Howie Klein

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Howie Klein

American writer, concert promoter, disc jockey, music producer, record label founder, record label executive, progressive political activist, and adjunct professor of music add

Category: Business

Born in 1950.

Countries: United States (57%), California (14%), New York (14%)

Main connections: American Civil Liberties Union, Frank Sinatra, Rob Reiner

Linked to: Big Brother and the Holding Company, McGill University, Stony Brook University, Alanis Morissette




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Howie Klein was born in 1950 add something


He attended Stony Brook University in New York during the mid to late 1960s, where he first worked in the music industry by writing about bands and booking them for local performances add something


Reprise Records was started by Frank Sinatra in 1960, securing what he saw as artistic freedom from his former record label, Capitol Records add something


There, from 1976 to 1978, he co-hosted North America's first regular punk radio show, "The Outcastes", with fellow program founders entrepreneur Norman Davis and Chris Knab, then-owner of Aquarius Records on Castro Street add something


In 1978, he and Knab, with Bruce Bridges, co-founded the San Francisco new wave record label, 415 Records add something


After Davis' departure from the trio in June 1978, later shows were retitiled "The Heretics", and featured Davis' replacement, Sean Donahue add something


David Kahne, who had worked for Klein as 415 Records' A&R manager until 1982, now temporarily controlled Reprise as executive vice president of A&R for its parent company, Warner Bros add something


The PMRC had initiated senate hearings in 1985 on "potentially harmful lyrics", spearheading a five year effort that by 1990 had successfully forced the recording industry to implement a voluntary identification and labeling system to warn parents about music containing explicit lyrics add something


He is perhaps best known for his role as President of Reprise Records from 1989 to 2001 add something


The 1992 United States presidential election saw Bill Clinton choose Senator Al Gore as his vice presidential running mate add something


His anti-censorship efforts earned him one of two Spirit of Liberty Awards bestowed in 1999 by People for the American Way; co-honored that year was filmmaker and actor Rob Reiner add something


In 2000, the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California honored him with its "Bill of Rights Award" for his activism in the protection of free speech add something


In early 2005, he was appointed to the board of directors of, a San Francisco-based internet search engine company focused on concert and tour date information, whose founder and CEO Andy Gadiel cited Klein's reputation as "a true artist's advocate" add something