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Mitsubishi Motors - Nakamura, however, increased the budget for sport utility product development, and his gamble paid off; & Mitsubishi's wide line of four-wheel drive vehicles, from the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini kei car to the Delica Space Gear passenger van, rode the wave of SUV-buying in Japan in the early to mid-1990s, and Mitsubishi saw its overall domestic share rise to 11,6 percent in 1995


In 1185, following the defeat of the Taira clan in the Genpei War, sung in the epic Tale of Heike, samurai Minamoto no Yoritomo was appointed "sh?gun" by Emperor Go-Toba, and Yoritomo established a base of power in Kamakura add something


The Kamakura shogunate repelled Mongol invasions in 1274 and 1281, but was eventually overthrown by Emperor Go-Daigo add something


Emperor Go-Daigo was himself defeated by Ashikaga Takauji in 1336 add something


On the other hand, the succeeding Ashikaga shogunate failed to control the feudal warlords and a civil war began in 1467, opening the century-long Sengoku period add something


Christianity was first introduced into Japan by Jesuit missions starting in 1549 add something


In Richard Wille's 1577 book "The History of Travalye in the West and East Indies" add something


When open war broke out, Ieyasu defeated rival clans in the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600 add something


Tokugawa Ieyasu was appointed "sh?gun" by Emperor Go-Y?zei in 1603 and established the Tokugawa shogunate in Edo add something


Japan entered into a long period of isolation in the early 17th century, which was ended in 1853 when a United States fleet pressured Japan to open to the West add something


On March 31, 1854, Commodore Matthew Perry and the "Black Ships" of the United States Navy forced the opening of Japan to the outside world with the Convention of Kanagawa add something


During the Meiji Restoration of 1868 the history of Japanese architecture was radically changed by two important events add something


During the Meiji period from 1868, Japan expanded economically with the embrace of the market economy add something


From the 12th century until 1868, Japan was ruled by successive feudal military "sh?guns" who ruled in the name of the Emperor add something


Plunging itself through an active process of Westernization during the Meiji Restoration in 1868, Japan adopted Western political, judicial and military institutions and Western cultural influences integrated with its traditional culture for modern industrialization add something


The first was the Kami and Buddhas Separation Act of 1868, which formally separated Buddhism from Shinto and Buddhist temples from Shinto shrines, breaking an association between the two which had lasted well over a thousand years add something


Primary schools, secondary schools and universities were introduced in 1872 as a result of the Meiji Restoration add something


Japan's population grew from 35 million in 1873 to 70 million in 1935 add something


Japan has one of the oldest and largest film industries in the world; movies have been produced in Japan since 1897 add something


Between 1910 and 1945, the Japanese government rebuilt Korean infrastructure add something


Mazda - Mazda began as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd, founded in Japan in 1920


Shochiku - The company began making films in 1920 and was the first film studio to abandon the use of female impersonators and sought to model itself and its films after Hollywood standards, bringing such things as the star system and the sound stage to Japan


The 1923 Tokyo earthquake killed over 140,000 people add something


This process accelerated during the 1930s, spawning a number of new Radical Nationalist groups which shared a hostility to liberal democracy and a dedication to expansion in Asia add something


In 1931 Japan invaded and occupied Manchuria and following international condemnation of this occupation, it quit the League of Nations in 1933 add something


In 1936, Japan signed the Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany and the 1940 Tripartite Pact made it one of the Axis Powers add something


Japan's top professional league, now known as Nippon Professional Baseball, was established in 1936 and is widely considered to be the highest level of professional baseball in the world outside of the North American Major Leagues add something


The Second Sino-Japanese War of 1937 expanded into part of World War II in 1941, which came to an end in 1945 following the Japanese surrender add something


In 1940, the Empire invaded French Indochina, after which the United States placed an oil embargo on Japan add something


After Allied victories across the Pacific during the next four years, which culminated in the Soviet invasion of Manchuria and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, Japan agreed to an unconditional surrender on August 15 add something


Japan contests Russia's control of the Southern Kuril Islands which were occupied by the Soviet Union in 1945 add something


The Korean Peninsula once again became independent with the surrender of Japan and the Axis at the end of WWII in 1945 add something


The Allies convened the International Military Tribunal for the Far East on May 3, 1946, to prosecute some senior generals for war crimes add something


In 1947, Japan adopted a new constitution emphasizing liberal democratic practices add something


