Ian Marter

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Ian Marter

English actor and writer, perhaps best known for his role as Harry Sullivan in the BBC television science-fiction series Doctor Who, from December 1974 to September 1975 as a regular, with a one story return in November and December 1975 add

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Born in 1944.

Countries: New Zealand (40%), United Kingdom (40%), (20%)

Main connections: Doctor Who, New Zealand

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Ian Marter was born in 1944 add something


Marter's novelisations were somewhat controversial, most notably for his use of the word 'bastard' in his novelization of the 1967 story "The Enemy of the World" add something


After graduating from Oxford University in 1969, Marter initially worked at the Bristol Old Vic theatre, where he was a stage manager as well as acting in various minor roles add something


He later became involved with the writing of novelisations of "Doctor Who" television stories for Target Books, penning nine adaptations in the late 1970s and early 1980s add something


In 1971 he auditioned for the regular role of Captain Mike Yates in the eighth season of "Doctor Who" and was offered the part, but was unable to accept due to a prior commitment add something


The production team were sufficiently impressed that they kept him in mind and cast him in a supporting role in the 1973 story "Carnival of Monsters", broadcast as part of the tenth season of the programme add something


He lived and worked in New Zealand in the early 1980s, appearing in the New Zealand soap opera "Close to Home" from 1982 add something


In addition to his "Doctor Who" novelizations, he wrote adaptations of several 1980s American films such as "Splash" and "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" for Target and their Star Books imprint add something


He died suddenly at his home in London on his forty-second birthday in 1986, after suffering a heart attack brought on by complications of diabetes add something

Ian Marter died in 1986 add something