Jack Kearns

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Jack Kearns

American boxing manager from the state of Washington add

Category: Business

Born in 1882.

Country: United States (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connection: Jack Dempsey




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Jack Kearns was born in 1882 add something


He is most famous for managing Jack Dempsey, who was World Heavyweight Champion from 1919 to 1926 add something

Jack Kearns died in 1963 add something


A book of his memoirs, "The Million Dollar Gate", was published posthumously in 1966 add something


In 1989, the "LA Times" reported Kearns to be "one of the great sports con men of the century add something


In 1990, Kearns was inducted into the International $Boxing (Category:American_sports_businesspeople) Hall of Fame , and is there lauded as "a master of publicity and add something