This was the greatest decline since at least 1947, when comparable figures were first compiled add something


Since adopting its revised constitution on May 3, 1947, during the occupation by the SCAP, the sovereign state of Japan has maintained a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy with an Emperor and an elected legislature called the National Diet add something


Japan is the number one importer of Korean music , television , and films, but this was only made possible after the South Korean government lifted the 30-year ban on cultural exchange with Japan that had been in place since 1948 add something


Hideki Yukawa, educated at Kyoto University, was awarded the prize in physics in 1949 add something


Hugh John Casey - Instead, Casey remained in Japan as MacArthur's Chief Engineer until Casey's retirement on 31 December 1949


In the period of rapid economic growth after World War II, environmental policies were downplayed by the government and industrial corporations; as a result, environmental pollution was widespread in the 1950s and 1960s add something


Mitsubishi Motors - However, the "zaibatsu" were ordered to be dismantled by the Allied powers in 1950, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was split into three regional companies, each with an involvement in motor vehicle development: West Japan Heavy-Industries, Central Japan Heavy-Industries, and East Japan Heavy-Industries


Mitsubishi Motors - West Japan Heavy-Industries and East Japan Heavy-Industries had expanded their automotive departments in the 1950s, and the three were re-integrated as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 1964


Mitsubishi Motors - East Japan Heavy-Industries began importing the Henry J, an inexpensive American sedan built by Kaiser Motors, in knockdown kit form in 1951, and continued to bring them to Japan for the remainder of the car's three-year production run


The Allied occupation ended with the Treaty of San Francisco in 1952 and Japan was granted membership in the United Nations in 1956 add something


Mitsubishi Motors - Central Japan Heavy-Industries, now known as Shin Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries, had already re-established an automotive department in its headquarters in 1953


The LDP has enjoyed near-continuous electoral success since 1955, except for brief periods between 1993 and 1994 and from 2009 to 2012 add something


Pierre Schoendoerffer - In April 1955 he left South Vietnam to return to France, stopping off along the way in Hong Kong, Taipei , Japan, Hawaii and San Francisco


Japan has diplomatic relations with nearly all independent nations and has been an active member of the United Nations since December 1956 add something


Sun Myung Moon - In 1958, Moon sent missionaries to Japan, and in 1959, to America


The period of overall real economic growth from the 1960s to the 1980s has been called the Japanese post-war economic miracle: it averaged 7,5 percent in the 1960s and 1970s, and 3,2 percent in the 1980s and early 1990s add something


Mitsubishi Motors - By the beginning of the 1960s Japan's economy was gearing up; wages were rising and the idea of family motoring was taking off


Vicky Leandros - In Japan, she reached her peak during late 1960s and early 1970s and recorded many times in Japanese


Japan hosted the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 1964 and the Winter Olympics in Sapporo in 1972 and Nagano in 1998 add something


Kerastase - Established in 1964 in France, the brand first expanded through Europe, followed by Japan in 1990 and in North America in 1999


Shin'ichir? Tomonaga followed in 1965 add something


Christopher George - George joined actor Lawrence Casey on a USO tour of Vietnam, Japan and Thailand, which lasted for almost a month and which started on November 12, 1967 and went into December 1967


Responding to rising concern about the problem, the government introduced several environmental protection laws in 1970 add something


Sumarsam - ASKI participated in government programs to promote Indonesian culture abroad, and in 1970 Sumarsam was invited to Expo '70 in Osaka, Japan, where he worked seven months


Sun Myung Moon - In the 1970s, Moon, who had seldom before spoken to the general public, gave a series of public speeches to audiences in the United States, Japan, and South Korea


Mitsubishi Motors - It is part of the & Mitsubishi "keiretsu", formerly the biggest industrial group in Japan, and was formed in 1970 from the automotive division of Mitsubishi_Heavy_Industries


Laura Ashley plc - A licensing operation led to the opening of department store concessions in Australia, Canada and Japan from 1971 onwards


Enrico Macias - In 1971, he returned to the Paris Olympia, went to the Royal Albert Hall in London, and back to Japan, Canada, Italy and Spain


Since 1973, all elderly persons have been covered by government-sponsored insurance add something


Solid-state physicist Leo Esaki, educated at the University of Tokyo, received the prize in 1973 add something


