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Jackie Stewart

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Jackie Stewart

British former Formula One racing driver from Scotland add

Category: Auto racing

Born in 1939.

Countries: United Kingdom (28%), (24%), United States (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Formula One, Tyrrell Racing, Graham Hill

Linked to: Ford Motor Company, Matra, Cosworth, Cooper Car Company




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Jackie Stewart was born in 1939 add something


Lola Cars - Lola had built chassis for the Indianapolis 500 as early as the 1960s -- Graham Hill had won the 1966 Indianapolis 500 in a Lola, and Jackie Stewart raced a four wheel drive Lola there


For 1961, Filer provided a Marcos, in which Stewart scored four wins, and competed once in Filer's Aston DB4GT add something


He married his childhood sweetheart Helen in 1962 and they have two sons add something


In 1962, to decide if he was ready to turn pro, tested a Jaguar E-type at Oulton Park, matching Roy Salvadori's times in a similar car the year before add something


Formula One - Between Brabham, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, John_Surtees, Graham Hill, and Denny Hulme, British teams and Commonwealth drivers won twelve world championships between 1962 and 1973


For 1963, he earned fourteen wins, a second, and two thirds, with six retirements add something


Tyrrell Racing - But the team's most famous partnership was the one forged with Jackie Stewart, who first signed up in 1963


In 1964, he again signed with Ecurie Ecosse add something


Italian Grand Prix - Ferrari driver John Surtees won in 1964, and Briton Jackie Stewart won his first of 27 Grand Prix victories in 1965, driving for BRM. Against team orders, he fought hard with his teammate Graham Hill, and Hill made a mistake at the Parabolica and Stewart was in command; this was all to the chagrin of team boss Tony Rudd


While he signed with BRM alongside Graham Hill in 1965, a contract which netted him £4,000, his first race in an F1 car was for Lotus, as stand-in for an injured Clark, at the Rand Grand Prix in December 1964; the Lotus broke in the first heat, but he won the second add something


British Racing Motors - In 1965 Jackie Stewart was signed to partner Hill; he took his first grand prix win at Monza in his debut season, and won the first world championship race of the new three-litre formula with a car fitted with a "Tasman" two-litre $V8 (V8_engine); once again BRM were not ready for the start of a new formula and the old cars continued to be used, even on occasion after the H16 was ready


John Crosthwaite - It was Crosthwaite's idea to surprise Jackie Stewart by making him a tartan driving seat for his BRM P261 at the 1965 Monaco Grand Prix


Also, in 1966, a crash triggered his fight for improved safety in racing add something


At Spa-Francorchamps in 1966, Stewart ran off the track while driving at in heavy rain, and crashed into a telephone pole and a shed before coming to rest in a farmer's outbuilding add something


At the start of the 1966 season, Stewart won the Australasian 8 round championship from his BRM teamate Graham Hill in 2 litre BRMs and raced closely with his great rival and friend Jim Clark who was somewhat disadvantaged by an unreliable Lotus 39 which was let down by old Climax 2,5s add something


Grand Prix (1966 film) - Brian Bedford's character used a helmet design that was the same as that of real life 1966 BRM driver Jackie Stewart


BRM's fortunes did not improve in 1967, despite closely contesting the Tasman championship with Jim Clark who in a Lotus 33 probably raced closer and harder with Jackie than at any time in their careers add something


In Formula One, he switched to Tyrrell's Matra International team, where he drove a Matra MS10-Cosworth for the 1968 and 1969 seasons add something


Matra - Matra entered Formula One in 1968 when Jackie Stewart was a serious contender, winning several Grands Prix in the Tyrrell-run Matra MS10 which competed alongside the works team


Between 1969 and 1997 he lived in Begnins, near Lake Geneva in Switzerland add something


In 1969, Stewart had a number of races where he completely dominated the opposition, such as winning by over 2 laps at Montjuïc, a whole minute at Clemont-Ferrand and more than a lap at Silverstone add something


Likewise, he pressed track owners to modernize their tracks, including organizing driver boycotts of races at Spa-Francorchamps in 1969, the Nürburgring in 1970, and Zandvoort in 1972 until barriers, run-off areas, fire crews, and medical facilities were improved add something


With additional wins at Kyalami, Zandvoort, and Monza, Stewart became world champion in 1969 in a Matra MS80-Cosworth add something


Jean-Pierre Beltoise - In 1969 he was recruited by Ken Tyrrell to the Matra team, driving alongside Jackie Stewart, finishing second in the 1969 French Grand Prix


