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Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones and tablets add

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Founded in 1997.

Countries: (63%), United States (15%), China (9%)

Main connections: HTC One, HTC One series, HTC One (M8)

Linked to: Apple Inc., Microsoft, Samsung, China Mobile




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Initially a manufacturer of notebook computers, HTC began designing some of the world's first touch and wireless hand-held devices in 1998 add something


Their first major product, one of the world's first touch-screen smartphones, appeared in 2000 add something


In 2007 HTC acquired the mobile-device company Dopod International add something


Smartphone - In October 2008, HTC released the HTC (HTC_Corporation) Dream, the first phone to use Android


HTC sponsored the HTC-Highroad cycling team, the most successful team in professional cycling from 2009 to 2011 add something


Initially making smartphones based mostly on Microsoft's Windows Mobile operating system software, HTC expanded its focus in 2009 to devices based on the Android OS, and in 2010 to Windows Phone OS. add something


HTC Touch Pro - In March 2009, HTC announced a new version, the $Touch_Pro2 (HTC_Touch_Pro2) which has a larger screen and a redesigned slide out QWERTY keyboard with spaces between the keys


HTC HD2 - Rumors of the HTC HD2 began appearing in September 2009


HTC Hero - A modified version of the Hero, the HTC Droid Eris, was released on the Verizon Wireless network on November 6, 2009


HTC Desire X - Aimed at customers of the HTC Desire, launched in 2010, the & HTC has a 4 inch diagonal screen, and draws strong resemblance with HTC's 2012 flagship product, the HTC One X


HTC Desire - During late Q2 2010, HTC made the decision to switch the Desire's display to a S-LCD panel, manufactured by the company S-LCD a co-operative between Sony and Samsung


Fantasy Interactive - In 2010, Fi became the global digital agency of record for HTC


HTC Desire X - It is the successor to the HTC Desire S, which was an upgrade from the & HTC Desire, HTC's flagship product of 2010


HTC Hero - The Eris was succeeded by HTC's Droid Incredible in 2010


HTC Legend - It was unveiled by HTC during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 16 February 2010 and went on sale on 10 March 2010


On February 17, 2010, "Fast Company" ranked HTC as the 31st most innovative company in the world add something


In March 2010, Apple Inc. filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission claiming infringement of 20 of its patents covering aspects of the iPhone user interface and hardware add something


In June 2010, the company launched the HTC Evo 4G, the first 4G-capable phone in the United States add something


HTC Hero - Sprint drew the fire of many of its & HTC Hero and Samsung Moment customers when it announced in June 2010 that it would be upgrading its Android devices to Android 2,2, but later corrected the statement to say that the upgrade would only be available for the HTC Evo


In July 2010, HTC announced it would begin selling smartphones in China under its own brand name in a partnership with China Mobile add something


HTC Desire - In mainland China, HTC launched its four flagship smartphones including the Desire on 27 July 2010


HTC Desire - In India, & HTC and TATA DOCOMO, the GSM brand of Tata Teleservices Limited, announced a partnership to launch HTC Desire in India on 16 August 2010


HTC Dream - The G1 was spiritually succeeded in October 2010 by the T-Mobile G2, a new HTC device which featured stock Android and a sliding keyboard, and was T-Mobile_USA (T-Mobile_US)'s first "4G" smartphone


HTC Hero - Furthermore, customer service at Telus complained that the fault lies with HTC. On the morning of 25 October 2010, Telus officially pushed down the Android 2,1 update to its clients


Engadget - Episode three featured HTC's Drew Bamford, Joystiq's Chris Grant and was taped live on 22 November 2010 at Parsons The New School for Design


Based on researcher Canalys, in Q3 2011 HTC Corporation became the largest smartphone vendor in the U.S. by 24 percent, ahead of Samsung's 21 percent, Apple Inc.'s 20 percent and BlackBerry's 9 percent add something


