honda_Taiwan Co. Ltd. Sanyang instead signed a contract with Hyundai and currently assembles much of their lineup for the domestic Taiwanese market


In 2003, Honda released its "Cog" advertisement in the UK and on the Internet add something


In 2003, Honda transferred its effort to the rival IRL IndyCar Series add something


In the World Enduro Championship, Honda has captured eight titles, most recently with Stefan Merriman in 2003 and with Mika Ahola from 2007 to 2010 add something


Dongfeng Motor - By 2003 Dongfeng had established joint ventures with Kia Motors , Honda , and Nissan


Matt Neal - For 2003 he switched to Honda Racing to drive a Honda Civic Type R, the start of long and mainly undisturbed relationship with Honda


Lucas di Grassi - In 2003 Di Grassi stepped up to Formula Three, driving a Dallara F301 Mugen-Honda for Avallone Motorsport in Formula Three Sudamericana


Tom Chilton - In 2003 he finished in 9th place overall driving a works Honda Civic Type-R run by Arena Motorsport alongside Matt Neal and Alan Morrison


Issam Makhoul - On 24 October 2003, Makhoul and his wife were preparing to leave their home in central Haifa; Makhoul took his Knesset-supplied Ford, and his wife took their personal Honda, Makhoul's primary transportation prior to Knesset service


Honda bought a stake in the BAR team in 2004 before buying the team outright at the end of 2005, becoming a constructor for the first time since the 1960s add something


In 2004, Honda-powered cars overwhelmingly dominated the IndyCar Series, winning 14 of 16 IndyCar races, including the Indianapolis 500, and claimed the IndyCar Series Manufacturers' Championship, Drivers' Championship and Rookie of the Year titles add something


In 2004, they produced the "Grrr" advert, usually immediately followed by a shortened version of the 2005 "Impossible Dream" advert add something


They have ventured into aerospace with the establishment of GE Honda Aero Engines in 2004 and the Honda HA-420 HondaJet, scheduled to be released in 2012 add something


Renthal - For the 2004 model year, every Honda CR and CRF motocross bike came with the Renthal 971 "RC" bend handlebar


Tom Coronel - He made a one year return to the Japanese GT, winning one race in a now outdated Honda NSX. The 2004 ETCC season was very similar for him, although his teammate was now Paulien Zwart, his partner


Minako Honda - Honda became ill in late 2004, but still performed in December in spite of a fever and fatigue


Renthal - In 2004, Honda became the first manufacturer to fit Renthal 7/8" aluminium handlebars to their motocross bikes


Craig Pollock - Pollock was replaced as team principal by David Richards, although he remained a shareholder until the partial Honda buyout in 2004


Tom Chilton - With Honda withdrawing manufacturer support for 2004, Arena only had the budget to run a single car for Chilton


First leased to the City of Los Angeles, in 2005, Honda started offering the GX directly to the public through factory trained dealers certified to service the GX. Before that, only fleets were eligible to purchase a new Civic GX. In 2006, the Civic GX was released in New York, making it the second state where the consumer is able to buy the car add something


It was followed by the Honda Accord Hybrid, offered in model years 2005 through 2007 add something


Matt Neal - For 2005 the team developed a Honda Integra from its basic road-going form, which was an unusual move as independent teams have historically raced ex-works cars, but the team's efforts were rewarded as Neal eventually took the drivers' title in the last round at Brands Hatch


Adam Carroll - His undoubted talent caught the eye of Formula One and in 2005 he was signed as a test driver for Formula One team BAR-Honda


Minako Honda - Minako Honda died in 2005


Honda Automobile (China) Company - Mass production began in April 2005 and first export of Honda Fit took place in June 2005


Kanga Loaders - November 2005 saw the Kanga Loaders brand featured in a Honda TV commercial as part of a national advertising campaign as well as the announcement of Travis Sinclair being named the 2005 Australian Independent Artist of the Year at the Telstra County Wide Southern Stars Australian Independent Country Music Awards, as the voice behind several of the Kanga Racing Hits Song "Go the Kanga" which at the time was being played at race tracks in the V8 Supercar HPDC Series and the Yokohama V8 Utes Series


Minako Honda - At 4:38 A.M. on November 6, 2005, Honda died at the Juntendo University Hospital in Bunky?, Tokyo, officially from acute myelogenous leukemia


In December 2005, Honda released "The Impossible Dream" a two-minute panoramic advertisement filmed in New Zealand, Japan and Argentina which illustrates the founder's dream to build performance vehicles add something


Also in 2006, the redesigned Civic won Car of the Year from the magazine, giving Honda a rare double win of Motor Trend honors add something


By 2006 this figure had reduced to around 550,000 but was still higher than its three domestic competitors add something


Honda's Brazilian subsidiary launched flexible-fuel versions for the Honda Civic and Honda Fit in late 2006 add something


