James Brown

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James Brown

American singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist add

Category: Music

Born in 1933.

Countries: United States (62%), United Kingdom (12%), Georgia (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Bobby Byrd, Baby Lloyd Stallworth, The Famous Flames

Linked to: The Famous Flames, Democratic Party, Polydor Records, Republican Party




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James Brown was born in 1933 add something


Brown was inspired to become an entertainer after watching Louis Jordan, a popular jazz and R&B performer during the 1940s, and Jordan's Tympany Five performing "Caldonia" in a short film add something


Baby Lloyd Stallworth - The youngest member of James Brown's singing group, The Famous Flames, Stallworth was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1941


Baby Lloyd Stallworth - "'Lloyd Eugene Stallworth"', known as "'Baby Lloyd"'" , was an American singer, dancer, songwriter, musician, choreographer, and recording artist, notable as a member of King Records R&B vocal group The Famous Flames from 1958 to 1967, and is a 2012 inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, He was inducted as a member of the Flames along with Bobby Bennett, group founder Bobby Byrd, and Johnny Terry, after group lead singer James Brown's controversial solo induction in 1986


Fred Wesley - "'Fred Wesley"' is an American jazz and funk trombonist, best known for his work with James Brown in the 1960s and 1970s, as well as Parliament-Funkadelic in the second half of the 1970s


Brown began his performing career at the age of 12, forming his first vocal group, the Cremona Trio in 1945, where they won local talent shows at Augusta, Georgia concert halls such as the Lenox and Harlem theaters add something


Lyn Collins - "'Gloria Lavern Collins"', better known as "'Lyn Collins"' , was an African-American soul singer best known for working with James Brown in the 1970s and for the influential 1972 funk single "Think "


At the age of sixteen, he was convicted of armed robbery and sent to a juvenile detention center upstate in Toccoa, Georgia in 1949 add something


First coming to national public attention in the mid 1950's as a member of the R&B singing group The Famous Flames , Brown performed in concerts, first making his rounds across the Chitlin' Circuit, and across the country and later around the world, along with appearing in shows on television and in movies add something


In 1952, while still in reform school, Brown met future R&B legend Bobby Byrd, who was there playing baseball against the reform school team add something


As a result of this friendship, Byrd's family helped Brown secure an early release on June 14, 1952 after serving three years of his sentence add something


Bobby Byrd - In 1952 Bobby Byrd was playing baseball against the inmates of the Alto Reformatory prison team and met James Brown who was serving time there on armed robbery charges


By 1954, Brown had tried to get a deal with his gospel group, the Ever Ready Gospel Singers after recording a version of "His Eye Is on the Sparrow", but returned to Toccoa, Georgia when they failed to get a deal add something


Before Christmas 1955, Brantley had the group record a demo of "Please, Please, Please" for a local Macon, Georgia radio station add something


Federal Records president Ralph Bass signed the Famous Flames to his label in February 1956 and had them record the song in Cincinnati's King Studios add something


Following his dismissal of the 1957-58 Famous Flames lineup, he hired "Baby" Lloyd Stallworth and Bobby Bennett as replacements with Byrd and Johnny Terry returning as members add something


By March 1957, a full year after the release of "Please, Please, Please", most members of the Famous Flames had left the group after the group's new manager, Universal Attractions Agency Chief Ben Bart, insisted that the group's billing be "James Brown and The Famous Flames" add something


Baby Lloyd Stallworth - After the group's initial breakup in 1957,with original group members Bobby Byrd, Sylvester Keels, NaFloyd Scott,Nash Knox, and Johnny Terry leaving the group due to the group's managers Clint Brantley and Ben Bart giving James Brown top billing,Brown was having trouble keeping The Flames together


Soul music - Jackie Wilson, a contemporary of both Cooke and James Brown, achieved crossover success in 1957 with "Reet Petite", and was particularly influential for his dramatic delivery and performances


In late 1958, Brown financed the demo of the ballad, "Try Me" add something


Joe Tex - In 1958, he signed with Ace and continued to have relative failures but was starting to build a unique stage reputation while opening up for artists such as Jackie Wilson, James Brown and Little Richard, perfecting the microphone tricks and dance moves that would define the rest of his career


Grady Gaines - They toured with Dee Clark, Little Willie John, James Brown, Jackie_Wilson, and Joe Tex. The band recorded for Vee-Jay Records in 1958 backing Clark


The newly hailed "James Brown Band" debuted at the Apollo Theater on April 24, 1959, opening for Little Willie John add something