In 2011, HTC opened a research and development office in Durham, North Carolina, North Carolina, a location the company chose over Seattle and Atlanta, to focus on multiple areas of wireless technology add something


HTC First - In 2011, & HTC released two low-end smartphones that provided integration with the social networking service Facebook, the keyboard-equipped HTC ChaCha , and the touchscreen slate HTC Salsa


BlackBerry Ltd - RIM's loss of market share accelerated in 2011 due to rapidly growing sales of Samsung and HTC Android handsets; RIM's market share in the USA dropped to just 3 percent from 9 percent a year


GLONASS - Smartphones and Tablets saw implementation of GLONASS support in 2011 with devices released that year from Xiaomi Tech Company , Sony Ericsson, Samsung , Asus, Apple and HTC adding support for the system allowing increased accuracy and lock on speed in difficult conditions


HTC ChaCha - The "' & HTC ChaCha"' is an Android smartphone that was announced by HTC in February, 2011 at the Mobile World Congress, alongside its sister phone, the HTC Salsa


HTC Incredible S - Officially announced by HTC on February 15, 2011


At the Mobile World Congress on 16 February 2011 the GSMA named HTC the "Device Manufacturer of the Year" for 2011 add something


In April 2011, the company's market value surpassed that of Nokia, making HTC the third-largest smartphone-maker in the world behind Apple and Samsung add something


HTC Watch - It was announced in conjunction with the HTC Sensation on April 11, 2011


HTC Sensation - Officially announced by HTC on April 12, 2011, the HTC Sensation was launched by Vodafone in key European markets including the United Kingdom on May 19, 2011 and by &T-Mobile (T-Mobile_USA) in the United States on June 12, 2011


HTC Rhyme - In May 2011, the technology blog This Is My Next learned that HTC was holding focus groups with women in their 20's and 30's regarding a new, female-oriented smartphone codenamed "Bliss", which would be released by Verizon Wireless by the end of the year


HTC Salsa - The "' & HTC Salsa"' is an Android smartphone that was announced by HTC in June 2011 at the Mobile World Congress


HTC Desire - On 14 June 2011, & HTC announced via Facebook that there would be no Gingerbread update for the HTC Desire, citing memory constraints


On 6 July 2011 it was announced that HTC would buy VIA Technologies' stake in S3 Graphics, thus becoming the majority owner of S3 add something


HTC Sensation - Since announcing on July 10, 2011, all HTC Sensation and Sensation 4G have had its bootloader unlocked due to the overwhelming customer feedback since the device's initial release


HTC Sensation - Since August 2011, HTC officially allows unlocking HTC Sensation bootloaders at the website


HTC Desire - The update was finally released for download from HTC's developer website on 1 August 2011, and is not available as an over-the-air update


HTC Radar - HTC announced the HTC Radar on September 1, 2011 in London, alongside with the higher end HTC Titan


HTC Sensation - On September 14, 2011, HTC released the Extended Edition of the HTC Sensation in Europe under the name HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio


HTC Rhyme - On September 19, 2011, the final version of the device, now known as the HTC Rhyme, was leaked by a pre-order advertisement from TargetMobile


HTC Sensation - On October 6, 2011, HTC released Sensation XL running with HTC Sense 3,5 UI with Beats Audio


HTC Radar - Microsoft launches HTC Radar powered by Windows Phone 7,5 Operating system on October 12, 2011 in India


HTC Sensation XL - It was announced by HTC on their Beats Audio event at London and released worldwide on October 26, 2011


Sebastian (French electro artist) - In November 2011, a previously unreleased track titled "Holloback" was used in an advertisement for the HTC Sensation XL mobile phone


HTC Incredible S - As of November 24, 2011, the HTC Droid Incredible 2 has been available in a limited edition red color, instead of the usual black


During early 2012, HTC lost much of this U.S. market share thanks to increased competition from Samsung and Apple Inc. add something


HTC struck a deal with UEFA in 2012 to become the official mobile phone supplier of the Champions League and Europa League add something