The oil crisis in 1973 encouraged the efficient use of energy because of Japan's lack of natural resources add something


By 1977, the amount of land reclaimed totaled add something


Japan became a major exporter of video games during the golden age of arcade video games, an era that began with the release of Taito's "Space Invaders" in 1978 and ended around the mid-1980s add something


Japanese-made video game consoles have been popular since the 1980s add something


Japan was a venue of the Intercontinental Cup from 1981 to 2004 and co-hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup with South Korea add something


Kenichi Fukui of Kyoto University shared the 1981 prize in chemistry, and Susumu Tonegawa, educated at Kyoto University, became Japan's first laureate in physiology or medicine in 1987 add something


Sun Myung Moon - In 1982 "The Washington Times" was founded by News World Communications, an international media conglomerate associated with Moon which owns newspapers in South Korea, Japan, and South America, as well as the news agency United Press International


Nissan Z-car - In 1983 Nissan first offered the 300ZX in Japan


Nissan Z-car - From 1985 to 1987, the Electramotive-developed GTP ZX-Turbo was raced in the IMSA GT Championship's GTP class and the All Japan Sports Prototype Championship, badged as a Fairlady Z, using a Lola T810 chassis and a VG30ET engine


Since privatisation in 1987, dozens of Japanese railway companies compete in regional and local passenger transportation markets; major companies include seven JR enterprises, Kintetsu, Seibu Railway and Keio Corporation add something


Bill Madlock - Madlock became a free agent at the end of the 1987 season and played for the Lotte Orions in Japan in


Richard Marx - Marx's second world tour began in the spring of 1989 and took him to Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Europe, Canada, and the United States, lasting through August 1990


Debra Miceli - Miceli wrestled a six-week tour for All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling at the beginning of 1989, where she won the IWA Women's title from Chigusa Nagayo before dropping it back to her the very next day


Growth slowed in the 1990s during the "Lost Decade" due to after-effects of the Japanese asset price bubble and government policies intended to wring speculative excesses from the stock and real estate markets add something


Since the 1990s, the Korean Wave has created a large fanbase in East Asia add something


Anwarul Karim Chowdhury - From 1990-1993, Mr. Chowdhury was the UNICEF Director for Japan, Australia and New Zealand


Pantech - Established in 1991, its market is mainly domestic with partners in the United States, Japan, China, and Europe


Mitsubishi Motors - The benefits Mitsubishi had seen because of its strong presence in south-east Asia reversed themselves as a result of the economic crisis in the region which began in 1991 with the advent of the collapse of the Japanese asset price bubble, referred to in Japan as the beginning of the Lost Decade and continued to 1997


Since the establishment of the Japan Professional Football League in 1992, association football has gained a wide following add something


A 1993 survey by the Cultural Affairs Agency found that more Japanese had sung karaoke that year than had participated in traditional pursuits such as flower arranging or tea ceremonies add something


NBC - In 1994, NBC launched a channel in Asia called "'NBC Asia"' available in Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Republic of China, Thailand and Republic of the Philippines like of NBC Europe, NBC Asia featured most of NBC's news programs as well as The Tonight Show and Late Night


Peter Aerts - Aerts knocked out Markus Fuckner of Germany on February 20, 1994 in Amsterdam to retain the WMTA Heavyweight Muay Thai title before heading out to Japan to take part in the "K-1 Grand Prix '94" which was held in Tokyo on April 30, 1994


Princess Akishino - Princess Akishino has assumed the role of Patroness of the Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association, succeeding the Late Princess Chichibu in June 1994


Peter Aerts - Aerts made the third defence of his WMTA World Heavyweight Muay Thai title against Ergin Solmaz in Amsterdam on November 12, 1994, before going back to Japan to fight Glen Parker at "K-1 Legend"


Debra Miceli - Blayze defeated Nakano at SummerSlam, but lost the belt to her on November 20, 1994 in Japan at the Big Egg Wrestling Universe event


Debra Miceli - In 1995, she appeared in the movie "Shootfighter II", Death Match, and Intersanction II. In Japan, she released a CD of songs sung in Japanese


Lexus - The marque's plans for developing an SUV model had accelerated during the U.S.-Japan tariff discussions of 1995


Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization - The "'Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization"' is an organization founded on March 15, 1995 by the United States, South Korea, and Japan to implement the 1994 U.S.-North Korea Agreed Framework that froze North Korea's indigenous nuclear power plant development centered at the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center, that was suspected of being a step in a nuclear weapons program


