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Howard Hughes

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Howard Hughes

American business tycoon, investor, aviator, aerospace engineer, inventor, filmmaker and philanthropist add

Category: Business

Born in 1905.

Countries: United States (81%), (6%), United Kingdom (5%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: The Aviator (2004 film), Hughes Aircraft Company, Martin Scorsese

Linked to: Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Hughes Tool Company, California Institute of Technology, Rice University




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Howard Hughes was born in 1905 add something


Baker Hughes - The Hughes Tool Company was founded by Walter Benona Sharp and Howard R. Hughes, Sr., father of Howard Hughes, Jr. In 1908, Howard Hughes, Sr. and his partner Walter Sharp, developed the first two-cone drill bit, designed to enable rotary drilling in harder, deeper formations than was possible with earlier fishtail bits


Louis Wolheim - Towards the end of the 1920s he occasionally broke out of these stereotypes and played a comic Russian officer in "Tempest" and a rambunctious Sergeant in Howard Hughes's "Two Arabian Knights


Harry Behn - Harry Behn was involved in writing the screenplay for a number of films, including the war film "The Big Parade "in 1925, and "Hell's Angels" in 1930, that was directed by Howard Hughes


Jean Peters - "'Jean Peters"' was an American actress, known as a star of 20th Century Fox in the late 1940s and early 1950s and as the second wife of Howard Hughes


Marshall Neilan - A talented screenwriter, in 1927 he wrote the original story for the Howard Hughes film, "Hell's Angels"


Lewis Milestone - Howard Hughes promoted Milestone to director, and one of his early efforts, the 1928 film Two Arabian Knights, won him an Oscar in the first Academy Award ceremony.


Renee Adoree - In "The Mating Call" a 1928 film produced by Howard Hughes, Adorée had a very brief nude swimming scene that caused a significant commotion at the time


Academy Award for Best Picture - "The Racket", from 1928, was believed lost for many years until a print was found in Howard Hughes' archives


Jean Harlow - During filming of "Weak But Willing" in 1929, she was spotted by James Hall, an actor filming a Howard Hughes film called "Hell's Angels"


Joseph Moncure March - In 1929, March moved to Hollywood to provide additional dialogue for the film "Journey's End" and, more famously, to turn the silent version of Howard Hughes' classic "Hell's Angels" into a talkie a rewrite that brought the phrase "Excuse me while I put on something more comfortable" into the American lexicon


James Hall (actor) - In 1930, Hall co-starred in Howard Hughes' epic film "Hell's Angels"


Hells Angels - In 1930, the Howard Hughes film "Hell's Angels" displayed extraordinary and dangerous feats of aviation, and it is believed that the World War II groups who used that name based it on the film


Theodore Lukits - In the early 1930s Lukits did a series of paintings of vaqueros and female dancers that are know known as the Fiesta Suite, as studies for a mural project for Howard Hughes that was never completed


Lynne Carver - She dated Howard Hughes, briefly, in the 1930s, before moving on to MGM as Lynne Carver where she became a regular in their stable of actresses


Spartan Aircraft Company - Spartan was best known for the luxurious Spartan Executive aircraft produced in the late 1930s and early 1940s, made famous by such owners as Howard Hughes and King Ghazi of Iraq


Howard Hawks - Shooting began in late February 1930, about the same time that Howard Hughes was finally finishing his epic World War I aviation epic Hell's Angel's after being in production since September 1927.


Katharine Hepburn - In 1936, while she was touring "Jane Eyre", Hepburn began a relationship with entrepreneur Howard Hughes


Bette Davis - In 1938, after Mr. Nelson had evidence that Miss Davis was in a sexual relationship with Howard Hughes, he filed for a divorce


Jack Frye - In 1939, desiring greater control of their airline Frye and Richter approached Howard Hughes to buy into the company


Athole Shearer - They divorced twelve years later in 1940 at a turbulent time for Hawks who had been fired by studio owner Howard Hughes as the director of the film "The Outlaw"


Howard Hawks - In 1941 Hawks began work on the Howard Hughes produced film The Outlaw, based on the life of Billy the Kid and starring Jane Russell.