HTC One M8 - Following the critical acclaim, but commercial failure of its 2012 flagship, the HTC One X, HTC chose to release a single, flagship phone for 2013, the HTC One, for release across multiple carriers


HTC One S - Announced by HTC on 26 February 2012, the $HTC_One (HTC_One_series) S was scheduled for official release on 2 April 2012


HTC Evo Design 4G - A future upgrade to Android 4,0 was announced by HTC in March 2012


HTC Sensation - In the beginning of March 2012, HTC started updating their devices to Android 4,0 Ice Cream Sandwich


HTC One X - On 15 May 2012, shipments of both the One X and the $Evo_4G_LTE (HTC_Evo_4G_LTE) were delayed by U.S. Customs by order of the International Trade Commission, to ensure that its software complied with an import ban imposed on HTC involving a patent owned by Apple


HTC One X - On May 21, 2012, the Taipei Times reported that the $HTC_One (HTC_One_series) X and HTC EVO 4G LTE shipment had cleared US Customs and was entering the United States


HTC Desire C - The HTC Desire C was released on several carriers in the United Kingdom in June 2012, such as 3, &T-Mobile (T-Mobile_(UK)) and Orange


HTC One X - On July 20, 2012, HTC confirmed that the One X, along with the One S, would be receiving a firmware update to Android 4,1 Jelly Bean, however did not announce a release schedule for these improvements


HTC Rezound - On August 2, 2012, Verizon Wireless officially announced the Android 4,0 update for the HTC Rezound


HTC Rhyme - On August 31, 2012, HTC released a downloadable update to Android 4,0 with Sense 3,6 for the Rhyme through its HTCdev portal


On November 10, 2012, Apple and HTC reached a 10-year license-agreement covering current and future patents held by the two companies add something


HTC Rezound - On November 13, 2012, Verizon Wireless announced the Droid DNA, a variant of the HTC One X with a 5 inch 1920x1080 display


Nexus One - Apple targeted the Nexus One in a patent lawsuit against HTC, which was settled in December 2012


HTC One - For 2013, HTC planned to double its marketing budget in comparison to 2012


HTC First - In early 2013, reports indicated that HTC was preparing to unveil a Facebook-oriented smartphone codenamed "Myst"; this mid-range device was reportedly pre-loaded with a new Facebook-developed user interface layer known as "Facebook Home"


HTC Butterfly - The DNA would become Verizon's final non- & Motorola Droid smartphone; following its replacement in August of 2013 by the HTC One and Droid Maxx, the carrier announced that all future Droid phones would be built exclusively by Motorola


HTC One Mini - The One Mini is a mid-range variant of HTC's 2013 flagship high-end smartphone, the HTC One


HTC One Max - The device is a larger variant of HTC's 2013 flagship high-end smartphone, the HTC One, notably incorporating a 5,9-inch display and fingerprint recognition features


HTC One (2nd generation) - The device is expected to be an upgraded version of 2013's HTC One, maintaining a similar unibody design, but with upgraded specifications and other new features


In February 2013 HTC settled with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission concerning lax security on more than 18 million smartphones and tablets it had shipped to customers and agreed to security patches add something


HTC One - HTC originally announced that the One would be released in March 2013 through 185 carriers and retailers in 80 countries, being the largest global launch in the company's history


HTC First - Renderings of the new device leaked on April 3, 2013, revealing the design of the phone and its official name as the HTC First


Facebook Home - Facebook Home was unveiled at a press event on April 4, 2013, and was released on April 12, 2013 for a limited selection of devices from HTC and Samsung Electronicsincluding the HTC First, a new smartphone pre-loaded with the software


HTC First - It was unveiled on April 4, 2013 as part of a press event held by Facebookserving as a successor to a pair of Facebook-oriented devices & HTC released in 2011, it is the first Android device to be pre-loaded with & Facebook's own user interface layer, Facebook Home in lieu of HTC's own $Sense (HTC_Sense)