"Dynamics of Demographic Development and its impact on Personal Saving : case of Japan", with Albert Ando, Andrea Moro, Juan Pablo Cordoba, in "Ricerche Economiche", Vol 49, August 1995 A growing number of younger Japanese are not marrying or remain childless add something


In 1996, Japan ranked fourth in the world in tonnage of fish caught add something


DVD - DVD-Video became the dominant form of home video distribution in Japan when it first went on sale in 1996, but did not become the dominant form of home video distribution in the United States until June 15, 2003, when weekly DVD-Video in the United States rentals began outnumbering weekly VHS cassette rentals. marketplace


DVD - The format went on sale in Japan in 1996, in the United States in 1997, in Europe in 1998 and in Australia in 1999


Don Frye - Frye would return to his winning ways at U-Japan in November 1996, taking a submission victory over Mark Hall


As the host and signatory of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, Japan is under treaty obligation to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and to take other steps to curb climate change add something


Basile Boli - Boli left Rangers at the end of that season and wound down his career with a season back in France with AS Monaco FC before ending his career in 1997 after a spell in Japan with Urawa Red Diamonds


Homero Aridjis - In 1997, a coalition of seventeen centers led by American, Japan, Swedish and Belgian PEN nominated Aridjis for International President of the worldwide association of writers, and he was elected President at the International PEN Congress in Edinburgh, winning a second three-year term at the Moscow Congress held in 2000


Mitsubishi Motors - In addition, Mitsubishi had little support from sales in Japan, which slowed considerably throughout 1997 and were affected by that country's own economic uncertainty into 1998


Don Frye - After leaving the UFC, Frye went into professional wrestling and debuted for New Japan Pro Wrestling in August 1997


Yoshihiro Sato - He passed the examination for professional kickboxing of New Japan $Kickboxing Federation in 1998


Gina Haley - Her first self-titled album was released in Japan in 1999 Heat Wave


According to a survey conducted by the Japanese Newspaper Association in June 1999, 85,4 per cent of men and 75 per cent of women read a newspaper every day add something


Beginning in 2000, Japan implemented the Happy Monday System, which moved a number of national holidays to Monday in order to obtain a long weekend add something


Efforts to revive economic growth were unsuccessful and further hampered by the global slowdown in 2000 add something


Japan's dominance within the industry would continue for the next two decades, until Microsoft's Xbox consoles began challenging Sony and Nintendo in the 2000s add something


Japanese chemists took prizes in 2000 and 2001: first Hideki Shirakawa and Ry?ji Noyori add something


Richard Ellis (astronomer) - At Caltech, Professor Ellis was Director of the Palomar Observatory from 2000-2005 and has played a key role in developing the scientific and technical case, as well as building the partnership, for the Thirty Meter Telescope - a collaborative effort involving Caltech, the University of California, Canada, Japan, China and India destined for Mauna Kea, Hawaii


Don Frye - His significant popularity in Japan in the 2000s might be attributed to his "good old tough fuddy-duddy" character reminiscent of sheriffs in some '60s American movies


Lexus - Through the 2000s, most Lexus sedan and SUV production has occurred in Japan at the Tahara, Aichi plant in Aichi and Miyata plant in Fukuoka


Don Frye - In 2001, because of his Japanese Pro-wrestling career, Frye was still a successful celebrity in Japan


Yoshihiro Sato - He moved to All Japan $Kickboxing Federation from NJKF in June 2001


Don Frye - In September 2001, Frye won the G1 World Climax tournament , after the tournament win, Frye left New Japan and returned to Mixed Martial Arts


In 2002, Masatoshi Koshiba and Koichi Tanaka won in physics and chemistry, respectively add something


Three Japanese films made the "Sight & Sound"'s 2002 Critics and Directors Poll for the best films of all time add something


Don Frye - Frye would make a one time appearance at New Japan's Fighting Spirit Memorial Day Tokyo Dome show on May 2, 2002 where he defeated Tadao Yasuda


In 2003, the total aquaculture production was predicted at 1,301,437 tonnes add something


In 2003, there were about 134,700 non-Latin American Western and 345,500 Latin American expatriates, 274,700 of whom were Brazilians , the largest community of Westerners add something