Sugar Pie DeSanto - From 1959 to 1960, she toured with The James Brown Revue


Brown and Byrd subsequently recruited several members of the Cincinnati-based The Pacemakers, which included Bootsy Collins and his brother Phelps "Catfish" Collins; augmented by the remaining members of the 1960s road band and other newer musicians, they would form the nucleus of The J.B.'s, Brown's new backing ensemble add something


Brown bought radio stations during the late 1960s, including WRDW in his native Augusta, Georgia , where he shined shoes as a boy add something


By 1960, having been influenced more by jazz music than blues, Brown began incorporating jazz styled arrangements in his music, with Brown naming the Famous Flames hits "I'll Go Crazy" and "Think" as examples of his changing style away from more traditional forms of R&B and rock 'n' roll add something


In early 1960, Brown's band recorded the top ten R&B hit, " Mashed Potatoes" on Dade Records, owned by Henry Stone, under the pseudonym "Nat Kendrick & The Swans" because Brown's label refused to release it add something


The bands that he maintained during the late 1960s and 1970s were of comparable size, and the bands included a three-piece amplified string section that played during ballads add something


The riff was provided to "Fame" co-writers John Lennon and Bowie by guitarist Carlos Alomar, who had briefly been a member of Brown's band in the late 1960s add something


Sly Stone - Along with James Brown and Parliament-Funkadelic, Sly and the Family Stone were pioneers of late 1960s and early '70s funk


Brown University - Concerts featuring invited performers began in 1960, including Bob Dylan, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin, James Brown and Snoop Dogg


Fred Wesley - During the 1960s and 1970s he was a pivotal member of James Brown's bands, playing on many hit recordings including "Say it Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud", "Mother Popcorn" and co-writing tunes such as "Hot Pants"


Bernard Odum - He worked in the James Brown band until the end of the 1960s, and played on such hits as "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" , "I Got You " , "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" , and "Cold Sweat"


Carleen Anderson - Her mother is soul singer, Vicki Anderson who featured with James Brown during the 1960s and 1970s


John R. - John R. featured artists such as James Brown, 'Baby' Washington, Otis Redding, and other popular soul acts of the 1960s


Curtis Mayfield - Mayfield had written much of the soundtrack of the civil rights movement in the early 1960s, but by the end of the decade he was a pioneering voice in the black pride movement along with James Brown and Sly Stone


Georgia on My Mind - The song has been covered by many artists, significant among them: Richard Manuel, Louis Armstrong, Ethel Waters, Frankie Laine, Dean Martin, Glenn Miller, Eddy Arnold, The Anita Kerr Singers, Brenda Lee, Zac Brown Band, Michael Bublé, Michael Bolton, Dave Brubeck, Anita O'Day, Mildred Bailey, Ella Fitzgerald, Rebecca Parris, Gerald Albright, Jo Stafford, Gladys Knight, Gene Krupa, Grover Washington, Jr., James Brown, Usher, Fats Waller, Billie Holiday, Nat Gonella and The Georgians, Django Reinhardt, Khalil Fong, Wes Montgomery,


Clarence Clemons - While at Maryland State College Clemons joined his first band, The Vibratones, which played James Brown covers and stayed together for about four years between 1961 and 1965


On 24 October 1962, Brown financed a live recording of a midnight performance at the Apollo and convinced Syd Nathan to release the album add something


Baby Lloyd Stallworth - In addition, Lloyd recorded several albums with the group, including the million-selling 1963 "Live at The Apollo" album, which was credited on the label and cover solely to James Brown, but was, in fact, a recording by "'James Brown and The Famous Flames"'


Bob Seger - Meanwhile, Seger was listening to James Brown and said that, for him and his friends, "Live at the Apollo" was their favorite record following its release in 1963


In 1964, figuring his deal with King was at an end, Brown and fellow Famous Flame Bobby Byrd formed the production company, Fair Deal, linking the operation to a new label, Mercury imprint Smash Records add something


Touring throughout 1964, Brown and The Flames soon grabbed more national attention when they performed a explosive performance in the live concert film "The T.A.M.I. Show", where Brown's energetic dance moves together with the polished choreography and timing of the Famous Flames let them upstage the show's closing act, The Rolling Stones add something


Baby Lloyd Stallworth - Stallworth appeared with the Flames and James Brown in the 1964 American International Pictures concert film "The T.A.M.I. Show", recorded live at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, in an explosive show-stealing performance where the group upstaged The Rolling Stones


Bobby Bennett (The Famous Flames) - The group appeared in two Hollywood motion pictures, "The T.A.M.I. Show", which was a 1964 concert film, taped at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on October 28 and 29 of 1964 in which the group upstaged headliners The Rolling Stones; and 1965's "Ski Party", a Frankie Avalon vehicle in which James Brown and The Flames were humorously casted as the "white bread" resort's all-black ski patrol


Ray Charles - With the rise of younger soul performers such as James Brown, Otis_Redding and Motown singers such as Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye and its own blind artist, Stevie Wonder, Charles' successes on the pop and RB charts peaked after 1964 though he remained a huge concert draw.