HTC First - The "' & HTC First"' is an Android smartphone released by HTC on April 12, 2013


HTC One - A "Developer Edition" of the 64 GB & HTC One was released in limited quantities in the United States, exclusively from HTC's website on April 19, 2013


HTC HD2 - On May 6, 2013, an XDA developer successfully ported Firefox OS to the HTC HD2


HTC One - On May 30, 2013, & HTC announced that the Google Play store would sell a variant of the $HTC_One (HTC_One_series) with a stock Android 4,2


HTC One Max - In June 2013, HTC's North American president disclosed plans to launch a "family of devices" around the design and technology of the recently released HTC One


HTC Butterfly - In June 2013, the Butterfly was succeeded by the HTC Butterfly S


HTC One S - HTC claimed that the update would be released by Q1 2013 at the latest, but in July 2013, the company announced that they will discontinue updates to the $HTC_One (HTC_One_series) S.


HTC One - In July 2013, HTC began rolling out an update to Android 4,2


HTC One S - On July 3, 2013, a petition was created by XDA member "DylRicho" to campaign against HTC's recent decision to axe the device from further updates


In August 2013, HTC debuted a new "Here's To Change" global marketing campaign, signing on actor Robert Downey, Jr. in a two-year contract to be HTC's new "Instigator of Change add something


HTC HD2 - In August 2013, a group of developers on XDA successfully ported HTC Sense 5 to the HTC HD2


Beats Electronics - In August 2013, reports surfaced that Beats' founders planned to buy back HTC's remaining minority stake in the company, and pursue a new, unspecified partner for a future investment


HTC Butterfly - The DNA would become Verizon's final non- & Motorola Droid smartphone; following its replacement in August 2013 by the HTC One and Droid Maxx, the carrier announced that all future Droid phones would be built exclusively by Motorola


HTC One - Verizon Wireless, the only remaining national carrier in the United States not to carry the HTC One, announced on August 16, 2013 that it would release it on August 22, 2013


HTC One - By August 2013, Verizon Wireless was the only remaining major US carrier that did not carry the & HTC One; the carrier finally released the $HTC_One (HTC_One_series) on August 22, 2013


HTC Sense - Announced in September 2013 for the HTC One Max; it now have improvements from the previous edition of Sense like the ability of turning off the Blinkfeed


HTC One - Due to the relatively minor nature of 4,2 on phones, HTC decided to instead focus on releasing an update to Android 4,3, which will be first released on the unlocked Developer Edition model by the end of September 2013


HTC One - On 25 September 2013, HTC began rolling out the update starting with unlocked models


On 27 September 2013, HTC announced that it sold back all remaining shares of Beats to Beats Electronics add something


The product will be released into the European and Asian retail environment in October 2013, followed by a US launch in early November 2013 add something


HTC One - A special variant of the & HTC One electroplated in 18 carat gold and etched with a special MOBO 18 logo was unveiled by HTC in October 2013


Rockstar Consortium - In October 2013, it was announced that Rockstar had started legal action against Google, Huawei and Samsung, and other makers of Android phones including Asustek, HTC, &LG_Electronics, Pantech, and ZTE


HTC One series - Three devices had been announced as of October 2013: the HTC One in February 2013, the One Mini in July 2013, and the One Max in October 2013


HTC One - Shortly after its unveiling on 31 October 2013, & HTC confirmed an upcoming release of Android 4,4 for all models of the $HTC_One (HTC_One_series) in the late January of 2014


A Winter Garden, Florida salesclerk was saved by his HTC cellphone after a thief fired a bullet into his stomach in November 2013 add something


HTC One - In late-November 2013, HTC unveiled a gold-colored retail variant of the One, which will be released across Europe with select partners


HTC Desire 601 - On 27 November 2013, a Dual-SIM version of the HTC Desire 601 was released in Taiwan


HTC One (2nd generation) - In December 2013, the HTC One Mini was banned from sale in the United Kingdom as the result of a patent infringement lawsuit by Nokia


