J. Madison Wright Morris

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J. Madison Wright Morris

American actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1984.

Countries: Wisconsin (63%), United States (25%), California (13%)

Main connections: Kentucky, Amzie Strickland

Linked to: George Rogers Clark High School, University of the Cumberlands




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J. Madison Wright Morris was born in 1984 add something


The Wright family relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue Madison 's blooming acting career and, in 1994, she had her acting debut in the comedy "Grace Under Fire", aged nine years old add something


The show only lasted one season, airing between 1994–1995, and Madison moved onto other projects, including to portray a sick child in the Emmy-nominated episode of "ER", where incidentally she played the first child character to die in the show's history add something


By 1999, Madison left her acting career and her family moved back to their home town in Kentucky add something


The fifteen-year-old was on the donor waiting list for a short term before she was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic in March 2000, where she received the transplant add something


Once graduating from university in summer 2006, Madison planned to begin a job teaching English to tenth grade children at George Rogers Clark High School, located in Winchester, Kentucky add something

J. Madison Wright Morris died in 2006 add something


She died just sixteen days after her "Shiloh" co-star Amzie Strickland, who died on July 5, 2006 at the age of 87 add something


On July 8, 2006, Madison married Brent Joseph Morris, a University of Kentucky medical student add something


A day after she returned, Madison fell ill and was admitted to the University of Kentucky Medical Center where she died on July 21, 2006 of a heart attack, only eight days shy of her twenty-second birthday add something