Brown and his band first participated in benefit concerts for civil rights groups starting in 1965, performing for organizations such as the SCLC add something


In June 1965, King and Brown signed a new recording contract and released "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag", which became his first Top 10 hit single, winning Brown his first Grammy add something


Solomon Burke - After the success of his "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" in late 1965, James Brown, believing he deserved to be crowned "King of Soul", hired Burke to perform for one night in Chicago, but ended up paying not to perform but rather to watch him perform instead, expecting Burke to surrender his crown and title to him


Bernard Purdie - Purdie was contracted by arranger Sammy Lowe to play a session with James Brown in 1965 and recording session records show that Purdie played on "Ain't That A Groove" at the same session


As a result of this, Brown was motivated to write the song, "Don't Be a Drop-Out", which was released in 1966 under the "James Brown and The Famous Flames" billing though the actual recording featured none of its members with the exception of Brown add something


Later in 1966, Brown's reputation as a hit maker was confirmed with the release of the blues-inspired soul ballad, "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" add something


The Temptations - In 1966, Norman Whitfield changed the group's dynamic, moving them away from the previous one lead singer model and adding elements derived from the rougher soul of artists such as James Brown, Wilson_Pickett, and the performers at Stax Records


Michael Jackson - In 1966, they won a major local talent show with renditions of Motown hits and James Brown's "I Got You", led by Michael.


Brown's success on the charts continued vastly in 1967 add something


In 1968, Brown recorded two socially conscious songs, "America Is My Home" and "Say It Loud - I'm Black and I'm Proud" add something


In 1968, he recorded a number of funk-oriented tracks with The Dapps, a white Cincinnati bar band, including the hit "I Can't Stand Myself " add something


The 1968 "Live at the Apollo, Vol. II" double LP album was notably influential on musicians at the time of its release add something


The instrumental arrangements on tracks such as "Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose" and "Licking Stick-Licking Stick" and "Funky Drummer" featured a more developed version of Brown's mid-1960s style, with the horn section, guitars, bass and drums meshed together in intricate rhythmic patterns based on multiple interlocking riffs add something


WJBE began on January 15, 1968 and broadcast a Rhythm & Blues format add something


Jazz - As Davis recalls: "The music I was really listening to in 1968 was James Brown, the great guitar player Jimi Hendrix, and a new group who had just come out with a hit record, "Dance to the Music," Sly and the Family Stone


Bobby Bennett (The Famous Flames) - Bennett eventually left the James Brown Show in 1968


Carlos Alomar - Circa 1968-9 he toured for eight months in James Brown's live band, eventually quitting after being docked wages for missing a musical cue


Marva Whitney - Osaka Monaurail style themselves on the James Brown sound and the single was produced in the fashion of an authentic release of the recordings she produced with Brown in 1969


As the early 1970s continued, he performed songs of other social matters that were troubling the black community including drug abuse in the song, "King Heroin", in 1972 add something


Brown bought WEBB in Baltimore in 1970 add something


In addition, Brown's 1970 double album "Sex Machine" was ranked 96th in a 2005 survey held by British television station Channel 4 to determine the 100 greatest albums of all time add something


Noting of this policy, some of the original members of Brown's 1970s band, The J.B.'s including the Collins brothers, Catfish and Bootsy, intentionally got high on acid during a 1971 concert gig, causing Brown to fire them after the show because he had expected them to be on drugs all along, according to Bootsy Collins add something


Those same tracks were later resurrected by countless hip-hop musicians from the 1970s onward add something


Until the early 1970s, Brown was famous mostly for his road show and singles, rather than his albums add something


In March 1970, most of the members of Brown's mid-to-late 1960s road band walked out on him due to money disputes add something


Soul music - Artists like James Brown led soul towards funk music, which became typified by 1970s bands like Parliament-Funkadelic and The Meters


DJ Kool Herc - His playing of hard funk records of the sort typified by James Brown was an alternative both to the violent gang culture of the Bronx and to the nascent popularity of disco in the 1970s


David Matthews (keyboardist) - In 1970, he began working as both an arranger and bandleader for James Brown