Don Frye - Frye returned to professional wrestling in 2003 where he competed for Fighting World of Japan on two occasions


Anwarul Karim Chowdhury - In March 2003, the Soka University of Tokyo , Japan conferred on Ambassador Chowdhury an Honorary Doctorate for his work on women's issues, child rights and culture of peace as well as for the strengthening of the United Nations


Peter Aerts - Stefan Leko defeated Peter Aerts for the second time on March 30, 2003 at the "K-1 World Grand Prix 2003 in Saitama, Japan"


Don Frye - He appeared for All Japan Pro Wrestling on October 26, 2003 at their 31st Anniversary, challenging Toshiaki Kawada for the AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship but lost


Don Frye - In 2004 Frye signed with Japan's K-1 mixed martial arts promotion Hero's, which held both kickboxing and mixed martial arts matches


Don Frye - In 2004, Frye returned to New Japan for two appearances as a member of Chono's Black New Japan stable, teaming with Chono in a tag match defeating Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Yuji Nagata and teaming with Scott Norton and Manabu Nakanishi in a winning effort against Shinsuke Nakamura, Yutaka Yoshie, and Blue Wolf


Japan captured 4,074,580 metric tons of fish in 2005, down from 4,987,703 tons in 2000, 9,558,615 tons in 1990, 9,864,422 tons in 1980, 8,520,397 tons in 1970, 5,583,796 tons in 1960 and 2,881,855 tons in 1950 add something


The economy recovered after 2005; GDP growth for that year was 2,8 percent, surpassing the growth rates of the US and European Union during the same period add something


Maki Goto - Asia Song Festival - She performed at the Asia Song Festival 2005 in Busan, Korea, representing Japan


Roderick Strong - During this time, he was competing for ROH's sister promotion, FIP, and debuted for PWG. Strong toured Japan with Dragon Gate and had a brief stint in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling in 2005


Lexus - The division inaugurated dealerships in Japan's domestic market in 2005, becoming the first Japanese premium car marque to launch in its country of origin


Yoshihiro Sato - On October 12, 2005, he defeated Kaoklai Kaennorsing, the only fighter who has fought in both K-1's heavyweight division and in K-1 MAX. On February 4, 2006 he defeated Akeomi Nitta, Ryuki Ueyama and Tatsuji to win the K-1 MAX Japan Grand Prix 2006 tournament


Suzuki SX4 - It was introduced in Japan on December 1, 2005, and internationally at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show


In 2006, the country decided to add Sh?wa Day, a new national holiday, in place of Greenery Day on April 29, and to move Greenery Day to May 4 add something


Lexus - In 2006, Lexus raced a hybrid vehicle for the first time, entering a GS 450h performance hybrid sedan in partnership with Sigma Advanced Racing Development at the 24 Hours of Tokachi race in Hokkaido, Japan


Princess Akishino - In January 2006, they visited Indonesia for a ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Republic of Indonesia


DVD - Currently, DVD-Video is the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide, although in Japan it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006


Some 20 million people, around 17 per cent of the population, were below the poverty line in 2007 add something


Suzuki SX4 - The Sedan model, marketed as the SX4 Sport, debuted at the 2007 New York Auto Show and was released in Japan, India, and a few Eastern European markets


Lexus - The largest sales markets in order of size for 2007 were the U.S., Japan, the UK, China, Canada, and Russia


Yoshihiro Sato - On February 5, 2007 he won the K-1 MAX Japan Grand Prix 2007 tournament


Japan signed a security pact with Australia in March 2007 and with India in October 2008 add something


Surayud Chulanont - Engineering in April 2007 by Tokai University, Japan


On September 14, 2007, it launched lunar explorer SELENE on a H-IIA carrier rocket from Tanegashima Space Center add something


In 2008, the Japanese government has set up Japan Tourism Agency and set the initial goal to increase foreign visitors to 20 million in 2020 add something


It is a participant in the International Space Station: the Japanese Experiment Module was added to the station during Space Shuttle assembly flights in 2008 add something


Makoto Kobayashi, Toshihide Masukawa and Yoichiro Nambu, who was an American citizen when awarded, shared the physics prize and Osamu Shimomura won the chemistry prize in 2008 add something


Mazda3 - This transmission has now been made standard on the 2,0 L engine in Japan , as part of a minor facelift in early 2008 which includes different front/rear bumper designs, new wheel designs and body colors, stiffened chassis, and better interior materials


