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Inspector Clouseau

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Inspector Clouseau

Fictional character in Blake Edwards farcical The Pink Panther series add

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Launched in 1963.

Countries: United States (33%), France (22%), United Kingdom (22%)

Main connections: Steve Martin, The Pink Panther, Peter Sellers

Linked to: Herbert Johnson




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Jacques Clouseau makes his first appearance as the Inspector in the 1963 film "The Pink Panther", which was released in the United States in March, 1964 add something


The 1968 film does appear to have had an impact on the Clouseau character when Sellers returned to the role in 1975's "The Return of the Pink Panther", particularly in the character's mode of dress add something


More recent animated depictions from the 1970s onward were redesigned to more closely resemble Sellers, and later Martin add something


The 1982 film "Trail of the Pink Panther" utilized outtakes and alternative footage of Sellers as Clouseau in a new storyline in which a reporter investigates Clouseau's disappearance add something


In the 2006 "Pink Panther" revival and its 2009 sequel, he is played by Steve Martin add something


Steve Martin's rendition of Clouseau in the 2006 film depicts Clouseau as an inept Gendarme hired by Chief Inspector Dreyfus to serve as the visible investigator into a high-publicity murder, so that Dreyfus can carry out his own investigation without risking repercussions of failure; but Martin's Clouseau is considerably older than Sellers', and although the 2006 film was placed prior to the events of the first "Pink Panther" film, the time frame has been advanced to the present day add something


Steve Martin - He starred in the box office hit "The Pink Panther" in 2006, standing in Peter Sellers's shoes as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau, a role which he reprised in 2009's "The Pink Panther 2"


Jean Reno - In 2006, he had a prominent role in the remake of "The Pink Panther" and its sequel, playing Gilbert Ponton, the partner of Inspector Clouseau opposite Steve Martin, and portrayed Captain Bezu Fache in the Ron Howard film "The Da Vinci Code"


Emily Mortimer - She appeared in "The Pink Panther" in 2006 and in its 2009 sequel, as the love interest of Inspector Clouseau