Faith Domergue - In 1941, Domergue began an on-off relationship with Howard Hughes


Lucien Ballard - One film of note is 1941's controversial Howard Hughes film "The Outlaw"


David Bacon (actor) - In 1942, Howard Hughes met Bacon, and signed him to an exclusive contract, with the intention of casting him in "The Outlaw" as Billy the Kid


Jane Greer - Howard Hughes spotted Greer modeling in the June 8, 1942, issue of "Life" magazine and sent her to Hollywood to become an actress


Bikini - Howard Hughes designed the push-up bra worn by Jane Russell in "The Outlaw" in 1943


The Outlaw - "'The Outlaw"' is a 1943 American Western film, directed by Howard Hughes and starring Jane Russell


Julie Bishop (actress) - Thrice married, Julie Bishop had a son, a physician and pilot, and a daughter, actress Pamela Susan Shoop, both by her second marriage, Gen. Clarence A. Shoop, a test pilot who flew for Howard Hughes and later became vice president of Hughes Aircraft; they were married from 1944 until his death in 1968


Ann Miller - According to her New York Times obituary, Miller married three times, to Reese Llewellyn Milner in 1946, to William Moss in 1958 and to Arthur Cameron in 1961, and in between marriages dated such well-known men as Howard Hughes, Conrad Hilton and Louis B. Mayer


Jean Peters - Actor and soldier Audie Murphy claimed that he had a relationship with Peters in 1946, before she met Howard Hughes. Murphy, in fact, was Jean's date the day she met Hughes at a party in Bill and James Cagney's beach house.


Linda Darnell - In 1946, during production of "Centennial Summer", she repeatedly met with Howard Hughes


Johnny Mathis - Mathis purchased a mansion in Hollywood Hills, which was originally built by billionaire Howard Hughes in 1946, where he still maintains a residence


Rosemary DeCamp - On 7 July 1946, her Beverly Hills, California home was damaged when it was hit by a wing after the experimental XF-11 piloted by Howard Hughes crashed nearby


Hughes Aircraft Company - In 1947, Howard Hughes redirected Hughes Aircraft's efforts from airplanes to helicopters


Oliver P. Echols - In August 1947, Echols was called before a War Investigating committee led by Senator Homer Ferguson, to uncover misconduct in wartime contracts given to Howard Hughes


Farley Granger - The film was nearing completion in October 1947 when Howard Hughes acquired RKO Radio Pictures, and the new studio head shelved it for two years before releasing it under the title "They Live by Night" in a single theater in London


Atlas Corporation - In 1948, Howard Hughes acquired controlling interest in RKO from Atlas


Joseph Losey - Losey had a long-term contract with Dore Schary at RKO when Howard Hughes purchased the company in 1948 and began purging it of leftists


Betsy Drake - On Christmas Day 1949 Drake and Grant married in a private ceremony organized by Grant's best man, Howard Hughes, and deliberately chose a low-key, introspective private life


Gina Lollobrigida - In 1950 Howard Hughes invited Lollobrigida to make Hollywood films, but she refused, preferring to work in Europe


Jean Simmons - In 1950 Rank sold Simmons's contract to Howard Hughes, who owned the RKO studio in Hollywood


Baker Hughes - Through the 1950s and 1960s, Hughes Tool Company remained a private enterprise, owned by Howard Hughes, Jr. While Mr. Hughes was engaged in his Hollywood and aviation enterprises, managers in Houston, such as Fred Ayers and Maynard Montrose, kept the tool company growing through technical innovation and international expansion


Jake Ehrlich - Included in his client list were; Alexander Pantages for statutory rape, Gene Krupa for cannabis, Billie Holiday for heroin, Errol Flynn and James Mason for divorce, Howard Hughes for the movie "The Outlaw", and Gertrude Morris for murdering her husband in 1952


Hughes Aircraft Company - Howard Hughes donated Hughes Aircraft to the newly formed Howard Hughes Medical Institute in 1953 allegedly as a way of avoiding taxes on its huge income


Howard Hughes Medical Institute - It was founded by the American businessman Howard Hughes in 1953


Hughes Aircraft Company - Ramo and Wooldridge, having failed to reach an agreement with Howard Hughes regarding management problems, resigned in September 1953


