Howie Carr

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Howie Carr

American journalist, author, and conservative radio talk-show host based in Boston with a listening audience rooted in New England add

Category: Literature

Born in 1952.

Countries: United States (67%), Massachusetts (33%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Don Imus, Riddick Bowe, The New York Times

Linked to: The New York Times, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Entercom, Massachusetts General Hospital




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Howie Carr was born in 1952 add something


Alex Rocco - Howie Carr, a Boston-area journalist and radio personality who has written extensively about the Boston underworld, has written that the young Petricone was arrested in Charlestown in November 1961 along with Winter Hill boss Buddy McLean for questioning following the death of Bernie McLaughlin of the McLaughlin gang, the first murder of the war


From 1980 to 1981, Carr was the Boston City Hall bureau chief of the "Boston Herald American", and he later worked as the paper's State House bureau chief add something


As a political reporter for WNEV in 1982, his coverage of then-mayor Kevin White was so relentless that after the mayor announced he wasn't running again, he told the "Boston Globe" that one of the things he enjoyed most about his impending retirement was not having Carr chase him around the city add something


In 1985, Carr won the National Magazine Award, for Essays and Criticism add something


Howie Carr has hosted a weekday radio talk-show on Boston 's WRKO since 1994 add something


Carr played a radio show host in the 1998 John Travolta film, "A Civil Action" add something


In 1998, Don Imus said that Mrs. Carr was having an affair with boxer Riddick Bowe add something


Don Imus - Imus was sued by the wife of "Boston Herald" columnist and radio talk show host Howie Carr in 1998 after Imus made sexually explicit remarks about her and boxer Riddick Bowe


In 2002, the "Boston Herald" and Carr were the subjects of a lawsuit by Superior Court Judge Ernest Murphy add something


Carr, in a front-page column on February 20, 2002, criticized Murphy as handing down lenient sentences in bail decisions in rape cases and included references to his daughters, wondering what Murphy would do if it was one of "his" offspring that had been the victim add something


In early 2006, Carr became a book author with the publication of his "New York Times"-rated best-selling book, "The Brothers Bulger", about Billy Bulger and James "Whitey" Bulger add something


William M. Bulger - The controversy over the relationship between the two brothers, one a political leader, the other a crime boss, is further examined in a recent book "The Brothers Bulger" by Howie Carr published by Warner Books, New York in 2006


In a 2007 column, Carr alleged that Imus' statements were incited by Barnicle add something


In March 2007, Carr had a melanoma removed from his forehead add something


Howard Louis Carr, Sr. died on October 1, 2008 at the age of 103 add something


In June 2009, Carr filled in for Dennis Miller on "The Dennis Miller Show" add something


On July 10, 2009, Carr underwent hip replacement surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital add something


Carr's second book, titled "Hitman", was released in April 2011 add something


A third book, titled "Hard Knocks", was released in January 2012 add something


In late 2013, Carr is to self-publish "Ratman: The Trial And Conviction of Whitey Bulger" add something


Starting November 17, 2014, the show will be add something


WRKO had announced they would not carry the show but on March 9, 2015 it was announced they would become an affiliate as of March 16, 2015 add something


On June 29, 2016, Carr, as an opening speaker at a Bangor, Maine rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, made a racially stereotypical Native American "war whoop" when referring to Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts add something


Carr's book "Kennedy Babylon" will be released on March 21, 2017 add something