Jacqueline Cochran

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Jacqueline Cochran

Pioneer American aviator, considered to be one of the most gifted racing pilots of her generation add

Category: Philosophy

Born in 1906.

Countries: United States (31%), California (31%), France (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: California, Canadair Sabre, Associated Press

Linked to: Democratic Party, Republican Party, Associated Press, Royal Air Force




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Jacqueline Cochran was born in 1906 add something


They were married in Blakeley, Georgia on November 13, 1920 add something


After a friend offered her a ride in an aircraft, Cochran began taking flying lessons at Roosevelt Airfield, Long Island in the early 1930s add something


Odlum, whom she married in 1936 after his divorce, was an astute financier and savvy marketer who recognized the value of publicity for her business add something


In 1937, she was the only woman to compete in the Bendix race add something


By 1938, she was considered the best female pilot in the United States add something


In September 1940 Cochran wrote to Eleanor Roosevelt to introduce the proposal of starting a women's flying division in the Army Air Forces add something


William Randolph Lovelace II - It was in 1940 that he first met Jacqueline Cochran, a female pilot who held three women's speed records


In early 1941, Olds asked Cochran to find out how many women pilots there were in the United States, what their flying times were, their skills, their interest in flying for the country, and personal information about them add something


Also in June 1941, Arnold suggested that Cochran take a group of qualified female pilots to see how the British were doing add something


Arnold, Chief of the Air Corps, continued as commanding general of the Army Air Forces upon its creation in June 1941 add something


A total of 25 women passed the tests, and two months later, in March 1942 they went to Britain with Cochran to join the ATA. add something


While Cochran was in England, in September 1942, General Arnold authorized the formation of the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron under the direction of Nancy Harkness Love add something


In August 1943, the WAFS and the WFTD merged to create the Women Airforce Service Pilots with Cochran as director and Nancy Love as head of the ferrying division add something


Hazel Ying Lee - With the active support of Army Air Force Commander Henry Hap Arnold, the Women Airforce Service Pilots or WASP, was created in 1943, under the command of famed aviator Jacqueline Cochran


William H. Tunner - The WAFS program, developed from a plan first drawn up by Tunner's executive trouble-shoooter Nancy Harkness Love, merged in August 1943 with Jacqueline Cochran's Women's Flying Training Detachment to become the Women Airforce Service Pilots


In 1948, Cochran joined the U.S. Air Force Reserve where she eventually rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel add something


In 1949, the government of France recognized her contribution to the war and aviation, awarding her the Legion of Honor and again in 1951 with the French Air Medal add something


Later, in 1951, the Boston Chamber of Commerce voted her one of the 25 outstanding businesswomen in America add something


Her efforts proved a major factor in convincing Eisenhower to run for President of the United States in 1952 and she would play a major role in his successful campaign add something


Canadair Sabre - In 1952, Jacqueline Cochran, aged 47, decided to challenge the world speed record for women, held by Jacqueline Auriol


In 1953 and 1954, the Associated Press named her "Woman of the Year in Business add something


Encouraged by then-Major Chuck Yeager, with whom Cochran shared a lifelong friendship, on May 18, 1953, at Rogers Dry Lake, California, Cochran flew a Canadair F-86 Sabre jet borrowed from the Royal Canadian Air Force at an average speed of 652,337 mph, becoming the first woman to break the sound barrier add something


North American F-86 Sabre - Five years later, on 18 May 1953, Jacqueline Cochran became the first woman to break the sound barrier, flying a "one-off" Canadian-built F-86 Sabre Mk 3, alongside Chuck Yeager


Politically ambitious, Cochran ran for Congress in 1956 from California's 29th Congressional District as the candidate for the Republican Party add something


Because of her interest in all forms of aviation, Cochran flew the Goodyear Blimp in the early 1960s with Goodyear Blimp Captain R.W. Crosier in Akron, Ohio add something


In the 1960s, Cochran was a sponsor of the Mercury 13 program, an early effort to test the ability of women to be astronauts add something


In 1962, no women could meet these requirements add something

Jacqueline Cochran died in 1980 add something


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