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Janis Joplin

American singer-songwriter add

Category: Music

Born in 1943.

Countries: United States (63%), New York (6%), (6%)

Main connections: Jimi Hendrix, Albert Grossman, Sam Andrew

Linked to: Columbia Records, Grateful Dead, The Band, Memorial High School




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Janis Joplin was born in 1943 add something


"Time" magazine called Joplin "probably the most powerful singer to emerge from the white rock movement", and Richard Goldstein wrote for the May 1968 issue of "Vogue" magazine that Joplin was "the most staggering leading woman in rock add something


As a popular psychedelic act of the late 1960s, many of Joplin's live concerts with Big Brother were professionally recorded and have been released on albums like "Live at Winterland '68" and "Live at the Carousel Ballroom 1968" add something


Joplin first rose to prominence in the late 1960s as the lead singer of the psychedelic-acid rock band Big Brother and the Holding Company, and later as a solo artist with her more soulful and bluesy backing groups, The Kozmic Blues Band and The Full Tilt Boogie Band add something


Joplin graduated from high school in 1960 and attended Lamar State College of Technology in Beaumont, Texas, during the summer and later the University of Texas at Austin, though she did not complete her studies add something


The band was influenced by the Stax-Volt rhythm and blues bands of the 1960s, as exemplified by Otis Redding and the Bar-Kays add something


Jo Ann Kelly - At the end of the 1960s, with an album on a major record label in the United States, it seemed that she might be spirited away there and moulded into another Janis Joplin


Brown University - Concerts featuring invited performers began in 1960, including Bob Dylan, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin, James_Brown and Snoop Dogg


Jimi Hendrix - His career and death grouped him with Janis Joplin, Jim_Morrison and Brian Jones as one of the 27 Club, a group including iconic 1960s rock stars who suffered drug-related deaths at the age of 27 within a two-year period, leaving legacies in death that have eclipsed the popularity and influence they experienced during their lifetimes


Seasick Steve - In the 1960s, he started touring and performing with fellow blues musicians, and had friends in the music scene including Janis Joplin and Joni Mitchell


Cliff DeYoung - Prior to his acting career, he was the lead singer of the 1960s rock group Clear Light, which played with more the famous artists like The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin


Talitha Getty - She died within the same twelve month period as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Edie_Sedgwick and Jim Morrison, other cultural icons of the 1960s


Big Mama Thornton - Similarly, Thornton's "Ball 'n' Chain" had a bigger impact when performed and recorded by Janis Joplin in the late 1960s


The campus newspaper "The Daily Texan" ran a profile of her in the issue dated July 27, 1962, headlined "She Dares to Be Different" add something


Her first song recorded on tape, at the home of a fellow student in December 1962, was "What Good Can Drinkin' Do" add something


In 1964, Joplin and future Jefferson Airplane guitarist Jorma Kaukonen recorded a number of blues standards, further accompanied by Margareta Kaukonen on typewriter add something


Gloria Swanson - She acted in "Behind the Locked Door" on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour in 1964, and in the same year was nominated for a Golden Globe award for her performance in Burke's Law. A guest appearance on The Dick Cavett Show with Janis_Joplin was another memorable TV appearance.


In early 1965, Joplin's friends, noticing the physical effects of her amphetamine habit , persuaded her to return to Port Arthur, Texas add something


Just prior to joining Big Brother and the Holding Company, Joplin recorded seven studio tracks in 1965 add something


In May 1965, Joplin's friends threw her a bus-fare party so she could return home add something


After switching managers from Chet Helms to Julius Karpen in 1966, the group signed with top artist manager Albert Grossman, whom they met for the first time at Monterey Pop. For the remainder of 1967, Big Brother performed mainly in California add something


In 1966, Joplin's bluesy vocal style attracted the attention of the psychedelic rock band Big Brother and the Holding Company, a band that had gained some renown among the nascent hippie community in Haight-Ashbury add something


Helms brought her back to San Francisco and Joplin joined Big Brother on June 4, 1966 add something


On August 23, 1966, during a four week engagement in Chicago, the group signed a deal with independent label Mainstream Records add something


Sam Andrew - Janis Joplin was recruited by band manager Chet Helms to join Big Brother as lead singer on June 4, 1966


