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Edward the Confessor - According to the Norman chronicler, William of Jumièges, Robert I, Duke of Normandy attempted an invasion of England to place Edward on the throne in about 1034, but it was blown off course to Jersey


Jersey was part of the Duchy of Normandy, whose dukes went on to become kings of England from 1066 add something


When William's descendant, William_the_Conqueror (William_I_of_England), conquered England in 1066, the Duchy of Normandy and the kingdom of England were governed under one monarch add something


King John lost all his territories in mainland Normandy in 1204 to King Philip II Augustus, but retained possession of Jersey and the other Channel Islands add something


On 7 October 1406, 1,000 French men at arms led by Pero Niño invaded Jersey, landing at St Aubin's Bay and defeated the 3,000 defenders but failed to capture the island add something


Walter Raleigh - From 1600 to 1603, as Governor of the Channel Island of Jersey, Raleigh modernised its defences.


Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford - In July 1600 Oxford wrote requesting Sir Robert Cecil's help in securing an appointment as Governor of the Isle of Jersey, once again citing the Queen's unfulfilled promises to him


In recognition for help given to him during his exile in Jersey in the 1640s, King Charles II of England gave Vice Admiral Sir George Carteret, bailiff and governor, a large grant of land in the American colonies in between the Hudson and Delaware rivers, which he promptly named New Jersey add something


Charles II of England - By Spring 1646, his father was losing the war, and Charles left England due to fears for his safety, going first to the Isles of Scilly, to Jersey, and finally to France, where his mother was already living in exile and his first cousin, eight-year-old Louis XIV, was king.


Thomas Hobbes - In 1647, Hobbes was engaged as mathematical instructor to the young Charles, Prince of Wales, who had come over from Jersey around July.


Robert Overton - Overton remained imprisoned in the Tower until in March 1658 when he was moved to Elizabeth Castle on the island of Jersey


Robert Overton - In 1664 the government sent him to Jersey, the second time he had been imprisoned there and this time it was to be for seven years


Philip Carteret (Governor) - In 1665, Carteret was appointed by them to take possession of the newly acquired territory which been renamed the Province of New Caesaria, or New Jersey, and assume the position of governor


Philip Carteret (Governor) - Carteret designated Elizabethtown as the capital of New Jersey, where a representative assembly first met in 1668


Henry Harvey - December 1778 saw a transfer to the 32-gun frigate and in the following year Harvey was engaged in the relief of besieged Jersey and later unsuccessful efforts to intercept the raiding squadron of John Paul Jones


Thomas McNamara Russell - On his return to England he was appointed to the , under Captain James Gambier, afterwards Lord Gambier, and was present at the relief of Jersey in May 1779,


Printing arrived in Jersey only in the 1780s, but the island supported a multitude of regular publications in French and English throughout the 19th century, in which poetry, most usually topical and satirical, flourished add something


On 6 January 1781, a French invasion force of 2,000 men set out to take over the island, but only half of the force arrived and landed add something


George Don (British Army officer) - With war again looming in the aftermath of the French Revolution, Don was promoted to lieutenant colonel and given a staff appointment in Jersey, where his regiment was stationed in 1792


John Le Boutillier - He was born in Jersey in 1797 and came to the Gaspé, Quebecé peninsula around 1815 as an employee of Charles Robin


William Proby, Lord Proby - "Amelia" was based in Portsmouth for most of 1803, sailing to Jersey and the Downs, and blockading Dutch ports


George Don (British Army officer) - In 1805 Don's colonelcy was transferred to the 96th Regiment of Foot and in 1806 he was made Lieutenant Governor of Jersey, a post he maintained for the entire Napoleonic Wars


John Cliffe Watts - He returned to England with the 46th Regiment in 1811, where they were assigned garrison duty on Jersey until 16 June 1812; they were on duty on the Isle of Wight until August 1813


George Don (British Army officer) - In 1814 after lengthy service on Jersey, Don became a full general and took the post of Lieutenant-Governor of Gibraltar


Athanase Laurent Charles Coquerel - In 1817 he was invited to become pastor of the chapel of St Paul at Jersey, but he declined, being unwilling to subscribe to the "Thirty-nine Articles" of the Church of England


Robert Pipon Marett - Sir "'Robert Pipon Marett"' was a lawyer, journalist, poet, politician, and Bailiff of Jersey from 1880 until his death


Censuses have been undertaken in Jersey since 1821 add something


Augustus Le Plongeon - Le Plongeon was born on the island of Jersey on May 4, 1826