Spanish Grand Prix - It was agreed, following this event, that the race would alternate between the tight, slow and twisty Jarama and the fast, wide and sweeping Montjuic, and the Montjuic circuit hosted its first Formula One race in 1969, with Briton Jackie Stewart winning


Lotus 59 - The successes include Jochen Rindt, who dominated or shared the podium with Jackie Stewart or Jean-Pierre Beltoise in almost all the 1969 F2 races he entered, driving the semi-works Roy Winkelmann Racing 59B, but was excluded from the championship standings because he was a "graded driver"


Belgian Grand Prix - But times were changing, and this was demonstrated when things came to a head when the Belgian Grand Prix was scheduled for 8 June 1969 as part of the 1969 Formula One season at Spa. When Jackie Stewart visited the circuit on behalf of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association he demanded many improvements to safety barriers and road surfaces, in order to make the track safe for racing


For 1970, Matra insisted on using their own V12 engines, while Tyrrell and Stewart wanted to keep the Cosworths as well as the good connection to Ford add something


Stewart covered F1 races, NASCAR races and the Indianapolis 500 on American television during the 1970s and early 1980s, and has worked on Australian and Canadian TV coverage add something


Monaco Grand Prix - By the start of the 1970s, efforts by Jackie Stewart saw a few events cancelled because of safety concerns


Graham Hill - For a number of years in the early 1970s he appeared as one half of a double act, with Jackie Stewart, as an insert within the BBC "Sports Personality of the Year" show


Tyrrell Racing - The team experienced its greatest success in the early 1970s, when it won three drivers' championships and one constructors' championship with Jackie Stewart


During the 1971 Can-Am series, Stewart was the only driver able to challenge the McLarens driven by Dennis Hulme and Peter Revson add something


He is well known in the United States as a color commentator of racing television broadcasts for ABC's "Wide World of Sports" and ABC Sports, having worked in that role in the Indianapolis 500 from 1971 to 1981 add something


Stewart was the subject in the Roman Polanski-produced film "Weekend of a Champion", in which Polanski shadows him throughout a race weekend at the 1971 Monaco Grand Prix add something


Stewart went on to win the Formula One world championship in 1971 using the excellent Tyrrell 003-Cosworth, winning Spain, Monaco, France, Britain, Germany, and Canada add something


The new Tyrrell 001-Cosworth, appearing in August, suffered problems, but Stewart saw better days for it in 1971, and stayed on add something


Jacky Ickx - In 1971, Ickx and Ferrari started as favourites, but the championship went to Jackie Stewart with the new Tyrrell


During the 1972 Grand Prix season he missed the Belgian Grand Prix at Nivelles due to gastritis, and had to cancel plans to drive a Can-Am McLaren, but won the Argentine, French, U.S., and Canadian Grands Prix, to come second to Emerson Fittipaldi in the drivers' standings add something


Stewart shared a Capri with F1 Tyrrell teammate François Cevert in the 1972 6 hours of Paul Ricard, finishing second add something


Emerson Fittipaldi - Armed with what was arguably the greatest Formula one design of all time, the Lotus 72D, Fittipaldi proved dominant in 1972 as he won five of 11 races and easily won the F1 Drivers' Championship from Jackie Stewart by 16 points


Weekend of a Champion - "'Weekend of a Champion"' is a British 1972 documentary film that captures the effort of British Formula One racing driver Jackie Stewart to compete in the 1971 Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo


Entering the 1973 season, Stewart had decided to retire add something


He did a full season in Can-Am, driving a Carl Haas sponsored Lola T260-Chevrolet. and again in 1973 add something


Stewart received "Sports Illustrated" magazine's 1973 "Sportsman of the Year" award, the only auto racer to win the title add something


Corgi Toys - Scottish multiple World Champion Jackie Stewart's Elf Tyrrell F1 car was released along with the STP Patrick Eagle driven to victory in the 1973 Indianapolis 500 by Gordon Johncock


Stewart anachronistically appears in a cameo in a 1977 episode of "Lupin III" as a competitor in the 1977 Monaco Grand Prix and once appeared on the UK motoring program Top Gear as a driving instructor for host James May add something


George Harrison, a good friend of Stewart's, released a single, "Faster", in 1979 as a tribute to Stewart, Niki Lauda, Ronnie Peterson and fellow Formula One race car drivers add something


Stewart, along with his son Mark, appeared in a Vectrex commercial in the 1980s as a spokesman for the General Consumer Electronics / Milton Bradley Vectrex home video game add something