Hughes Aircraft Company - In 1955, Howard Hughes split the helicopter production unit from the Hughes Aircraft Company, and reconstituted it with Hughes Tool Company, calling it "'Hughes Tool Company's Aircraft Division"'


Susan Hayward - Later, in 1955, she was cast by Howard Hughes to play Bortai in the historical epic "The Conqueror", again opposite John Wayne


Jean Peters - In 1957, after her divorce from Cramer, Peters married Howard Hughes, shortly before he faded from public view and became an eccentric recluse


Josef von Sternberg - It was Sternberg's final film; although another Hollywood picture he co-directed was released in 1957, it had actually been shot seven years earlier, when he was still under contract to producer Howard Hughes


Edwin W. Pauley - In 1958 he founded Pauley Petroleum which, with Howard Hughes, expanded oil production in the Gulf of Mexico


George Peppard - Peppard secured a major role when he starred alongside Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" , portrayed a character based on Howard Hughes in "The Carpetbaggers" , and played the title role of the millionaire sleuth Thomas Banacek in the early-1970s television series "Banacek"


Golden parachute - The first use of the term "golden parachute" is credited to a 1961 attempt by creditors to oust Howard Hughes from control of Trans World Airlines


Watergate scandal - In 1968, O'Brien was appointed by Vice President Hubert Humphrey to serve as the national director of Humphrey's presidential campaign and, separately, by Howard Hughes, to serve as Hughes' public-policy lobbyist in Washington


Larry O'Brien - In 1968, Vice President Hubert Humphrey appointed O'Brien to serve nationally as the director of his presidential campaign and by Howard Hughes to serve in Washington as his public-policy lobbyist


Patrick McGoohan - McGoohan appeared in many films, including Howard Hughes's favourite, the 1968 film "Ice Station Zebra", for which he was critically acclaimed, and "Silver Streak" , with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor


Manganese - In 1972 the CIA's Project Azorian, through billionaire Howard Hughes, commissioned the ship "Hughes Glomar Explorer" with the cover story of harvesting manganese nodules from the sea floor


Hawker Siddeley HS 748 - In 1972, a Hawker Siddeley 748 was one of the last planes to be flown by noted aviator Howard Hughes


Life (magazine) - "Life" lost credibility with many readers when it supported Clifford Irving, whose fraudulent autobiography of Howard Hughes was revealed as a hoax in January 1972


Seymour Hersh - In 1975, Hersh was active in the investigation and reporting of Project Azorian , the Central Intelligence Agency's clandestine effort to raise a Soviet submarine using the Howard Hughes' "Glomar Explorer"

Howard Hughes died in 1976 add something


Boeing Satellite Development Center - On April 5, 1976 Howard Hughes died at the age of 70, leaving no will


In 1977, "The Hoax" by Clifford Irving was published in Great_Britain; it is the story of these events add something


Noah Dietrich - Ed Flanders played Dietrich against Tommy Lee Jones as Hughes in the 1977 mini-series "The Amazing Howard Hughes"


Katharine Hepburn - Feldshuh appeared as Hepburn in "The Amazing Howard Hughes", a 1977 television movie


In a trial lasting seven months, the Mormon Will was eventually rejected by the Nevada court in June 1978 as a forgery add something


Billy Mackenzie - Her brother, Melvin Dummar, claimed to be the "one sixteenth" beneficiary of the estate of Howard Hughes, until the case was thrown out in 1978


Landmark Media Enterprises - It acquired the TV station in 1978 from a trust left by Howard Hughes upon his death


Hughes Airwest was acquired by and merged into Republic Airlines in late 1980 add something


New York: Peter Wyden, 1979. lSBN 0-883261-52-9 add something


New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1979 add something


By 1980, the airline's route system had reached as far east as Houston Hobby Airport and Milwaukee add something


Mary Steenburgen - In only her third film, she won the Academy *award for Best Supporting Actress for the 1980 film "Melvin and Howard," playing Lynda Dummar, the wife of Melvin Dummar, a trucker and aspiring singer, who claimed to have befriended reclusive eccentric Howard Hughes


Terry O'Quinn - Starting in 1980, O'Quinn has appeared in various feature films such as "Silver Bullet", "Tombstone", "Heaven's Gate", "Young Guns", alongside Rutger Hauer in Blind Fury, and as Howard Hughes in "The Rocketeer"