The first lifeboat was equipped, funded by the States, in 1830 add something


By 1840, up to 5,000 English people, mostly half-pay officers and their families, had settled in Jersey add something


Robert Pipon Marett - He was admitted to the Bar of Jersey as advocate in 1845, but in 1846 the family moved to Blois in France as a result of his mother's ill health


John Le Capelain - After Queen Victoria's visit to Jersey in 1846, a volume of drawings by Le Capelain of scenery of the island was presented to her as an official souvenir by the States of Jersey


Julian Tenison Woods - In 1846 Woods obtained a position in "The Times" office, but after a few weeks went to live at Jersey with his mother whose health had failed


George Carteret - New York, New-Jersey historical society, 1846, page 104


In the aftermath of 1848, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Italian and French political refugees came to Jersey add something


John Le Capelain - While engaged on these he developed tuberculosis, of which he died in Jersey in 1848


Edward Askew Sothern - In 1849 he appeared in his first professional engagement at Saint Helier in Jersey, as Claude Melnotte in Bulwer Lytton's "The Lady of Lyons"


Following Louis Napoléon's coup of 1851, more French "proscrits" arrived add something


Ferdinand Brock Tupper - He went on to publish "Chronicles of Castle Cornet with details of its nine years siege during the civil wars, and frequent notices of the Channel Islands" in 1851 and "History of Guernsey and its Bailiwick; with occasional notices of Jersey" in 1854


Robert Pipon Marett - It has been suggested that his "Lé R'tou du Terre-Neuvi oprès san prumi viage" influenced Victor Hugo's "Les Pauvres gens" written in Jersey in 1854


Victor Hugo - He relocated to Brussels , Jersey, from which he was expelled for supporting a Jersey newspaper that had criticised Queen Victoria and finally settled with his family at Hauteville House in Saint Peter Port, where he would live in exile from October 1855 until 1870


Samuel Curtis - He retired to an estate he had bought, La Chaire, at Rozel in Jersey, where he died on 6 January 1860


The first Jèrriais book to be published was "Rimes et Poésies Jersiaises de divers auteurs réunies et mises en ordre", edited by Abraham Mourant in 1865 add something


The RNLI established a lifeboat station in 1884 add something


Jersey has only one newspaper, the "Jersey Evening Post", which is printed six days a week, and has been in publication since 1890 add something


Ted Ray (golfer) - He grew up idolising fellow islander Harry Vardon, seven years older than Ray, who became the world's top golfer in the early 1890s, while Ray was working as a caddy and developing his own golf skills at the same Jersey course where Vardon learned the game


George Renouf - Renouf was educated at a private school in Jersey, and came to Canada in 1896


John St Helier Lander - In 1897, it was purchased for £400 by Julia Westaway, of the Westaway Trust, and presented to the Royal Court in Jersey where it now hangs


Cuthbert Brodrick - In about 1898 he went to live with his niece in Jersey, where he rented a house, La Colline, at Gorey


The red-billed chough "Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax" became extinct in Jersey around 1900, when changes in farming and grazing practices led to a decline in the coastal slope habitat required by this species add something


The island is particularly famous for the Battle of Flowers, a carnival held annually since 1902 add something


Claude Debussy - After despatching Lilly back to her father's home in Bichain on 15 July 1904, Debussy secretly took Bardac to Jersey for a holiday.


Cuthbert Brodrick - He died in Jersey on 2 March 1905, and is buried in St Martin's Churchyard


In 1909, T. J. West established the first cinema in the Royal Hall in St. Helier, which became known as West's Cinema in 1923 add something


The levying of "impôts" different from those of the United Kingdom was granted by Charles II and remained in the hands of the Assembly of Governor, Bailiff and Jurats until 1921 when that body's tax raising powers were transferred to the Assembly of the States, leaving the Assembly of Governor, Bailiff and Jurats to serve simply as licensing bench for the sale of alcohol add something


Thomas Benjamin Frederick Davis - In 1927 Davis bought a property known as Parkfield near Trinity Church in Jersey


Thomas Benjamin Frederick Davis - In November 1927 the States of Jersey accepted this property consisting of a house, farm buildings and some 40 vergées of land


The Income Tax Law of 1928 introducing income tax was the first law drafted entirely in English add something


The first talking picture, "The Perfect Alibi", was shown on 30 December 1929 at the Picture House in St. Helier add something


Malcolm Arbuthnot - His second wife Florence Annie Davison was the widow of George Davison, a millionaire through investments in Kodak, and her inherited wealth enabled the couple to retire to Jersey in 1931


Thomas Benjamin Frederick Davis - On 23 July 1935 the Prince of Wales came to Jersey to open the Hall and unveil the portrait of King George V.