Bootsy Collins - Rising to prominence with James Brown in the early 1970s, and later with Parliament-Funkadelic, Collins's driving bass guitar and humorous vocals established him as one of the leading names in funk


Bootsy Collins - In March 1970, after most of the members of James Brown's band quit over a pay dispute, The Pacemakers were hired as Brown's backing band and they became known as The J.B.'s


In 1971, Brown began recording for Polydor Records which took over distribution of Brown's King Records catalog add something


In 1971, he was made "freeman of the city" in Lagos, Nigeria after performing there by Oba Adeyinka Oyekan, for his "influence on Black people all over the world add something


This iteration of The J.B.'s dissolved after a March 1971 European tour due to additional money disputes and Bootsy Collins' use of LSD; the Collins brothers would soon become integral members of Parliament-Funkadelic, while a new lineup of The J.B.'s coalesced around Wesley, St. Clair Pinckney, and drummer John Starks add something


Let's Get It On - Following the success of funk records such as Sly and the Family Stone's "There's a Riot Goin' On" and James Brown's late 1960s and early 1970s singles, Gaye's "Let's Get It On" helped further the funk genre's reach and influence in the music industry, as well as increase its mainstream appeal


Al Sharpton - In 1971 while touring with James Brown, he met future wife Kathy Jordan, who was a backup singer


University of Vermont - UVM Concert Bureau was established in 1971 and has brought in artists such as R.E.M., Phish , Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sting, Lou Reed, Primus, The String Cheese Incident, James Brown, Bob_Dylan, the Allman Brothers Band, Death Cab for Cutie, Jurassic 5, the Disco Biscuits, The Grateful Dead, Guster, and The Flaming Lips


During the 1972 presidential election, Brown again endorsed Nixon for his second term add something


During the 1972 presidential election, James Brown openly proclaimed his support of Richard Nixon for reelection of the presidency over Democrat candidate George McGovern add something


As a result Brown's record sales and concerts in the United States reached a lull in 1973 as he failed to land a number-one R&B single that year add something


In 1973, Brown provided the score for the blaxploitation film "Black Caesar" add something


Brown's eldest son, Teddy, died in a car crash on June 14, 1973 add something


Al Sharpton - Between the years 1973 and 1980 Sharpton served as James Brown's tour manager


That's the Way Love Goes (Janet Jackson song) - "That's the Way Love Goes" is based on a sample from James Brown's 1974 track "Papa Don't Take No Mess"


Brown recorded disco material on his albums starting with 1975's "Sex Machine Today", producing less than favorable results add something


After 1976's "Bodyheat", he failed to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 add something


Among his top ten R&B hits during this latter period included "Funky President " and "Get Up Offa That Thing", the latter song released in 1976 and aimed at musical rivals such as Barry White, The Ohio Players and K.C. and the Sunshine Band add something


In fact, on a 1976 version, Cuban bongos are used add something


By 1977, Brown was no longer a dominant force in R&B. After "Get Up Offa That Thing", thirteen of Brown's late 1970s recordings for Polydor, failed to reach the Top 10 of the R&B chart, with only "Body Heat" in 1976 and the disco-oriented "It's Too Funky in Here" in 1979 reaching the R&B Top 15 and the ballad "Kiss in '77" reaching the Top 20 add something


In 1978, while in concert at the Apollo, Brown was arrested onstage for failing to comply with a government order not to leave the country during an investigation of his radio stations add something


By the release of 1979's "The Original Disco Man", Brown wasn't providing much production or writing, leading most of it to producer Brad Shapiro, resulting in the song "It's Too Funky in Here" becoming Brown's most successful single in this period add something


Elvis Costello - Costello's standing in the U.S. was bruised for a time when in March 1979, during a drunken argument with Stephen Stills and Bonnie Bramlett in a Columbus, Ohio Holiday Inn bar, the singer referred to James Brown as a "jive-ass nigger", upped the ante by pronouncing Ray Charles a "blind, ignorant, nigger"


Alex Sadkin - Among the other artists he produced in the 1980s are James Brown, the J. Geils Band, Thompson Twins, Classix Nouveaux, Foreigner, Duran Duran, Simply Red, Arcadia and Paul Haig


Rocky IV - The robot is identified by its engineers as "SICO" and is/was a member of the Screen Actors Guild and toured with James Brown in the 1980s


After two more albums failed to chart, Brown left Polydor in 1981 add something


Kurtis Blow - Bruce Haack's 1982 single "Party Machine" featured the lyric, "Low low low like Kurtis Blow/ Down down down like James Brown.