In early 1967, Joplin met Country Joe McDonald of the group Country Joe and the Fish add something


She was accompanied on vacation there by her friend Linda Gravenites, who had designed the singer's stage costumes from 1967 to 1969 add something


Monterey Pop Festival - The band's debut studio album, "Big Brother and the Holding Company", was released by Mainstream Records in August 1967, shortly after the group's breakthrough appearance in June at the Monterey Pop Festival add something


Moondog - Big Brother and the Holding Company featuring Janis Joplin covered the song "All Is Loneliness" on their 1967 self-titled album


Harry Belafonte - In 1967, Belafonte was the first non-classical artist to perform at the prestigious Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Upstate New York, soon to be followed by concerts there by the Doors, the Fifth Dimension, the Who and Janis Joplin


Albert Grossman - When Grossman signed Janis Joplin and her four bandmates from Big Brother and the Holding Company in 1967, he told them he would not tolerate any intravenous drug use, and all five agreed to abide by the rule


By 1968, the band was being billed as "Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company", and the media coverage given to Joplin generated resentment within the band add something


In early 1968, Joplin and Big Brother made their nationwide television debut on "The Dick Cavett Show", an ABC daytime variety show hosted by Dick Cavett add something


One month later, Owsley Stanley recorded them at the Carousel Ballroom, released as "Live at the Carousel Ballroom 1968" in 2012 add something


"Live at Winterland '68", recorded at the Winterland Ballroom on April 12 and 13, 1968, features Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company at the height of their mutual career working through a selection of tracks from their albums add something


On February 16, 1968, the group began its first East Coast tour in Philadelphia, and the following day gave their first performance in New York City at the Anderson Theater add something


On April 7, 1968, the last day of their East Coast tour, Joplin and Big Brother performed with Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Joni Mitchell, Richie Havens, Paul Butterfield, and Elvin Bishop at the "Wake for Martin Luther King, Jr." concert in New York add something


On September 14, 1968, culminating a three-night final gig together at Fillmore West, fans thronged to honor and exult in the last official night of Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company add something


Sam Andrew, the lead guitarist who had left Big Brother with Joplin in December 1968 to form her back-up band, quit in late summer 1969 and returned to Big Brother without her add something


Janis gave one last performance with Big Brother at a Family Dog benefit on December 1, 1968 add something


Together with the premiere of the documentary film "Monterey Pop" at New York's Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on December 26, 1968, add something


Stevie Nicks - Fritz became popular as a live act from 1968 until 1972, opening for popular musicians Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin - both of whom Nicks credits as inspiring her own stage intensity and performances - among others, in the San Francisco Bay Area


In addition to Woodstock, Joplin had problems at Madison Square Garden in 1969 add something


Laura stated that Janis was really enthusiastic after performing at Woodstock in 1969 add something


Only "Ball and Chain" was included in the film that was released to theaters nationwide in 1969 and shown on television in the 1970s add something


Gabriel Mekler, who produced the "Kozmic Blues", told publicist-turned-biographer Myra Friedman after Joplin's death that the singer had lived in his house during the June 1969 recording sessions at his insistence so he could keep her away from drugs and her drug-using friends add something


Joplin appeared at Woodstock in the late hours of Saturday, August 16, 1969 add something


The Kozmic Blues album, released in September 1969, was certified gold later that year, but did not match the success of "Cheap Thrills" add something


Mike Bloomfield - Bloomfield helped Janis Joplin put her Kozmic Blues Band together in 1969, co-wrote "Work Me, Lord" for the album, and played the guitar solo on Joplin's blues composition "One Good Man." Columbia released another 1969 album, a live concert jam, "Live at Bill Graham's Fillmore West", including former Butterfield bandmate Mark Naftalin, former Electric Flag bandmates Marcus Doubleday and Snooky Flowers, and a guest appearance by Taj Mahal; and, re-uniting with former bandmates Paul Butterfield and Sam Lay for the Chess Records all-star set, "Fathers a


Kristofferson had been Joplin's lover in the spring of 1970 add something


The other was the time that we opened up for Janis at the San Jose Fairgrounds, around 1970 add something


This was her standard stage costume in the spring and summer of 1970 add something