Stewart Grand Prix - The team's origins are traced back to 1988 when Jackie Stewart's son Paul set up Paul Stewart Racing at the end of 1988 when he bought the Gary Evans Motorsport Team


In 1990, he was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame add something


In 1996, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh add something


Stewart Grand Prix - The team was formed by three times Formula One champion Jackie Stewart and his son Paul Stewart in 1996


As the works Ford team, their first race was the 1997 Australian Grand Prix add something


Between 1997 and 1999, in partnership with his son, Paul, he was team principal of the Stewart Grand Prix Formula One racing team add something


In 1998 Stewart received an honorary doctorate from Cranfield University where he later served as chairman of the steering committee for the MSc Motorsport Engineering and Management add something


The following year 1998 was less competitive, with no podiums and few points add something


However, after Ford acquired Cosworth in July 1998, the team risked designing and building a new engine for 1999 add something


Paul was a racing driver, and later ran Paul Stewart Racing with his father, selling it in 1999 add something


Red Bull Racing - Jackie Stewart sold his team to the Ford Motor Company late in 1999, and Ford made the decision to rebrand the team Jaguar Racing, with little subsequent success over the next five years


Jaguar Racing - It was formed from the purchase by Ford of Jackie Stewart's Stewart Grand Prix Formula One team in June 1999


The team was later bought by Ford and became Jaguar Racing in 2000 add something


Tim Harvey - He is a double winner of the Oulton Park Gold Cup in 2000 and 2001, joining previous winners Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and many others


In 2001 Stewart received a knighthood add something


In 2002 he became a founding patron of the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame, and an inaugural inductee add something


Stewart appeared in several UPS commercials in 2002 and 2003 as a consultant for Dale Jarrett to convince Jarrett to "race the Big Brown truck" add something


In 2003 The World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities presented Stewart the Sport Shooting Ambassador Award add something


Bernie Ecclestone - Ecclestone came under fire in October 2004 when he and British Racing Drivers' Club president Jackie Stewart were unable to come to terms regarding the future British Grand Prix, causing the race to be dropped from the 2005 provisional season calendar


Until September 2005, when Fernando Alonso in a Renault became champion, he was the only driver to have won the championship driving for a French marque and, as Alonso's Renault was built in the UK, Stewart remains the only driver to win the world championship in a French-built car add something


Tiago Monteiro - Also of note, as of the Belgian Grand Prix , Monteiro had finished every race of the 2005 season, breaking the record for consecutive finishes for a rookie driver in Formula One, held by Jackie Stewart and Olivier Panis , who finished their first six races


Damon Hill - In 2006, he became president of the British Racing Drivers' Club, succeeding Jackie Stewart


Matra MS80 - In a 2006 issue of "Motor Sport" magazine, Jackie Stewart referred to the MS80 as the nicest-handling F1 car he had ever driven


Damon Hill - In April 2006, Hill succeeded Jackie Stewart as President of the British Racing Drivers' Club


In 2009 he was ranked fifth of the fifty greatest Formula One drivers of all time by journalist Kevin Eason who wrote: "He has not only emerged as a great driver, but one of the greatest figures of motor racing add something


In a 2009 interview, and in the book, he discusses his close relationship with his older brother Jim, who was a successful racing driver in his youth but had a long struggle with alcoholism add something


In March 2009, he waived his fee for the year in response to the bank losing £24bn in 2008 add something


On 26 June 2009, Stewart was awarded the Freedom of West Dunbartonshire at a special ceremony in his hometown of Dumbarton add something


Max Mosley - Mosley's close relationship with Ecclestone, the sport's promoter, was criticised in early 2009 by Sir Jackie Stewart, who suggested that Mosley should resign in favour of a CEO from outside motorsport


In 2010, Stewart was named as a founding member of Motor Sport magazine's Hall of Fame add something


Hermann Tilke - Former driver and team owner Sir Jackie Stewart was critical of Tilke in a 2011 piece in "The Daily Telegraph", blaming his designs for the lack of overtaking and excitement at many Formula One races, saying they "are largely carbon copies of each other"


On 28 January 2012, Stewart gave the starting command for the 50th Anniversary of the Rolex 24 At Daytona add something


Matra - Known as Sir Jackie Stewart, the Goodwood Revival 2014 has chosen to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of Jackie Stewart


Following the death of John Surtees on 10 March 2017, Stewart is now the oldest surviving Formula One World Champion, as well as the only living World Champion from the 1960s era of Formula One. add something


As of 2018 Lady Helen has limited short-term memory and impaired mobility, and requires round-the-clock care support add something


In 2018 he set up the charity Race Against Dementia add something