Martina Sablikova - On 9 March 2008 she won gold at the 5,000 m track at the World Single Distance Championships in Nagano, Japan


In 2009, the "Yomiuri Shimbun" published a modern list of famous sights under the name "Heisei Hyakkei" add something


In 2009, the number of suicides exceeded 30,000 for the twelfth successive year add something


The large budget deficits and government debt since the 2009 global recession and followed by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 caused the rating downgrade add something


Lenovo - In 2009 Lenovo became the first personal computer manufacturer to divide countries into emerging markets, such as China, India, and Brazil, and mature markets, such as the United States Japan, and Europe


Lexus - In 2009, Interbrand ranked Lexus as Japan's seventh largest brand, between Panasonic and Nissan, based on revenue, earnings, and market value


The probe's mission was ended when it was deliberately crashed by JAXA into the Moon on June 11, 2009 add something


In 2010, Japan's total fisheries production was 4,762,469 fish add something


Japan later achieved rapid growth to become the second-largest economy in the world, until surpassed by China in 2010 add something


The space probe "Akatsuki" was launched May 20, 2010, and achieved orbit around Venus on December 9, 2015 add something


JVC Kenwood - On Monday, May 31, 2010 JVC Kenwood announced that it would end camcorder production in Japan by March 2011 and shift production overseas to cut losses


New military guidelines, announced in December 2010, will direct the JSDF away from its Cold War focus on the former Soviet Union to a focus on China, especially regarding the territorial dispute over the Senkaku Islands add something


Also, Japan recently won the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2011 add something


In 2011, Japan's population dropped for a fifth year, falling by 204,000 people to 126,24 million people add something


Robert Cullen (footballer) - In January 2011 it was announced that Cullen joined Dutch Eredivisie club VVV-Venlo, best known in Japan for featuring another Japanese, Maya Yoshida, and having been Keisuke Honda's first European club


This decline was made worse by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, which killed nearly 16,000 people add something


On March 11, 2011, Japan suffered one of the largest earthquakes in its recorded history; this triggered the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, one of the worst disasters in the history of nuclear power add something


In August 2011, Moody's rating has cut Japan's long-term sovereign debt rating one notch from Aa3 to Aa2 inline with the size of the country's deficit and borrowing level add something


Lenovo - Lenovo operates factories in Chengdu and Hefei in China, Japan, and as of December 2011 has plans to start production in Argentina


According to the UNHCR, in 2012 Japan accepted just 18 refugees for resettlement, while the United States took in 76,000 add something


In 2012, about 24,1 percent of the population was over 65, and the proportion is projected to rise to almost 40 percent by 2050 add something


Lenovo - In 2012, Lenovo partially moved production of its ThinkPad line of computers to Japan


Yoshihiro Sato - On February 17, 2012, Sato defeated Fadi Merza via unanimous decision after 5th round to take the Merza's ISKA World Light Middleweight Championship under Oriental rules in Tokyo , Japan


However, by May 2012 all of the country's nuclear power plants had been taken offline because of ongoing public opposition following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in March 2011, though government officials continued to try to sway public opinion in favor of returning at least some of Japan's 50 nuclear reactors to service add something


Tommy Dreamer - On November 25, 2012, Dreamer returned to Japan to take part in an independent event produced by The Big Guns


Following the LDP's landslide victory in the 2012 general election, Shinz? Abe replaced Yoshihiko Noda as the Prime Minister on December 26, 2012 add something


Following the LDP's landslide victory in the 2012 general election, Shinz? Abe replaced Yoshihiko Noda as the Prime Minister on December 26, 2012 add something


Foreign visitors to Japan doubled in last decade and reached 10 million people for the first time in 2013, led by increase of Asian visitors add something


It has the 15th highest natural disaster risk as measured in the 2013 World Risk Index add something


Sun Myung Moon - In 2013 the ballet will tour with the Little Angels in the U.S., Canada, Japan, G-20 countries and major cities of Russia


Daft Punk - In 2013, Bandai Tamashii released a SHF action figure for Daft Punk coinciding with the release of "Random Access Memories" in Japan


Don Frye - Frye returned to a professional wrestling ring on March 17, 2013, at an event held by All Japan Pro Wrestling in Tokyo