In 1983, Brown was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame add something


In 1984, Brown teamed with rap musician Afrika Bambaattaa on the song, "Unity" add something


A year later he signed with Scotti Brothers Records and issued the moderately successful album, "Gravity", in 1986, which included Brown's final Top 10 pop hit, "Living in America", marking his first Top 40 entry since 1974 and his first Top 10 pop entry since 1968 add something


In 1986, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and in 2000 into the Songwriters Hall of Fame add something


Brown was named as one of the first inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at its inaugural induction dinner in New York on January 23, 1986 add something


Bobby Bennett (The Famous Flames) - As a result of this committee's decision, The Famous Flames, including Bennett, were one of the six groups automatically inducted into the Hall of Fame, without the need for nomination and voting, under the premise that they should have been inducted with James Brown back in 1986


Greg Travis - In 1986 he worked for "Saturday Night Live" making short comedy films, appearing regularly on Evening at the Improv he was the opening act for stars like James Brown, Tom Jones and Dolly Parton


Baby Lloyd Stallworth - When James Brown was inducted as one of the charter members of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, the other members of his vocal group, The Famous Flames, Group founder Bobby Byrd, Bobby Bennett, Johnny Terry, and "Baby Lloyd" Stallworth, were not inducted


Bobby Bennett (The Famous Flames) - When the group's lead singer, James Brown, was inducted into the Hall of Fame's inaugural class in 1986, the other members of his group, Famous Flames members Bennett, Bobby Byrd, Johnny Terry, and Lloyd Stallworth, were not inducted


Adrienne Rodriguez, his third wife, had him arrested four times between 1987 and 1995 on charges of assault add something


In 1987, Brown won the Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance for "Living in America add something


In 1988, Brown was arrested twice, first for drugs and weapons charges in May, and later in September of that year following an alleged high-speed car chase on Interstate 20 near the Georgia-South Carolina state border add something


After being arrested in May 1988 for allegedly hitting Rodriguez with a lead pipe and shooting at her in their car during an argument, Brown went on TV with a local Los Angeles reporter via satellite from Atlanta and appeared to be behaving erratically in response to some of the interviewer's questions, refusing to talk about the domestic issue with Rodriguez but instead wanted to bring more focus on his professional work including an upcoming tour of Brazil; at one point Brown began shouting out his song titles to one of the reporter's questions add something


Jimmy Page - David Fricke, a senior editor at "Rolling Stone" magazine, described Jimmy Page in 1988 as "probably the most digitally sampled artist in pop today after James Brown


Little Richard - On November 11, 1988, Penniman was filmed as he appeared at "The Legends of Rock and Roll Concert" in Rome , Italy, along with Jerry Lee Lewis, Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, B.B. King, Ray Charles, and James Brown


Raymond van het Groenewoud - In 1990 most of his songs were re-recorded for a compilation album, with a new single "Liefde voor muziek" which is a parody of the gospel of James Brown in the movie "Blues Brothers"


Fred Wesley - In the early 1990s Wesley toured with his colleagues from the James Brown band, Pee Wee Ellis and Maceo Parker, as the JB Horns


Although he was sentenced to six years in prison, he was eventually released in 1991 after serving only three years of his sentence add something


Thurmond and his son eventually helped to get Brown be released on parole from his six-year prison sentence in 1991 add something


On February 25, 1992, Brown was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award at the 34th annual Grammy awards add something


In 1993, the City Council of Steamboat Springs, Colorado conducted a poll of its residents to choose a new name for the bridge that crossed the Yampa River on Shield Drive add something


The bridge was officially dedicated in September 1993, and James Brown appeared at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the event add something


On November 20, 1993, Mayor Charles DeVaney of Augusta, Georgia held a ceremony to dedicate a section of 9th Street between Broad and Twiggs Streets, renamed "James Brown Boulevard", in the entertainer's honor add something


Gary Oldman - In 1993, he had a cameo role as the Devil in the promo video to the Guns N' Roses single "Since I Don't Have You"—he played the Devil in the 2002 BMW short Beat The Devil, alongside Clive Owen, James Brown and Marilyn Manson.


