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Jaguar Racing

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Jaguar Racing

Formula One team that competed in the FIA Formula One World Championship from 2000 to 2004 add

Category: Auto racing

Founded in 1999.

Countries: United Kingdom (34%), (29%), Austria (9%)

Main connections: Ford Motor Company, Formula One, Stewart Grand Prix

Linked to: Cosworth, Ford Motor Company, Red Bull Racing, EBay




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During the years of Ford's ownership, the team was unable to revive its performances of 1999 add something


The team hired 1999 world championship runner up Eddie Irvine to partner former Stewart driver Johnny Herbert, but the results that season did not match the results that Stewart had been able to achieve in 1999 add something


It was formed from the purchase by Ford of Jackie Stewart's Stewart Grand Prix Formula One team in June 1999 add something


"'Jaguar Racing"' was a Formula One team that competed in the FIA Formula One World Championship from 2000 to 2004 add something


Stewart Grand Prix - After Ford increased its commitment by buying the team out, it became known as Jaguar Racing for the 2000 season


Jaguar Cars - Ford bought out the Stewart Grand Prix team and rebranded it as Jaguar Racing for the 2000 season


Eddie Irvine - In 2000, when he signed with Jaguar, Irvine's helmet was black with a white halo on the top with a jaguar skin-like texture on the top circle, an Irish tricolor under the visor and a jaguar head on both helmet sides


Jackie Stewart - The team was later bought by Ford and became Jaguar Racing in 2000


Reitzle stepped down and was replaced by American racing champion and successful team owner Bobby Rahal for 2001 add something


Results did not improve in 2001, and appointment of three-time FIA F1 World Champion Niki Lauda in the middle of the year did not help team morale, with the team sliding further back in the field add something


Ron Dennis - In 2001 Dennis was faced with a crisis amongst his staff when Jaguar boss Bobby Rahal attempted to lure Newey from McLaren


Adrian Newey - In the summer of 2001, Newey signed a contract with the Jaguar F1 team managed by Newey's friend and former CART colleague Bobby Rahal


Petrox - Their association with the team and its successor, Jaguar Racing, continued until the end of 2001, in the same timeline they sponsored ITV's Formula 1 Coverage


John Allison (RAF officer) - He was Director of Strategy, and subsequently, Operations Director at Jaguar Racing from May 2001 to October 2004


Malcolm Oastler - During that season he resurfaced at Jaguar Racing and worked on their upcoming "R4" chassis for the 2002 season, and was named Jaguar's chief engineer for 2003 and 2004


Andre Lotterer - Lotterer succeeded in both German and British Formula 3 championships en route to being named Jaguar Racing's &Formula_One test driver in 2002


Ford chose to sell the operation near the end of 2004 despite a more consistent showing in its previous two years add something


Christian Klien - At the end of 2004, however, Jaguar sold its Formula One team to Red Bull, which renamed it "Red Bull Racing"


Martin Brundle - Brundle took the wheel of a Jaguar F1 car for the Formula One demonstration in London prior to the 2004 British Grand Prix and drove a BMW Sauber during a demonstration in 2006


Stewart Grand Prix - In 2004 Jaguar Racing was sold to energy drink company Red Bull and was rebranded Red Bull Racing in 2005


Red Bull Junior Team - In 2004 Red Bull bought Jaguar Racing and renamed the team Red Bull Racing for the 2005 Formula One season


Scuderia Toro Rosso - Toro Rosso claim that this design was originally produced during 2004 by Jaguar Racing, Red Bull's predecessor, and that the intellectual rights had belonged to the Ford Motor Company, Jaguar Racing's parent company before passing to Toro Rosso


In mid-November 2004, energy drink company Red Bull confirmed that they had purchased the Jaguar Formula One team from Ford as an ongoing outfit add something


Dietrich Mateschitz - In November 2004, Mateschitz bought the Jaguar Formula One team from its previous owners, Ford, and it was subsequently renamed Red Bull Racing


The new team, named Red Bull Racing, used the chassis and engine that would have been Jaguar's 2005 Formula 1 challenger for its first season add something


It has competed in the endurance races of the Blancpain GT Series since 2014, and although has not been directly stated by the team, is expected to compete in the series again through the 2017 season add something


Panasonic - On September 8, 2016, Panasonic was unveiled as the title sponsor for the new Jaguar Formula E team


In October 2016, "Gorillaz" guitarist "Noodle " became Jaguar's global ambassador, following a commercial that shows her driving in an electric open-wheeled car, before getting out and saying the experience can be improved add something


Gorillaz - On 8 October 2016, Noodle was given her own official Instagram page and was eventually announced to be the official Global Ambassador of Jaguar Racing


Nelson Piquet, Jr. - In 2017, Piquet joined the Panasonic Jaguar Racing after 2 frustrating season with NextEV


Evans and Piquet were retained for the 2018-19 season add something


In March 2019, Piquet left the team following a string of poor results and was replaced by former Virgin driver Alex Lynn add something


James Calado - In June 2019, Calado partook in testing sessions with Panasonic Jaguar Racing