HTC One - In December 2013, the HTC One Mini was banned from sale in the United Kingdom as the result of another patent infringement lawsuit by Nokia


HTC One M8 - As a result, HTC planned to "leverage the momentum" and critical success of the One to produce an updated version for 2014, expanding upon concepts introduced by the previous model


Windows Phone - At the 2014 Mobile World Congress, Microsoft announced that upcoming Windows Phone 8,1 devices will be manufactured by Gionee, HTC, &Huawei, JSR, Karbonn, LG, Lenovo, Longcheer, Micromax, Nokia, Samsung, Xolo, and ZTE


HTC One - The case inadvertently revealed that & & HTC was planning to launch a successor to $HTC_One (HTC_One_series) in early 2014


HTC One (2nd generation) - The case inadvertently revealed that HTC was planning to launch a successor to HTC One in early 2014


HTC One M8 - The company planned to release a "much broader spectrum of products" in 2014 by placing an increased focus on the mid-range smartphone market with devices such as the HTC Desire 816


HTC One M8 - While the then-current HTC One was affected by the ruling, its sales ban was stayed by the court pending an appeal; the judge indicated that banning & HTC One sales would have a negative effect on the company, and, as inadvertently revealed, the release of a successor to the HTC One in early 2014


HTC One S - As of February 2014, CyanogenMod 11 is being developed for HTC One S with CyanogenMod 10,2 as current stable version


In March 2014, HTC released the 2014 HTC One or "M8", the next version of the HTC One flagship, at press conferences in London and New York City add something


HTC One (2nd generation) - In March 2014, a major leak by a teenager on YouTube occurred with the release of a 12-minute long hands-on video which detailed the device's HTC Sense 6,0 software, and its inclusion of a MicroSD card slot


HTC One M8 - In March 2014, a major leak occurred with the release of a 12-minute long hands-on video by a YouTube user, which detailed the device's HTC Sense 6,0 software, and its inclusion of a MicroSD card slot


HTC Sense - On the 6th March 2014, HTC announced the Desire 310 running Android 4,2


HTC One (2nd generation) - In February 2014, HTC began to release a series of teaser videos promoting a launch event for the new HTC One on March 25, 2014


HTC One M8 - In February 2014, HTC began to release a series of teaser videos promoting a launch event for the new HTC One on March 25, 2014


HTC Sense - Sense 6,0, nicknamed "Sixth Sense", was announced alongside the 2014 HTC One on March 25, 2014


HTC Watch - HTC Watch is to be discontinued after 31 March 2014 in the United Kingdom


Beats Electronics - Matthew Costello, formerly of IKEA and HTC, was formally appointed into the role in May 2014


HTC One M8 - In July 2014, there were leaks about the second-generation HTC One running Windows Phone and on early August 2014 more leaks and renders of the HTC One for Windows appeared


On September 2014, Google has selected HTC Corp to make its upcoming 9-inch Nexus tablet add something


HTC became the shirt sponsors for Indian Super League's Guwahati's franchise NorthEast United FC on October 12, 2014 add something


In March 2015, HTC announced the 2015 HTC One Flagship device, the HTC One_M9, the successor to the previous M8, and the HTC grip, a partnership with under armour, at Mobile World Congress at Barcelona add something


However a report published in April 2015 states that the market share has risen to 7,2 percent due to its strong sales of the HTC One M8 and Desire series add something


HTC Vive is expected to be available in market in Q2 2016 add something


On September 30, 2016, HTC globally launched Viveport, its VR app store focused on non-game VR experiences add something


On 12 January 2017, HTC unveiled U Ultra add something


Smartphone - On May 16, 2017, HTC announced the HTC U11 flagship smartphone, the successor to the previous year's HTC 10 add something


In December 2017, the Taiwanese Investment Commission has approved the deal add something


On 30 January 2018, the transaction was completed add something


In July 2018 HTC has revealed that it has entered into a partnership with games and apps developer and publisher Animoca add something