In 1995, Brown returned to the Apollo, and released the live album, "Live at the Apollo 1995", which included a studio track titled "Respect Me", which was released as a single; again it failed to chart add something


He followed that song by releasing the megamix, "Hooked on Brown", in 1996 add something


Neneh Cherry - Her most recent solo album, 1996's "Man"- produced by McVey and Jonny Dollar -was led by the track "Woman", her take on James Brown's 1966 track "It's a Man's Man's Man's World


A ceremony was held for Brown on January 10, 1997 to honor him with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame add something


Bhangra (music) - But bring on the bass lines, bring on the funky-drummer beat, bring on the James Brown samples", to "Time" magazine in 1997


Brown's final studio albums, "I'm Back" and "The Next Step", were released in 1998 and 2002 respectively add something


In January 1998, he spent a week in rehab to deal with an addiction to prescription painkillers; a week following his release, he was arrested for an unlawful use of a handgun and possession of marijuana add something


Levi Roots - Roots has performed with James Brown and Maxi Priest and was nominated for a Best Reggae Act MOBO award in 1998


In 1999, when being interviewed by "Rolling Stone", the magazine asked him to name a hero in the 20th century, Brown mentioned Republican Senator Strom Thurmond, stating "when the young whippersnappers get out of line, whether Democrat or Republican, an old man can walk up and say 'Wait a minute, son, it goes this way add something


Brown performs a version of the cape routine over the closing credits of the film "Blues Brothers 2000" add something


The irrevocable trust, separate and apart from Brown's will, was created on Brown's behalf in 2000 by his attorney, Albert "Buddy" Dallas, who was named as one of three personal representatives of Brown's estate add something


On June 15, 2000, Brown was honored as an inductee for the New York Songwriters Hall of Fame add something


In another incident, the police were summoned to Brown's residence on July 3, 2000 after he was accused of charging at an electric company repairman with a steak knife when the repairman visited Brown's house to investigate a complaint about having no lights at the residence add something


James Brown signed his last will and testament on August 1, 2000, before Strom Thurmond, Jr., an attorney for Brown's estate add something


Tomi Rae Hynie - In an interview on CNN with Larry King, Hynie produced a 2001 marriage certificate as proof of her marriage to James Brown, but she did not provide King with court records pointing to an annulment of her marriage to him or to Ahmed


Tomi Rae Hynie - Much controversy surrounds Brown's December 2001 marriage to James Brown


Brown made a cameo appearance in the 2002 Jackie Chan film "The Tuxedo", in which Chan was required to finish Brown's act after Brown was accidentally knocked out by Chan add something


In 2002, Brown appeared in "Undercover Brother", playing himself add something


Upon filing his will in 2002, Brown advised that most of the money in his estate go into creating the I Feel Good, Inc. Trust to benefit disadvantaged children and provide scholarships for his grandchildren add something


When the case was initially heard before a judge in 2002, Hollander's claims against Brown were dismissed by the court as the limitations period for filing the suit had expired add something


Brown returned to Steamboat Springs, Colorado on July 4, 2002 for an outdoor music festival, performing with other bands such as The String Cheese Incident add something


On August 6, 2002, James Brown was honored as the first BMI Urban Icon at the BMI Urban awards add something


Much controversy surrounds Tomi Rae Hynie's marriage to James Brown on December 23, 2002, officiated by Rev. Larry Fryer add something


Baby Lloyd Stallworth - In a 2002 article in the "New York Daily News", it was reported that Famous Flames members Stallworth, Bobby Byrd,and Bobby Bennett had employed attorney Richard Yellen to issue a lawsuit against James Brown for alleged non-payment of royalties


In 2003, Brown was pardoned by the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole, and Pardon Services for past crimes that he was convicted of committing in South Carolina add something


In 2003, Brown was the featured attraction of a D.C. fundraiser for the National Republican Senatorial Committee add something


In August 2003, Brown took out a full-page public notice in "Variety Magazine" featuring Hynie, James II and himself on vacation at Disney World to announce that he and Hynie were going their separate ways add something


In recognition of his accomplishments as an entertainer, Brown was a recipient of Kennedy Center Honors on December 7, 2003 add something


Bobby Byrd - In 2003, a few years prior to his death, Bobby, his wife Vicki, and Famous Flames Bobby Bennett and Lloyd Stallworth, sued lead singer James Brown and Universal Music for non-payment of royalties stating that monies that rightfully belong to them for Byrd's hit "I Know You Got Soul", which was sampled by numerous rappers, including Eric B. & Rakim, were sent by Universal to James Brown instead, who allegedly subsequently kept them


In 2004 Brown was successfully treated for prostate cancer add something


Although Hynie stated that her marriage to Javed Ahmed was later annulled, this annulment did not occur until April 2004 add something


Later that year in June 2004, Brown pleaded no contest to the domestic violence incident, but served no jail time add something


Patience Dabany - Her 2004 world music album "Obomiyia" allowed her to tour with James Brown in Europe