Yoshihiro Sato - He beat Yuichiro Nagashima by unanimous decision at "Hoost Cup: Kings" in Nagoya, Japan on June 16, 2013


Suzuki Carry - The eleventh generation & & Suzuki Carry was introduced in Japan in August 2013, followed with the sixth generation Suzuki Every in February 2015


Yoshihiro Sato - He will fight Buakaw Banchamek for the fourth time at "MAX Muay Thai 4" in Sendai, Japan on October 6, 2013


In 2014, the country ranked fourth for the percentage of 25- to 64-year-olds that have attained tertiary education with 48 percent add something


Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura, who is an American citizen when awarded, shared the physics prize in 2014 and the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi in 2016 add something


Mogadishu - As of January 2014, these diplomatic missions include the embassies of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Uganda, Nigeria, the United Kingdom and Japan


Yoshihiro Sato - Sato lost via unanimous decision to Sagatpetch Ingram Gym at "Hoost Cup: Legend" in Nagoya, Japan on March 23, 2014


In May 2014, Prime Minister Shinz? Abe said Japan wanted to shed the passiveness it has maintained since the end of World War II and take more responsibility for regional security add something


Toshiba - In October 2014, Toshiba and United Technologies agreed a deal to expand their joint venture outside of Japan


According to the 2015 NHK survey on television viewing in Japan, 79 percent of Japanese watch television every day add something


For inbound tourism, Japan was ranked 16th in the world in 2015 add something


Vancouver - In 2015, Vancouver was one of six venues for the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup and hosted the Final game between the United States and Japan


DVD - As of May 2015, DVD-Video is still the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide except for in Japan where it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006


DVD - As of July 2015, DVD-Video is still the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide except for in Japan where it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006


DVD - As of August 2015, DVD-Video is still the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide except for in Japan where it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006


DVD - As of September 2015, DVD-Video is still the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide except for in Japan where it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006


DVD - As of October 2015, DVD-Video is still the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide except for in Japan where it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006


DVD - As of November 2015, DVD-Video is still the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide except for in Japan where it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006


Despite their historical tensions, in December 2015, Japan agreed to settle the comfort women dispute with South Korea by issuing a formal apology, taking responsibility for the issue and paying money to the surviving comfort women add something


In 2016, 24,039,053 foreign tourists visited Japan add something


In 2016, having met the 20 million target, the government has revised up its target to 40 million by 2020 and to 60 million by 2030 add something


Toshiba - Semiconductor - As of March 2016, Toshiba is preparing to start construction on a cutting-edge new semiconductor plant in Japan that will mass-produce chips based on the ultra-dense flash variant


Starting in April 2016, various schools began the academic year with elementary school and junior high school integrated into one nine-year compulsory schooling program, in hopes to mitigate bullying and truancy; MEXT plans for this approach to be adopted nationwide in the coming years add something


Costco - At Costco stores and gas stations, until June 19, 2016, American Express is the only accepted credit card in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, because Amex charges Costco very low interchange fees ; as Costco's margins are low in comparison to other retailers'


Toyota Coaster - The fourth generation Toyota Coaster was unveiled on 22 December 2016 and will be available for purchase in Japan on 23 January 2017


In 2017, 28,690,900 foreign tourists visited Japan add something


In 2017, Japan had the fifth largest diplomatic network in the world add something


Most recently, South Korean President Moon Jae-in met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the 2017 G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany to discuss the future of their relationship and specifically how to cooperate on finding solutions for North Korean aggression in the region add something


The "Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017" ranks Japan 4th out of 141 countries overall, which was the best in Asia add something


Don Callis - On January 17, 2017, Callis announced that he had accepted a position to become the new English color commentator for New Japan Pro Wrestling's events on New Japan Pro Wrestling World, working alongside Kevin Kelly


In 2018 Japan executed 15 people, the highest annual total since 2008 add something


Japan ranks 20th in the 2018 Environmental Performance Index, which measures a nation's commitment to environmental sustainability add something


Japan ranks 34th of 190 countries in the 2018 ease of doing business index and has one of the smallest tax revenues of the developed world add something


On September 15, 2018, for the first time, 1 in 5 persons in Japan is 70 or older according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications add something


Japan will host the 2019 IRB Rugby World Cup add something


On May 1, 2019, after the historic abdication of Emperor Akihito on April 30th and the first since 1817, his son Naruhito became the new Emperor add something