Janis Joplin died in 1970 add something


In February 1970, Joplin traveled to Brazil, where she stopped her drug and alcohol use add something


Prior to beginning a summer tour with Full Tilt Boogie, she performed in a reunion with Big Brother at the Fillmore West in San Francisco on April 4, 1970 add something


The Full Tilt Boogie Band began touring in May 1970 add something


At the time of this June 1970 interview she already had performed in the Bay Area for what turned out to be the last time add something


In a June 25, 1970, appearance, she announced that she would attend her ten-year high-school class reunion add something


Festival Express - From June 28 to July 4, 1970, Joplin and Full Tilt Boogie joined the all-star "Festival Express" train tour through Canada, performing alongside Buddy Guy, The Band, Ten Years After, Grateful Dead, Delaney and Bonnie, Eric Andersen, and Ian & Sylvia add something


In the August 3, 1970, Cavett broadcast, Joplin referred to her upcoming performance at the Festival for Peace to be held at Shea Stadium in Queens, New York, on August 6, 1970 add something


Joplin's last public performance, with the Full Tilt Boogie Band, took place on August 12, 1970, at the Harvard Stadium in Boston, Massachusetts add something


At the same time, "Going Down With Janis" by Peggy Caserta attracted a lot of attention with its opening line, which referred to her performing a sex act with Joplin while they were high on heroin in September 1970 add something


Caserta, a former Delta Air Lines stewardess and owner of a clothing boutique in the Haight Ashbury, said that by September 1970 she had resorted to smuggling marijuana throughout California and she checked into the Landmark that month because it attracted drug users add something


On September 26, 1970, Joplin recorded vocals for "Half Moon" and "Cry Baby" add something


During late August, September and early October 1970, Joplin and her band rehearsed and recorded a new album in Los Angeles with producer Paul A. Rothchild, who had produced recordings for The Doors add something


Joplin's death in October 1970 at the age of 27 stunned her fans and shocked the music world, especially when coupled with the death just sixteen days earlier of another rock icon, Jimi Hendrix, at age 27 add something


On October 4, 1970, producer Paul A. Rothchild became concerned when Joplin failed to show up at Sunset Sound Recorders for a recording session add something


The party, which took place October 26, 1970, at the Lion's Share, located in San Anselmo, California, was attended by Joplin's sister Laura, fiancé, Seth Morgan and close friends, including tattoo artist Lyle Tuttle, Bob Gordon, and road manager Cooke add something


Eric Andersen - Festival Express - He took part in the Festival Express tour across Canada in 1970 with the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, The Band, Delaney Bramlett and others


Oscar Peterson - In the fall of 1970, Peterson's trio were successful in their album Tristeza on Piano which was a eulogy of the recently deceased Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, the Monterey Pop Festival stars.


Shelley Winters - She became friendly with rock singer Janis Joplin shortly before Joplin died in 1970


Albert Grossman - On October 4, 1970, Grossman's most famous remaining client, Janis Joplin, died suddenly from a heroin overdose


The Mamas & the Papas 1971 song "Pearl" from their "People Like Us" album was a tribute add something


Kris Kristofferson - In 1971, Janis Joplin, who dated Kristofferson for some time until her death, had a number-1 hit with "Me and Bobby McGee" from her posthumous "Pearl"


Recordings from this concert were included in an in-concert album released posthumously in 1972 add something


The audio of other Festival Express performances was included on that 1972 Joplin "In Concert" album add something


According to Ellis Amburn, in 1973 a "carful of dope dealers" visited a Los Angeles lesbian bar Caserta had been frequenting since Joplin was alive add something


Her friend Peggy Caserta claimed in a 1973 book that she encouraged Joplin to perform at the festival add something


In 1973, a book about Joplin by her publicist Myra Friedman was excerpted in many newspapers add something


Peggy Caserta claimed in her 1973 book "Going Down With Janis" that she and Joplin had decided mutually in April 1970 to stay away from each other to avoid enabling each other's drug use add something


Joplin's appearances with the Kozmic Blues Band in Europe were released in cinemas in the documentary Janis , which was reviewed by the "Washington Post" on March 21, 1975 add something


A 1978 Serge Gainsbourg-penned song in French by English singer Jane Birkin, "Ex fan des sixties" references Joplin alongside other disappeared "idols" such as Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones or Marc Bolan add something


The 1978 film "The Rose" was loosely based on Joplin's life add something


Bette Midler - In 1979, Midler made her first motion picture, starring in the 1960s-era rock and roll tragedy The Rose, as a drug-addicted rock star modeled after Janis Joplin.


