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Janet Peoples

About David Peoples the screenwriter, for the golfer of the same name, see David Peoples add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1940.

Countries: United States (60%), United Kingdom (20%), (20%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Unforgiven, David Peoples, Jason Statham

Linked to: Los Angeles Film Critics Association, University of California, Berkeley, National Society of Film Critics




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Janet Peoples was born in 1940 add something


Peoples received his highest accolades for "Unforgiven", a script first written in 1976 add something


A number of Peoples' original screenplays were sold during the 1980s, many undergoing lengthy studio development periods before seeing production: among them, "Unforgiven", "Soldier", and "The Blood of Heroes" add something


Later in 1992, Peoples began work on "Twelve Monkeys" , a time-warp action/psychodrama inspired by Chris Marker's experimental short film "La jetée" add something


The film had a lengthy gestation and did not see theaters until 1992 add something


In 1998 "Soldier" was belatedly filmed by British director Paul Anderson, albeit on a reduced budget and with additional rewriting by Anderson add something


Jason Statham - In 2009, Statham started to develop a new movie written by David Peoples and Janet Peoples


Peoples was presented with the Distinguished Screenwriter award at the 2010 Austin Film Festival add something