In 2005, Charles "Champ" Walker and the We Feel Good Committee went before the County commission and received approval to change Augusta, Georgia 's slogan to "We Feel Good" add something


In January 2005, a woman named Jacque Hollander filed a lawsuit against James Brown, which stemmed from an alleged 1988 forcible rape add something


On May 6, 2005, as a 72nd birthday present for Brown, the city of Augusta, Georgia unveiled a life-sized bronze James Brown statue on Broad Street add something


Joss Stone - Stone performed a medley of "It's a Man's World" and "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" with funk legend James Brown on BBC One's chat show "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" on 1 July 2005


Brown died on Christmas Day 2006 from heart failure after becoming ill two days earlier and being hospitalized for hours add something


In 2006, Brown continued his "Seven Decades Of Funk World Tour", his last concert tour where he performed all over the world add something

James Brown died in 2006 add something


His final U.S. performance was in San Francisco on August 20, 2006, as headliner at the Festival of the Golden Gate on the Great Meadow at Fort Mason add something


Afterwards, Official renamed the city's civic center the James Brown Arena, and James Brown attended a ceremony for the unveiling of the namesake center on October 15, 2006 add something


Brown's last televised appearance was at his induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame in November 2006, before his death the following month add something


On November 14, 2006, Brown was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame, and he was one of several inductees who performed at the ceremony add something


A week before his death in December 2006, a gravely ill-looking Brown took time to give out Christmas toys and turkeys to an Atlanta orphanage add something


After the public and private memorial services in late December 2006, James Brown's body remained in his casket for a time in a temperature-controlled room at his estate add something


On December 23, 2006, James Brown became ill and showed up at his dentist's office in Atlanta , Georgia several hours later than his appointment for dental implant work add something


After Brown's death on Christmas Day, Brown's relatives and friends, a host of celebrities and thousands of fans attended public memorial services at the Apollo Theater in New York on December 28, 2006 and at the James Brown Arena on December 30, 2006 in Augusta, Georgia , Georgia add something


A separate, private memorial service was held in North Augusta, Georgia, South Carolina on December 29, 2006, which was attended by Brown's family and close friends add something


On December 30, 2006, during the public memorial service at the James Brown Arena, Dr. Shirley A.R. Lewis, president of Paine College, a historically black college in Augusta, Georgia , Georgia, bestowed posthumously upon Brown an honorary doctorate in recognition and honor of his many contributions to the school in its times of need add something


Michael Jackson - James Brown Saluted By Michael Jackson at Public Funeral Service, MTV, December 30, 2006.


MC Hammer - Hammer and Jackson would later appear, speak and/or perform at the funeral service for James Brown in 2006.


MC Hammer - They appeared together at the funeral service for James Brown in 2006, where Hammer danced in honor of The Godfather of Soul.


Max Beesley - On 28 October 2006 Beesley appeared as a special guest playing piano for James Brown during his performance at the Roundhouse in London as part of the BBC's Electric Proms festival


Bon Jovi - On November 14, 2006, Bon Jovi were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame alongside James Brown and Led Zeppelin


Before his death, Brown was scheduled to perform a duet with singer Annie Lennox on the song "Vengeance" for her new album "Venus", which was released in 2007 add something


During the reading of Brown's will on January 11, 2007, Thurmond revealed that Brown's six adult living children were named in the will add something


On January 24, 2007, Brown's children filed a lawsuit against the personal representatives of Brown's estate add something


To challenge the validity of the will and irrevocable trust, Hynie filed a lawsuit against Brown's estate on January 31, 2007 add something


During the 49th Annual Grammy awards presentation held on February 11, 2007, James Brown's famous cape was draped over a microphone at the end of a montage by "Danny Ray" , in honor of notable persons in the music industry, including Brown, who died during the previous year add something


Brown was buried on March 10, 2007 in a crypt at the home of Deanna Brown Thomas, one of Brown's daughters who held a private ceremony for the temporary burial add something


In April 2007, Hynie selected a guardian ad litem whom she wants appointed by the court to represent her son, James Brown II, in the paternity proceedings add something


Brown was scheduled originally to receive the honorary doctorate from Paine College during its May 2007 commencement add something


According to an August 22, 2007 article published in the British newspaper "The Daily Telegraph", DNA tests indicate that Brown fathered at least three extramarital children add something


On September 12, 2007, barely nine months after James Brown's death, Bobby Byrd, the original leader and founder of The Famous Flames vocal group along with Brown, died of cancer at 73 years old add something