In 1984, Hughes' estate paid an undisclosed amount to Terry Moore, who claimed to have been secretly married to Hughes on a yacht in international waters off Mexico in 1949 and never divorced add something


Michael Drosnin - His first book, "Citizen Hughes", a biography of the American businessman Howard Hughes based on stolen documents, was published in 1985


Short Hills, New Jersey: Burford Books, 1986 add something


New York: St. Martin's Press, 1987 add something


Yvonne De Carlo - In her autobiography, published in 1987, she listed 22 intimate friends, including Prince Aly Khan, Billy Wilder, Burt Lancaster, Howard Hughes, Robert_Stack and Robert Taylor


Santa Monica, California: Roundtable, 1989 add something


"Howard Hughes: The Secret Life", 1993 add something


Stillwater, Minnesota: Voyageur Press, 1995 add something


Los Angeles: General Publishing Group, 1996 add something


" Secaucus, New Jersey: Carol Publishing Group, 1996 add something


College Station, $Texas: Texas A&M University Press, 1997 add something


In 1997, General Motors sold Hughes Aircraft to Raytheon and in 2000, sold Hughes Space & Communications to Boeing add something


Beverly Hills, California: New Millennium Press, 2002 add something


Philadelphia: Xlibris Corporation, 2003 add something


Annapolis, Maryland: Naval Institute Press, 2004 add something


His life story provided the inspiration for the film "The Aviator" starring Leonardo Dicaprio as Hughes, which was released in 2004 add something


Portland, Oregon: Broadway Books, 2004 add something


Roscoe Turner - Actor and animal trainer Raymond Ducasse portrayed Roscoe Turner in the 2004 motion picture "The Aviator" about the life and career of Howard Hughes


Kate Beckinsale - Also in 2004, Beckinsale portrayed Ava Gardner in Martin Scorsese's Howard Hughes biopic "The Aviator"


Ava Gardner - Gardner has been portrayed by Marcia Gay Harden in the TV miniseries "Sinatra", Deborah Kara Unger in HBO's "The Rat Pack", Kate Beckinsale in the 2004 Howard Hughes biopic, "The Aviator" and Anna Drijver in the 2012 Italian TV film "Walter Chiari - Fino all'ultima risata"


Katharine Hepburn - In Martin Scorsese's 2004 biopic of Howard Hughes, "The Aviator", Hepburn was portrayed by Cate Blanchett, who won the Academy *award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance


Faith Domergue - In the 2004 Howard Hughes biopic film "The Aviator", Domergue was played by Kelli Garner


Jean Harlow - More recently, Gwen Stefani briefly appeared as Harlow in Martin Scorsese's 2004 Howard Hughes biopic "The Aviator"


John C. Reilly - Reilly appeared in Martin Scorsese's 2004 Howard Hughes biopic, "The Aviator", as Hughes' trusted business partner, Noah Dietrich


Lockheed Constellation - The "Star of America" has appeared at many airshows and was even used in "The Aviator", the 2004 film depicting the life of TWA's one-time owner Howard Hughes, the man often credited with helping design and develop the original Constellation series


Noah Dietrich - Nonagenarian actor Eli Wallach played Dietrich in the 2006 movie "The Hoax", about author Clifford Irving's faked Howard Hughes autobiography


The 2007 film "The Hoax", starring Richard Gere, is based on these events add something


Howard Hughes Medical Institute - In 2008, the Trustees of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute selected Robert Tjian as the new president of HHMI. In 2009, HHMI awarded 50 researchers, as part of the HHMI Early Career Scientist Competition


However in 2015, Beatty will play as Hughes with an ensemble cast in "Untitled Warren Beatty project" in which he directed add something


However, in 2016, Beatty will play as Hughes with an ensemble cast in "Rules Don't Apply" in which he directed add something


On November 4, 2017, the 70th anniversary of the only flight of the H-4 Hercules was celebrated at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum with Hughes' paternal cousin Michael Wesley Summerlin and Brian Palmer Evans, son of Hughes radio technology pioneer Dave Evans, taking their positions in the recreation of a photo that was previously taken of Hughes, Dave Evans and Joe Petrali on board the H-4 Hercules add something