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James Whitmore

American film, and stage and television actor add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1921.

Countries: United States (83%), California (7%), France (3%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: James Whitmore, Jr., Peter Falk, Barbara Stanwyck

Linked to: Yale University, Amherst High School, Actors Studio, Disney Channel




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James Whitmore was born in 1921 add something


They first married in 1947 and the couple had three sons before their divorce in 1971 add something


Harvey Lembeck - Two weeks after graduation, Lembeck won the key role of Sam Insigna in "Mister Roberts", which he played on Broadway for nearly three years, winning runner-up honors to James Whitmore as New York's best new actor of 1948


The Asphalt Jungle - The heist film is based on the 1949 novel of the same name by W. R. Burnett and stars an ensemble cast including Sterling Hayden, Jean Hagen, Sam Jaffe, Louis Calhern, James Whitmore, and, in a minor but key role, Marilyn Monroe, an unknown at the time who was pictured but not mentioned on the posters


James Dean - In October 1951, following actor James Whitmore's and his mentor Rogers Brackett's advice, Dean moved to New York City.


In the 1960-1961 television season, Whitmore starred in his own crime drama on ABC entitled "The Law and Mr. Jones", in the title role, with Conlan Carter as legal assistant C.E. Carruthers and Janet De Gore as his secretary add something


Whitmore made several memorable appearances on the classic ABC western "The Big Valley" starring Barbara Stanwyck and the classic NBC western "The Virginian" starring James Drury during the second half of the 1960s add something


Peter Falk - In 1961, Falk was nominated for an "Emmy *award" for his performance in the episode "Cold Turkey" of James Whitmore's short-lived series "The Law and Mr. Jones" on ABC


Eduard Franz - In 1961, Franz guest starred as Gustave Helmer in the ABC legal drama "The Law and Mr. Jones" with James Whitmore in the title role and Jack Mullaney as a second guest


Leo Penn - On March 3, 1961, he co-starred with Peter Falk and Joyce Van Patten in the episode "Cold Turkey" of the ABC legal drama series, "The Law and Mr. Jones" starring James Whitmore


It was cancelled after one year but returned in April 1962 for thirteen additional episodes on Thursday to fill the half-hour vacated by the cancellation of the ABC sitcom "Margie" add something


Tom Bosley - In 1962, he portrayed Assistant District Attorney Ryan in the episode "The Man Who Wanted to Die" on James Whitmore's ABC legal drama "The Law and Mr. Jones"


In 1963, he played Captain William Benteen in "The Twilight Zone" episode "On Thursday We Leave for Home" add something


In 1965, Whitmore guest-starred as Col. Paul J. Hartley in "The Hero", episode 32 of "Twelve O'Clock High" add something


In 1969, he played the leading character of Professor Woodruff in the TV series "My Friend Tony", produced by NBC add something


From 1972-1973, Whitmore played Dr. Vincent Campanelli in the short-lived ABC medical sitcom "Temperatures Rising" add something


Oliver O. Howard - James Whitmore portrayed General Howard in the 1975 television film, "I Will Fight No More Forever", about the U.S. Army campaign against the Nez Perce and the surrender of Chief Joseph in 1877


Jeff Marcus - Between 1980-1990, Marcus appeared on and off-Broadway in such plays as, "The Survivor" and "Almost an Eagle" starring James Whitmore


Simon MacCorkindale - In the 1980s, he directed three performances of the play "Sleuth", starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Howard Keel and James Whitmore, and a Los Angeles production of "The Merchant of Venice ", and starred in the one-man show "The Importance of Being Oscar" at the Globe Playhouse in 1981


Mark Twain - He was later brought to life by James Whitmore in the 1985 Will Vinton Claymation film The Adventures of Mark Twain


In 1986, Whitmore voiced Mark Twain in the first claymation film "The Adventures of Mark Twain" add something


Whitmore's last major film role was that of librarian Brooks Hatlen in the critically acclaimed and Academy award-nominated 1994 Frank Darabont film starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, "The Shawshank Redemption" add something


Following the divorce from Mygatt, Whitmore was married to actress Audra Lindley from 1972 until 1979 add something


In 1999, he played Raymond Oz in two episodes of "The Practice", earning an Emmy award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series add something


In 2001, he married actress and author Noreen Nash, who is the grandmother of film actor Sebastian Siegel add something


In 2002, Whitmore got the role of the Grandfather in the Disney Channel original film "A Ring of Endless Light" add something


In 2002, Whitmore played a supporting role in "The Majestic", a film that starred Jim Carrey add something


In 2003, Whitmore appeared as Josh Brolin's father on the short-lived NBC drama series Mister Sterling add something


Although not always politically active, in 2007, Whitmore generated some publicity with his endorsement of Barack Obama for U.S. President add something


In April 2007, he appeared in " in an episode titled "Ending Happy" as Milton, an elderly man who provides a clue of dubious utility add something


In January 2008, Whitmore appeared in television commercials for the First Freedom First campaign, which advocates preserving "the separation of church and state" and protecting religious liberty add something


Whitmore was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2008, from which he died, at the age of 87 in February 2009, at his Malibu, California, home add something

James Whitmore died in 2009 add something


In 2010, James Whitmore, Jr. and his two children , actress-director Aliah Whitmore and artist-production designer Jacob Whitmore, formed the theatre group Whitmore Eclectic add something