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Isaac Bashevis Singer

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Isaac Bashevis Singer

Polish-born, Jewish-American author add

Category: Literature

Born in 1902.

Countries: United States (63%), Poland (19%), Israel (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Esther Kreitman, Frank Sinatra, Saul Bellow

Linked to: University at Albany, University of Miami




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Isaac Bashevis Singer was born in 1902 add something


The often-quoted birth date, July 14, 1904 was made up by the author in his youth, most probably to make himself younger to avoid the draft add something


The family moved to the court of the Rabbi of Radzymin in 1907, where his father became head of the Yeshiva add something


When his father became a village rabbi again in 1921, Singer went back to Warsaw , where he entered the Tachkemoni Rabbinical Seminary and soon decided that neither the school nor the profession suited him add something


In 1923 his older brother Israel Joshua arranged for him to move to Warsaw to work as a proofreader for the "Literarische Bleter," of which he was an editor add something


IB Singer published his first novel "Satan in Goray" in installments in the literary magazine "Globus", which he cofounded with his life-long friend, the Yiddish poet Aaron Zeitlin in 1935 add something


In 1935, four years before the German invasion and the Holocaust, Singer emigrated from Poland to the United States due to the growing Nazi threat in neighboring Germany add something


Throughout the 1940s, Singer's reputation grew add something


Esther Kreitman - Her other brother Israel Joshua Singer had died in New York in 1944, but her remaining sibling, Isaac Bashevis Singer, came to visit her in London in 1947


Singer became an actual literary contributor to the "Forward" only following his older brother's death in 1945, when he published "The Family Moskat" in his honor add something


Esther Kreitman - This feeling of rejection must have been aggravated when Isaac Bashevis Singer refused to help her immigrate to the United States after 1947


The title story was translated by Saul Bellow and published in May 1953 in the "Partisan Review" add something


Joe E. Lewis, the comic whose rough life was portrayed by Frank Sinatra in the 1957 movie, "The Joker Is Wild," is nearby add something


The first collection of Singer's short stories in English, "Gimpel the Fool", was published in 1957 add something


Throughout the 1960s, Singer continued to write on questions of personal morality, and was the target of scathing criticism from many quarters, some of it for not being "moral" enough, some for writing stories that no one wanted to hear add something


Perhaps the most fascinating Singer-inspired film is 1974's "Mr add something


Thomas Pynchon - "Gravity's Rainbow" shared the 1974 National Book *award with "A Crown of Feathers and Other Stories" by Isaac Bashevis Singer


He was a leading figure in the Yiddish literary movement and won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1978 add something


Singer was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1978 add something


Menahem Golan - In 1979, he did an adaptation of an Isaac Bashevis Singer novel entitled "The Magician of Lublin"


In 1981, Singer delivered a commencement address at the University at Albany, and was presented with an honorary doctorate add something


Yentl (film) - "'Yentl"' is a 1983 romantic musical drama film from MGM, and directed, co-written, co-produced, and starring Barbra Streisand based on the play of the same name by Leah Napolin and Isaac Bashevis Singer, itself based on Singer's short story "Yentl the Yeshiva Boy"

Isaac Bashevis Singer died in 1991 add something


Singer died on July 24, 1991 in Surfside, Florida, after suffering a series of strokes add something


David Gordon (choreographer) - American Music Theatre Festival - In 1994, for the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, Massachusetts and the American Music Theatre Festival in Philadelphia, Gordon directed and choreographed an original musical, "Shlemiel the First", adapted by Robert Brustein, from the stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer, and set to traditional klezmer music with new lyrics by Arnold Weinstein


Martin Balsam, who won both a Tony and an Oscar was buried there in 1996 add something


The 2007 film "Love Comes Lately", starring Otto Tausig, was adapted from Singer's stories add something


Sarah Schulman - Schulman received the rights, wrote an adaptation, and received a world premiere for her version of Isaac Bashevis Singer's "Enemies, a Love Story", which premiered at the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia in February 2007, directed by Jiri Ziska, starring Elisabeth Rich, Morgan Spector, with Laura Flanagan, Katie Brazda, Barbara Spiegel, Bob Ari, Tom Teti