In 2006, Honda became the sole engine supplier for the IndyCar Series, including the Indianapolis 500 add something


In 2006, Honda released its "Choir" advertisement, for the UK and the internet add something


In Australia, Honda advertised heavily during most motor racing telecasts, and was the official sponsor of the 2006 FIA Formula 1 telecast on broadcaster channel "Ten" add something


In fact, it was the only manufacturer involved in the 2006 Indy Racing League season add something


Its first entrance into the pickup segment, the light duty Ridgeline, won Truck of the Year from "Motor Trend" magazine in 2006 add something


Formula One - A Honda Formula One car, running with minimum downforce on a runway in the Mojave desert achieved a top speed of in 2006


Mark Proctor (racing driver) - For 2006 the team bought a Honda Civic that had won races the previous season in the hands of Tom Chilton, but was not competitive and pulled out after 5 rounds due to a lack of motivation


Vitor Meira - Throughout 2006, Panther Racing and Meira had a plethora of sponsors on the side of their Honda powered Dallara


As of March 2006, the three sales chains were discontinued, with the establishment of "Honda Cars" dealerships add something


Danica Patrick - On July 25, 2006, Patrick announced she had signed a deal to drive for Andretti Green Racing, replacing Bryan Herta in the number 7 Dallara Honda car beginning in 2007


Honda power equipment reached record sales in 2007 with 6,4 million units add something


Honda sponsored ITV's coverage of Formula One in the UK for 2007 add something


Matt Neal - BTC-spec cars such as the Integra were no longer eligible for the main 2007 title, so Dynamics switched to a Honda Civic, using some of their existing running gear but doing development themselves


Gordon Shedden - In 2007 his team switched to the Honda Civic, and again took four wins


Tony Robinson - In 2007, Robinson narrated television advertisements for Honda, in the humorous style of "Tales From Fat Tulip's Garden"


Marco Andretti - On February 7 and February 8, 2007 Marco participated in a second Honda Racing F1 test for two days in Jerez, Spain


However they had announced that they would not continue in 2008 due to the sponsorship price requested by ITV being too high add something


In 2008, Honda increased global production to meet demand for small cars and hybrids in the U.S. and emerging markets add something


Lucas di Grassi - Having previously been a test driver for Renault in , di Grassi tested for the Honda Racing F1 Team at the end of 2008, alongside fellow Brazilian and GP2 rival Bruno Senna


Formula One - In 2008 and 2009 Honda, &BMW, and Toyota all withdrew from Formula One racing within the space of a year, blaming the economic recession


James Thompson (racing driver) - In 2008 he competed for N.Technology in a Honda Accord Euro R in the WTCC. He drove an Accord in the Danish Touring Car Championship


Hyundai Motor Company - The Hyundai Elantra was Consumer Reports' top-ranked 2008 vehicle among 19 other compacts and small family cars, beating out the Honda Civic, & Toyota Corolla and Toyota Prius


Everus - "Li Nian" was the name of a concept car that Guangqi Honda debuted in Auto China 2008, coinciding with the reveal of the brand


On 29 May 2008, Honda, in partnership with Channel 4, broadcast a live advertisement add something


In Takanezawa, Japan, on 16 June 2008, Honda Motors produced the first assembly-line FCX Clarity, a hybrid hydrogen fuel cell vehicle add something


Danica Patrick - Patrick was scheduled to test for Formula One team Honda in November 2008, but this was called off due to the Honda team pulling out of the sport


It was announced on 5 December 2008, that Honda would be exiting Formula One with immediate effect due to the 2008 global economic crisis add something


Due to the success of the flex versions, by early 2009 a hundred percent of Honda's automobile production for the Brazilian market is now flexible-fuel, and only a small percentage of gasoline version is produced in Brazil for exports add something


James Thompson (racing driver) - For 2009, rumours had placed Thompson with a possible return to the BTCC after discussions with Team Dynamics to race one of their Honda Civics


Everus - The "Li Nian Roadster" concept was shown by Guangqi Honda in 2009 Shanghai Auto Show


Honda introduced the second-generation Insight in its home nation of Japan in February 2009, and released it in other markets through 2009 and in the U.S. market in April 2009 add something


In March 2009, Honda launched in the Brazilian market the first flex-fuel motorcycle in the world add something


In July 2009, Honda launched in the Brazilian market its third flexible-fuel car, the Honda City add something


Hyundai Motor Company - In 2009, according to a preliminary report from the Environmental Protection Agency published in November 2009, which is based on 2009 pre-model year production projections provided by automakers, Hyundai, at an average of , is the second most fuel-efficient automaker in America, after & Honda's combined U.S. fleet of Honda and Acura models at an average of


Honda became an official works team in the British Touring Car Championship in 2010 add something


Honda has been a presenting sponsor of the Los Angeles Marathon since 2010 in a three-year sponsorship deal with winners of the LA Marathon receiving a free Honda Accord add something


Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group - A Chinese partner of Japanese companies Toyota and Honda, GAIG owns Chinese production bases that churn out Chinese-market versions of the Japanese carmakers' models, which sell well in Southern China as of 2010


Gordon Shedden - After Team Dynamics became an official manufacturer Honda team ahead of the 2010 season, Shedden and Neal were re-signed by the team


Hero MotoCorp - In 2010, it was reported that Honda planned to sell its stake in the venture to the Munjal family


Hero MotoCorp - In 2010, when & Honda decided to move out of the joint venture, Hero Group bought the shares held by Honda


Matt Neal - Neal returned to Team Dynamics for the 2010 season, now racing under the Honda Racing banner alongside former team mate Gordon Shedden


Matt Neal - Neal won two more races at Oulton Park and with team mate Shedden taking the other win, Honda Yuasa Racing Team became the first team to win all three races in a day since Team Aon won all three races at Silverstone in 2010


Sales of the Honda CR-Z began in Japan in February 2010, becoming Honda's third hybrid electric car in the market add something


As of July 2010, 89 percent of Honda and Acura vehicles sold in the United States were built in North American plants, up from 82,2 percent a year earlier add something


Hero MotoCorp - In December 2010, the board of directors of the Hero & Honda Group have decided to terminate the joint venture between Hero Group of India and Honda of Japan in a phased manner


Proton (automobile) - In comparison, 2011 Drivers' Champion Matt Neal of Honda Racing Team scored 257 points


Matt Neal - Neal stayed with Honda in 2011, with the Honda Civic now using an 2,0 NGTC Honda engine built by Neil Brown Engines


Gordon Shedden - Shedden remained with Honda for the 2011 season with the Honda Civic now powered by an NGTC turbocharged engine


In an interview in early February 2011, a Honda executive disclosed that Honda produces around 200,000 hybrids a year in Japan add something


Following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 Honda announced plans to halve production at its UK plants add something


Everus - It is a badge-engineered fourth-generation Honda City/Jazz saloon and went on sale in April 2011


Patrick Warburton - Warburton became the spokesman for Japanese automaker Honda's "Good Reasons" advertising campaign in September 2011


Tinchy Stryder - In November 2011, he was hired by Honda's motorbike division for their pan-European campaign to push the division's Vision 50, and in December 2011, Danquah incepted Goji Electronics Incorporation, a consumer electronics company and from June 2012, audio products began to be manufactured by the company


Tinchy Stryder - On Tuesday, November 8, 2011 Honda's motorbike division hired Danquah for their pan-European campaign


Karun Chandhok - For 2012, Chandhok drove in the FIA World Endurance Championship for JRM Racing in a Honda Performance Development ARX-03a with co-drivers David Brabham and Peter Dumbreck


Meebox - In 2012 Honda Motor Corporation of Japan began using Meebox tablets and computers for point of sales units and business management, becoming the first major foreign business client of Meebox


Acura - In 2012, Acura introduced a new model called the ILX which is based heavily on the Honda Civic platform


Matt Neal - In 2012, Neal drove the new NGTC Honda Civic


Honda Cars India - In August, 2012, Honda bought out Usha International's entire 3,16 percent stake for 1,8 billion in the joint venture


Gordon Shedden - Shedden will stay with Honda in 2012, driving the new full-NGTC Honda Civic


Proton (automobile) - On 29 October 2012, Proton entered a collaboration with Honda Motor Company, Ltd


Matt Neal - Neal stayed with Honda for the 2013 season alongside Shedden


Gordon Shedden - The & Honda team retained Shedden and Neal for 2013 in a pair of Honda Civics


Honda announced in the end of October 2013 that Honda Soltec would cease the business operation except for support for existing customers in Spring 2014 and the subsidiary would be dissolved add something


"Honda sold 158,696 hybrids during the first six months of 2014" add something


In July 2014 Honda announced the end of production of the Fit EV for the 2015 model add something


In July 2014 Honda announced the end of production of the Honda FCX Clarity for the 2015 model add something


A total of 1,007 units have been leased in the U.S. through September 2014 add something


A total of 835 units have been sold in the U.S. through September 2014 add something


On February 23, 2015, Honda announced that CEO and President Takanobu Ito would step down and be replaced by Takahiro Hachigo by June; additional retirements by senior managers and directors were expected add something


In June 2015, Honda announced its decision to phase out the commercialization of natural-gas powered vehicles to focus on the development of a new generation of electrified vehicles such as hybrids, plug-in electric cars and hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles add something


Motorcycle - In 2017, India became the largest motorcycle market of Honda add something


On 15 September 2017, after a winless campaign spanning three seasons without yielding a single podium and achieving a best finish of fifth place, McLaren announced their divorce from Honda, with the latter going on to sign a multi-year deal to supply Toro Rosso, the junior team of Red Bull Racing add something