On December 22, 2007, the first annual "Tribute Fit For the King of King Records" in honor of James Brown was held at the Madison Theater in Covington, Kentucky add something


Tomi Rae Hynie - In April 2007, Hynie selected a guardian ad litem that she wants the court to appoint to represent James Brown II in the proceedings to establish paternity


Christos Dantis - In September 2007 after his collaboration with the Mad Music Channel under the "Mad Secret Concert" events, he released the album "DANTIS - ROCK AND LIVE" with many popular cover songs of artists such as The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Nek, and great other like James Brown and Stevie Wonder


Bobby Byrd - Bobby Byrd, founder of The Famous Flames, died on September 12, 2007 of cancer at the age of 73, 9 months after the death of Famous Flames lead singer James Brown


Jeff Stelling - He is a well-known supporter of Rangers F.C and his local club, Hartlepool United F.C., in which during the 2008-09 season, he would use a singing toy figure of the singer James Brown singing "I Feel Good" every time the player of the same name scored


However, on April 14, 2012 The Famous Flames were automatically and retroactively inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame alongside James Brown, without the need for nomination and voting, under the premise that they should have been inducted with him back in 1986 add something


On August 30, 2012, United States Republican Party presidential candidate Willard "Mitt" Romney accepted the 2012 Republican Party presidential nomination to the tune of Brown's "Living in America" add something


Bobby Bennett (The Famous Flames) - As the group's fortunes increased, however, James Brown began to think in terms of solo success, apart from the Flames, helping to bring dissension, which Bennett confirmed in an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 2012


Baby Lloyd Stallworth - In 2012, some 27 years after the solo induction of lead singer James Brown, the other Flames were inducted, and the error was finally corrected


Mick Jagger and Brian Grazer are producing a documentary film on Brown in 2013 add something


On Saturday August 17, 2013 the official R&B Music Hall of Fame honored and inducted James Brown at a ceremony held at the Waetejen Auditorium at Cleveland State University add something


Augusta, Georgia - Due to malfunctioning ice machinery at the James Brown Arena, hockey operations were suspended prior to the 2013-2014 season


Viola Davis - In September 2013 it was announced that Davis would reunite with her The Help director Tate Taylor in a biopic of James Brown playing Brown's mother


Brandon Mychal Smith - On December 9, 2013, it became public that Smith was selected to portray James Brown's musical idol Little Richard in the 2014 bio-pic, "Get On Up"


This film, entitled "Get on Up" has now been completed and is in post production, and will be released in theatres on August 1, 2014 add something


Bobby Bennett (The Famous Flames) - Actor/choreographer Aakomon Jones will play Famous Flame Bobby Bennett in the James Brown biofilm "Get On Up", which opens in U.S.theatres on 8/1/2014


Bobby Byrd - Bobby Byrd will be portrayed by actor Nelsan Ellis in the upcoming James Brown bio film Get on Up, which will open in U.S. theatres nationwide on August 1st, 2014


Baby Lloyd Stallworth - Choreographer Codie Wiggins played Famous Flame "Baby Lloyd" Stallworth in the 2014 biopic, "Get On Up-The James Brown Story" that was released in theatres nationwide on August 1st, 2014


Yvonne Fair - Fair was portrayed by Tika Sumpter in the 2014 James Brown biopic "Get on Up"


Little Richard - In 2014, Disney actor Brandon Mychal Smith will appear as Little Richard as a young, rising star in the upcoming Universal Pictures bio-pic of James Brown, "Get On Up


Lee Fields - In 2014, Fields provided additional vocals for the James Brown biographical movie, Get On Up


Bobby Bennett (The Famous Flames) - Actor/choreographer Aakomon Jones played Famous Flame Bobby Bennett in the James Brown biofilm "Get on Up", which opened in U.S.theatres on January 8, 2014


Bobby Byrd - Bobby Byrd was portrayed by actor Nelsan Ellis in the James Brown bio film Get on Up, which opened in U.S. theatres nationwide on August 1, 2014


On January 27, 2015, Judge Doyet Early III ruled that Tommie Rae Hynie Brown is officially the widow of James Brown add something


On February 19, 2015, the South Carolina Supreme Court intervened, halting all lower court actions in the estate and undertaking to review previous actions itself add something


Tomi Rae Hynie - In July 2018, the Georgia Court of Appeals agreed with the local probate judge in Augusta that Hynie was the former wife and widow of James Brown, rejecting the arguments of Brown's children that she was not because of her prior marriage


In 2019, an investigation by CNN and other journalists led to suggestions that Brown had been murdered add something