Footage of her performance of the song "Tell Mama" in Calgary became an MTV video in the early 1980s and the sound was included on the 1982 "Farewell Song" album add something


In the "Tell Mama" video shown on MTV in the 1980s, Joplin wore a psychedelically colored loose-fitting costume and feathers in her hair add something


Previously unreleased studio and live material were added to these albums tracklistings and released on the compilation "Farewell Song" in 1982 add something


A San Francisco concert from that summer was recorded and released in the 1984 album "Cheaper Thrills" add something


Larry Buchanan - In 1984 he produced "Down on Us", which charged that the United States government was responsible for the deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin


In 1987, the Janis Joplin Memorial, with an original gold, multi-image sculpture of Joplin by Douglas Clark, was dedicated in Port Arthur, Texas add something


According to an early 1990s statement by a close friend of Caserta and Joplin, Caserta's book angered the Los Angeles heroin dealer she described in detail to her readers add something


In the late 1990s, the musical play "Love, Janis" was created with input from Janis's younger sister Laura plus Big Brother guitarist Sam Andrew, with an aim to take it to Off Broadway add something


Amburn added in 1992, "Janis was trying to kick heroin in Brazil, and one of the nicest things about George was that he wasn't into drugs add something


In 1992, the first major biography of Janis in two decades, "Love, Joplin", authored by her younger sister, Laura Joplin, was published add something


Joplin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995, and was given a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award in 2005 add something


These tracks were later issued as a new album in 1995 titled "This is Janis Joplin 1965" by James Gurley add something


Caserta survived "a near-fatal OD in December 1995", wrote Echols add something


John Gilmore (writer) - In 1997, in "Laid Bare", his first book of memoirs, Gilmore recounts his associations beginning in the 1950s and through the 1960s with Hank Williams, Janis Joplin, Jack_Nicholson, Jane Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Seberg, Steve McQueen, Irish McCalla, Jayne Mansfield, and other personalities


A recording became available to the public for the first time in 1998 when Sony Music Entertainment released the compact disc add something


Opening in the summer of 2001 and scheduled for only a few weeks of performances, the show won acclaim and packed houses and was held over several times, the demanding role of the singing Janis attracting rock vocalists from relative unknowns to pop stars Laura Branigan and Beth Hart add something


Those who did not attend Monterey Pop saw the band's performance of "Combination of the Two" for the first time in 2002 when The Criterion Collection released the box set add something


Laura Branigan - In 2002 she performed twice as the "singing" Janis Joplin in the off-Broadway musical "Love, Janis", before dropping out of the show


In 2003, "Pearl" was ranked No. 122 on "Rolling Stone" magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time add something


"Rolling Stone" magazine ranked Joplin number 46 on its list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time in 2004, and number 28 on its 2008 list of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time add something


Melissa Etheridge - At the 2005 Grammy *awards, she made a return to the stage and, although bald from chemotherapy, performed a tribute to Janis Joplin with the song "Piece of My Heart"


Penelope Spheeris - In 2006, she was set to direct the still-unfilmed "Gospel According to Janis", about Janis Joplin


In November 2009, the Hall of Fame and museum honored her as part of its annual American Music Masters Series add something


In 2012 "The Pearl Sessions" were released giving an insight into her creative process add something


In 2013, Washington's Arena Stage featured a production of "One Night With Janis Joplin", starring Mary Bridget Davies add something


Joplin will be awarded with the 2,510th star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 4, 2013 add something


On August 8, 2014, the United States Postal Service revealed a commemorative stamp honoring Janis Joplin, as part of its Music Icons Forever Stamp series during a first-day-of-issue ceremony at the Outside Lands Music Festival at Golden Gate Park add something


On December 15, 2015, Amy J. Berg released her biographical documentary film, "Janis: Little Girl Blue", narrated by Cat Power add something