Jean-Claude Brisseau

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Jean-Claude Brisseau

French filmmaker best known for his 2002 film Secret Things and his 2006 film The Exterminating Angels add

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Born in 1944.

Country: France (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Cannes Film Festival, Bruno Cremer, Vanessa Paradis




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Jean-Claude Brisseau was born in 1944 add something


"'Jean-Claude Brisseau"' is a French filmmaker best known for his 2002 film "Secret Things" and his 2006 film "The Exterminating Angels" add something


Noce Blanche - "'Noce Blanche"' is a French drama film released in 1989, directed and written by Jean-Claude Brisseau, starring Bruno Cremer and Vanessa Paradis


Cannes Film Festival - At the Cannes Film Festival, he was awarded the France Culture Award in 2003 for "Secret Things"; in 1988 he was awarded the Special Award for the Youth add something