Jack Dromey

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Jack Dromey

British Labour Party politician and trade unionist, who has been the Member of Parliament for Birmingham Erdington since 2010 General Election add

Category: Politics

Born in 1948.

Countries: United Kingdom (56%), (33%), Uganda (11%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Harriet Harman, General Secretary, The Daily Telegraph

Linked to: Labour Party, Treasurer of the Labour Party, Unite the Union, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Migration




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Jack Dromey was born in 1948 add something


"'Jack Dromey"' is a British Labour Party politician and trade unionist, who has been the Member of Parliament for Birmingham Erdington since 2010 General Election add something


Dromey married Harriet Harman in 1982 in the borough of Brent, after meeting her on the picket line of the Grunwick dispute in 1977; Harman was legal advisor to the Grunwick Strike Committee add something


Harriet Harman - Harman married Jack Dromey in 1982 in Brent, London, after meeting him on the picket line of the Grunwick dispute in 1977; she was legal advisor to the Grunwick Strike Committee


Dromey first sought to stand for Labour at the 1997 general election, though he failed to make the shortlist for the Pontefract and Castleford constituency add something


Dromey was elected Deputy General Secretary of the Transport and General Workers Union, having lost the 2003 election for General Secretary to Tony Woodley by a wide margin add something


Defence Aviation Repair Agency - In October 2003, the Transport and General Workers' Union Deputy General Secretary Jack Dromey said the government was considering abandoning Project Red Dragon


On 15 March 2006, in the Cash for Peerages scandal, Dromey spoke of not being aware, despite being party treasurer, of £3,5 million loaned to the Labour Party in 2005 by three persons who were subsequently nominated for life peerages add something


His resulting report was discussed by the NEC on 21 March 2006 add something


Chai Patel - On 15 March 2006 it was revealed that Jack Dromey, the Treasurer of the Labour Party, had been unaware of the loans and called for an independent inquiry


Dromey again sought a safe seat in 2007 when there were plans for a general election to be called add something


Dromey was caught up in further financial scandals in 2007 as he was responsible for party finances, which included more than £630,000 in illegal donations from David Abrahams add something


In August 2009 it was revealed that senior Labour figures thought Dromey was likely to be selected in the Leyton and Wanstead constituency for the 2010 general election add something


The party's candidates for the constituency were due to be announced in November 2009, though this was delayed for at least two months, with "The Daily Telegraph" alleging that the announcement was going to be made at the last possible minute so Dromey could be imposed as the candidate using emergency rules add something


It was revealed in January 2010 that the seat would not be subject to an all-woman shortlist, but the Constituency Labour Party subsequently selected former Hornchurch MP John Cryer as its candidate on 27 February add something


In February 2010, Siôn Simon, Labour MP for Birmingham Erdington since June 2001, announced his intention to stand down at the imminent general election add something


It was further confirmed on 27 February 2010, that Dromey was selected as the Labour Party candidate for Birmingham Erdington add something


He was elected on 6 May 2010 add something


However in October 2011 he changed his entry to state "Between the General Election and 30 October 2010, I received £27,867 in salary add something


In November 2011 John Lyon, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards launched an investigation into allegations that Dromey had failed to declare thousands of pounds in salary add something


Dromey apologised to the House of Commons on 19 January 2012, in relation to this mistake add something


He was appointed Shadow Minister for Communities and Local Government in the Ed Miliband shadow frontbench and Shadow Policing Minister in 2013 add something


Patricia Hewitt - In February 2014, the NCCL's connection with the Paedophile Information Exchange, an affiliated group during Hewitt's period as the pressure group's general secretary, gained media attention to which Harriet Harman and her partner Jack Dromey responded


He resigned from the latter position on 27th June 2016 add something


He resigned from the latter position on 27 June 2016 add something


On 10 October 2016, he returned to the frontbench by becoming Shadow Minister for Labour add something