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Jack Webb

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Jack Webb

American actor, television producer, director and screenwriter, who is most famous for his role as Sergeant Joe Friday in the radio and television series Dragnet add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1920.

Countries: United States (89%), (9%), Austria (3%)

Main connections: Kent McCord, Mark VII Limited, Martin Milner

Linked to: Belmont High School, Jews, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, Los Angeles Police Department




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In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Webb lived in the parish of Our Lady of Loretto Church and attended Our Lady of Loretto Elementary School in Echo Park, where he served as an altar boy add something


Jack Webb was born in 1920 add something


Ann Robinson - "'Ann Robinson"' is an American actress and stunt horse rider, perhaps best known for her work in the film, "The War of the Worlds" and in the 1947 to 1970 radio and television series, "Dragnet", in which she starred opposite Jack Webb


"The Jack Webb Show" was a half-hour comedy that had a limited run on ABC radio in 1946 add something


Ann Robinson - She had a starring role opposite Jack Webb, in the radio and television series "Dragnet", which was broadcast in multiple versions between 1947 and 1970


Julie London - In July 1947, she married actor Jack Webb


Webb had a featured role as a crime lab technician in the 1948 film "He Walked By Night," based on the real-life murder of a California Highway Patrolman by Erwin Walker, a World War II army veteran and former Glendale, California police department employee add something


By 1949, he had abandoned comedy for drama, and starred in "Pat Novak for Hire," a radio show originating from KFRC about a man who worked as an unlicensed private detective add something


With much assistance from Sgt. Marty Wynn and legendary LAPD chief William H. Parker, "Dragnet" premiered on NBC Radio in 1949 and ran till 1954 add something


In "Dragnet's" early days, Webb continued to appear in movies, notably as the best friend of William Holden's character in the 1950 Billy Wilder film "Sunset Boulevard add something


" In 1950, Webb appeared alongside future 1960s "Dragnet" partner Harry Morgan in the film noir "Dark City," which featured the first screen appearance of a new young actor named Charlton Heston add something


Kevin Hagen - He was spotted in a production of Eugene O'Neill's "Desire Under the Elms" and given a guest-starring role on the classic 1950s police series "Dragnet", starring Jack Webb


Gil Stratton - In the 1950s Stratton appeared in several episodes of Jack Webb's "Dragnet"


Martin Milner - It was on the set of "Halls of Montezuma" in 1950 that he met and befriended actor Jack Webb


In 1951, Webb introduced a short-lived radio series, "Pete Kelly's Blues," in an attempt to bring the music he loved to a broader audience add something


Mark VII Limited - "'Mark VII Limited"' was the production company of actor, producer, and director Jack Webb, and was active from 1951 to Webb's death in 1982


It was picked up as a television series by NBC, which aired episodes each season from 1952 to 1959 add something


"Dragnet" became a successful television show in 1952 add something


In 1954, a full-length feature film adaptation of the series was released, starring Webb, Alexander, and Richard Boone add something


Virginia Gregg - Jack Webb utilized her in dozens of roles on both radio and TV versions of the show as well as the "Dragnet" 1954 movie where she played the role of Ethel Starkie


Subsequently, he married Dorothy Towne in 1955, divorcing in 1957, former Miss USA Jackie Loughery , and Opal Wright, who married him in 1980 and was widowed by his death in 1982 add something


That show became the basis for a 1955 movie of the same name add something


Ella Fitzgerald - In her most notable screen role, Fitzgerald played the part of singer Maggie Jackson in Jack Webb's 1955 jazz film Pete Kelly's Blues.


His most famous motion picture role was as the combat-hardened Marine Corps drill instructor at Parris Island in the 1957 film "The D.I.," with Don Dubbins as a callow Marine private add something


Its attempts to address the contemporary youth-drug culture have led certain episodes on the topic to achieve cult status due to their strained attempts to be "with-it," such as Joe Friday grilling "Blue Boy" by asking him, "You're pretty high and far out, aren't you- What kind of kick are you on, son-" Don Dubbins, who had acted alongside Webb in "The D.I." in 1957, was another featured actor in Mark VII Limited programs beginning in the 1960s add something


Alexander was popular and remained a cast member until the show's cancellation in 1959 add something


Whitney Blake - She appeared in the 1959 film "-30-" with Jack Webb as a childless couple wanting to adopt a baby


In the early 1960s Webb teamed with actor Jeffrey Hunter to form Apollo Productions add something


Arch Hall, Sr. - Hall's experience in the Air Force was satirized in "The Last Time I Saw Archie", a 1961 film by Bill Bowers which starred Jack Webb, Robert_Mitchum, and France Nuyen


Jack Kelly (actor) - Cold War - In 1962, he played the lead in "Red Nightmare" a Cold War film narrated by Jack Webb in which Kelly's character wakes up one morning to discover that America has been taken over by Communists


In 1963, Webb took over from William T. Orr as executive producer of the ABC detective series "77 Sunset Strip" add something


Hampton Fancher - He was cast as Larry Wilson in the 1963 episode "Little Richard" of the CBS anthology series, "GE True", hosted by Jack Webb


Harvey Glatman - Parts of Glatman's career were fictionalized by Jack Webb in the 1966 TV movie "Dragnet"


Beginning in early 1967, Webb produced and starred in a new color version of "Dragnet" for NBC, this time for Universal Television, which packaged all but one of his subsequent shows add something


Jill Banner - Banner was featured in several episodes of Jack Webb's police-procedural shows, "Dragnet" 1967 and "Adam-12", usually playing clueless teenagers and spaced-out daytrippers


Merry Anders - From 1967-68, she appeared in seven episodes of Jack Webb's "Dragnet" series on NBC, in which she played policewoman Dorothy Miller


Jack Sheldon - He made numerous appearances on the 1967-70 version of the Jack Webb NBC series "Dragnet"


Kent McCord - In Jack Webb's "Dragnet 1967", he made a guest appearance as a novice undercover officer Paul Culver


In 1968, in concert with Robert A. Cinader, Webb produced NBC's popular "Adam-12", which focused on uniformed LAPD officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed , which ran until 1975 add something


Kent McCord - After working in a variety of secondary roles, he got his big break in 1968 when he was given a lead role next to Martin Milner as rookie LAPD police officer James A. "Jim" Reed on "Adam-12", a police drama television series created by Jack Webb


In the 1970s Webb began to expand his Mark VII Limited into other shows add something


Lydia Cornell - By 1978 Cornell had moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career and had a job for three months at a recording studio, before being employed by Jack Webb Productions as a secretary-production assistant


But before production could begin, he died of a heart attack in 1982 at the age of 62 add something

Jack Webb died in 1982 add something


Kent McCord - He was pegged to play Jack Webb's partner , in another revival of "Dragnet", but the project ended with Webb's death in 1982


Webb has earned induction into the Television Hall of Fame, an honor he achieved posthumously in 1992 add something


He is interred at Sheltering Hills Plot 1999, Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles, and was given a funeral with full police honors add something


Ed O'Neill - "Law & Order" franchise creator Dick Wolf cast O'Neill as Sgt. Joe Friday in his 2003 remake of Jack Webb's classic TV crime series "Dragnet"