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James Stacy

American actor add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1936.

Countries: United States (57%), California (29%), Vietnam (14%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: California, Kirk Douglas, Sayonara

Linked to: CBS, American Broadcasting Company, Just a Little Inconvenience




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James Stacy was born in 1936 add something


Stacy was in several motion pictures from the 1950s through the 1970s, including a minor part in the musical "South Pacific" add something


Stacy made his film debut in 1957's "Sayonara", and his television debut in "Highway Patrol" add something


He had a recurring role as "Fred" in "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" from 1958-1963 add something


In 1966 Stacy guest starred in the final episode of "Perry Mason", "The Case of the Final Fadeout," as Barry Conrad, an egocentric actor, who was murdered during a scene of a television show add something


A motorcycle crash left him a multiple amputee and took the life of his girlfriend in 1973 add something


On September 27, 1973, a drunk driver struck Stacy and his girlfriend, waitress Claire Cox, while they were riding tandem on a motorcycle add something


After his recovery, he returned to acting in 1975 before retiring in 1991 add something


His comeback film was the 1975 Kirk Douglas Western "Posse", in which he was cast as newspaper editor "Harold Hellman", a part Douglas had written for him add something


In 1977, he starred in the TV movie "Just a Little Inconvenience", playing a double-amputee Vietnam veteran add something


In 1980, Stacy starred in and produced the TV movie, "My Kidnapper, My Love" add something


His last TV role was in five 1990 episodes of the cop series "Wiseguy", playing "Ed Rogosheske add something


The prosecutor in the case initially said she believed Stacy might have been eligible for probation for the molestation, but his post-arrest behavior, coupled with two arrests in June 1995 for prowling at the homes of other girls, led her to seek a prison sentence add something


On December 7, 1995, he failed to appear for sentencing in Ventura, California County Superior Court add something


On March 5, 1996, he received a six-year prison sentence add something


Stacy died on September 9, 2016, in Ventura, California, at the age of 79 from an allergic reaction to medication add something