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International Herald Tribune

English language international newspaper add

Category: Journalism

Founded in 1887.

Countries: United States (35%), United Kingdom (28%), (10%)

Main connections: The New York Times, International New York Times, The Washington Post

Linked to: The New York Times Company, The Washington Post Company, Sing Tao Daily, International New York Times




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Based in Paris since 1887, the "IHT" is now part of The New York Times Company, and will be renamed the "International New York Times" in the fall of 2013 add something


After the 1918 death of Bennett, Frank Andrew Munsey bought the "New York Herald" and the "Paris Herald" add something


Munsey sold the "Herald" newspapers in 1924 to the "New York Tribune", and the "Paris Herald" became the "Paris Herald Tribune" while the New York paper became "New York Herald Tribune" add something


In 1959 John Hay Whitney, a businessman and United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, bought the "New York Herald Tribune" and its European edition add something


In 1966 the "New York Herald Tribune" was merged into the short-lived "New York World Journal Tribune" and ceased publication, but the Whitney family kept the Paris paper going through partnerships add something


In December 1966 "The Washington Post" became a joint owner add something


Cosmopolitan and innovative, Bennett was the embodiment of an international spirit that thrived through changes of ownership and name until the newspaper became the International Herald Tribune in 1967 add something


Max Wykes-Joyce - He was a member of the International Association of Art Critics and worked as an art critic for the "International Herald Tribune" from 1967 to 1987


The New York Times - The international edition stopped publishing in 1967, when "The New York Times" joined the owners of the "New York Herald Tribune" and "The Washington Post" to publish the "International Herald Tribune" in Paris


"The New York Times" became a joint owner of the "Paris Herald Tribune" in May 1967, whereupon the newspaper became known as the "International Herald Tribune" add something


Jeffrey Robinson - Newspaper journalism, specifically for the period 1970-1983 includes 250 feature articles, notably for "International Herald Tribune", "The Christian Science Monitor", "The Washington Post" and "The San Francisco Examiner"


In 1974 IHT began transmitting facsimile pages of the paper between nations and opened a printing site near London add something


In 1977 the paper opened a second site in Z├╝rich add something


Sheridan Morley - Meanwhile, he was a drama critic for the "International Herald Tribune" from 1979 to 2005, and film critic for the "Sunday Express" from 1992 to 1995


IHT began transmitting electronic images of newspaper pages from Paris to Hong Kong via satellite in 1980, making the paper simultaneously available on opposite sides of the planet add something


Patricia Wells - She was a restaurant critic for the "International Herald Tribune" from 1980 until 2007


In 1991 "The Washington Post" and "The New York Times" became sole and equal shareholders of IHT. In February 2005 it opened its Asia newsroom in Hong Kong add something


Gore Vidal - In 1997, Vidal was one of 34 celebrities to sign an open letter to then-German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, published as a newspaper advertisement in the "International Herald Tribune", which protested the treatment of Scientologists in Germany


Alexander Fiske-Harrison - Since 1998, Fiske-Harrison has written for or contributed to, among others, "The Times" and "Sunday Times", the "New York Times" and "International Herald Tribune", "Financial Times", "Daily Telegraph", "The Independent", "GQ" "The Spectator", "The Times Literary Supplement", "Prospect" and "Frieze" magazines, Reuters, BBC CNN


David Ignatius - In 2000, he became the executive editor of the "International Herald Tribune" in Paris


Paul O'Neill (Secretary of the Treasury) - In a July 25, 2001 "International Herald Tribune" article, he shared a comment on the theory of an inevitable financial "contagion" in global financial markets and the theory that investors at the time would retreat from emerging markets because of their worries that the financial crises in Argentina and Turkey may spread to Brazil and elsewhere


The Washington Post Company on 30 December 2002 add something


Ottavio Missoni - In 2003, when Missoni marked their 50th year of business, Suzy Menkes wrote a tribute in the International Herald Tribune stating how the "best-beloved" Missonis represented "one big happy local family of hands-on wizards"


Beppe Grillo - On 22 November 2005 Grillo bought a page in the "International Herald Tribune", again claiming that members of the Italian Parliament ought not to represent citizens if they have ever been convicted in a court of law, even in the first degree of the three available in the Italian system


Anthony James Leggett - The 29 December 2005 edition of the "International Herald Tribune" printed an article, "New tests of Einstein's 'spooky' reality", which referred to Leggett's Autumn 2005 debate at a conference in Berkeley, California, with fellow Nobel laureate Norman Ramsey of Harvard University


Michael Howard - On 19 June 2006 the "International Herald Tribune" reported that Michael Howard would become chairman of Diligence Europe, a private intelligence and risk assessment company founded by former CIA and MI5 members


David J. Winters - In December 2006, Winters was selected as one of four participants in the tenth annual global investing round table hosted by the "International Herald Tribune"


Nuclear program of Iran - In late October 2007, according to the International Herald Tribune, the head of the IAEA, Mohamed ElBaradei, stated that he had seen "no evidence" of Iran developing nuclear weapons


In 2008 the NYT Company announced the merger of the "New York Times" and "IHT" websites add something


Academie Diplomatique Internationale - In 2008, the ADI, in partnership with the International Herald Tribune created the Forum for New Diplomacy, a speaker series focused on the dynamics of new diplomacy


Cyprus - Associated Press article published on International Herald Tribune Website, 3 April 2008 North and South relaunched reunification talks on 15 May 2015


As of March 2009 the "IHT" website is now the global version of add something


Mikhail Khodorkovsky - On 28 January 2010, Khodorkovsky authored an opinion article in the New York Times and International Herald Tribune, which argued that "Russia must make a historic choice


Jonathan Spollen, an Irish copy editor at the paper's Hong Kong bureau went missing while in northern India in February 2012, sparking an international campaign to locate him add something


In 2013, the New York Times Company announced that the newspaper itself would be rechristened "The International New York Times" to reflect the company's focus on its core New York Times newspaper and to build its international presence add something


Max Mara - Starting in September 2013, the campaign will appear in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, W, InStyle, The New York Times, and the International Herald Tribune


On 14 October 2013 the "International Herald Tribune" appeared on newsstands for the last time add something


On October 15, 2013, the "International New York Times" debuted with a 'Premier Edition' flash above the masthead add something


The International New York Times comes under criticism annually, for hosting a conference titled Oil & Money in London; a film was made about the 2014 Oil & Money event by Nimrod Kamer add something


Autumn 2016 saw the closing of most operations in the Paris newsroom, where the paper, under various names, had been headquartered since 1887 add something


In October, 2016, it was fully integrated with The New York Times, with the "International" taken out of the masthead add something


In October 2016, the newspaper was fully integrated with "The New York Times", with the word "International" taken out of the masthead add something