John St Helier Lander - He was a good friend of the Jersey artist Edmund Blampied with whom he collaborated in 1937 on a portrait of King George VI


The States of Jersey Fire Service was formed in 1938 when the States took over the Saint Helier Fire Brigade, which had been formed in 1901 add something


Thomas Benjamin Frederick Davis - The Park was officially handed over as a gift to the people of Jersey in September 1939


Eric Pleasants - He served on a freighter bringing potatoes from Jersey to Southampton, but overstayed his time ashore on the island, missed his boat, and was caught there when the Channel Islands were occupied by the German Army in July 1940


Jersey was occupied by Germany from 1 July 1940 until 9 May 1945, when Germany surrendered add something


After 1944, supplies from mainland France were interrupted by the D-Day landings, and food on the island became scarce add something


The Jersey Film Society was founded on 11 December 1947 at the Café Bleu, West's Cinema add something


See generally and Jersey's legal system is therefore described as 'mixed' or 'pluralistic', and sources of law are in French and English languages, although since the 1950s the main working language of the legal system is English add something


Sam Lesser - Writing for the "Daily Worker", Lesser visited Jersey following its occupation, covered the 1952 show trial of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia general secretary Rudolf Slánský, and witnessed Nikita Khrushchev's rise to power


The Odeon Cinema was opened 2 June 1952 and, was later rebranded in the early 21st century as the Forum cinema add something


Alice Greene - Greene moved to the island of Jersey where she died on 26 October 1956


Freddie Cohen - "'Frederick Ellyer Cohen"' is a former politician in the Bailiwick of Jersey for six years from October 2005 until unseated at the election of November 2011


From the 1960s Portuguese workers arrived, mostly working initially in seasonal industries in agriculture and tourism add something


Until the 1960s, the population had been relatively stable for decades at around 60,000 add something


Eero Koivistoinen - Koivistoinen has received the Yrjö prize of the Finnish Jazz Association in 1967, his quartet won the band competition at Montreux Jazz Festival in 1969, and Koivistoinen won in 1981 the prize for the best arrangement with his piece "Ultima Thule" at the Nordring competition of European broadcasting companies, held in Jersey


It does, however, have a relationship with the EU governed by article 335 TFEU giving effect to Protocol 3 to the UK's Treaty of Accession in 1972 add something


This is a result of the manner of implementation of the Treaty arrangements under the Act of Accession in 1972 add something


Philip Bailhache - Sir Philip was elected to the States of Jersey as Deputy of Grouville in 1972, resigning his seat in 1975 on his appointment as Solicitor General


Jersey along with Guernsey has its own lottery called the Channel Islands Lottery that was launched in 1975 add something


Philip Bailhache - Between 1975 and 2009, he successively held office as Solicitor General, Attorney General, Deputy Bailiff and Bailiff of Jersey


Charles Brett - He was asked to compile a list of historic buildings in Jersey in 1975


The stoat became extinct in Jersey between 1976 and 2000 add something


John Le Capelain - A view of Mont Orgueil by Le Capelain was used on the reverse of the 1976 Jersey £20 banknote


Banque Transatlantique - By the end of the 1980s, Banque Transatlantique had expanded its roster of representative offices with an office in Singapore, as well as a desk on the island of Jersey


Billy Butlin - He remained a resident of Jersey until his death on 12 June 1980, aged 80


Jersey belongs to the Common Travel Area and the definition of "United Kingdom" in the British Nationality Act 1981 is interpreted as including the UK and the Islands together add something


The definition of United Kingdom in the British Nationality Act 1981 is interpreted as including the UK and the Islands together add something


Guru Josh - After studying dentistry in 1981, he began his career as an entertainer and keyboard player at the Sands nightclub in Jersey, performing under the name of Syndrone and Animal and his Crazy Organs


William Rose (screenwriter) - William Rose died in 1987 in Jersey, Channel Islands


Philip Bailhache - In 1989 he became one of the first two Queen's Counsel learned in the law of Jersey


Bill Asprey - In 1993, Asprey retired from football and moved to Jersey


Philip Bailhache - In 1994, Bailhache became Deputy Bailiff of Jersey, following the controversial removal from office of the previous Deputy Bailiff Vernon Tomes


Philip Bailhache - He was appointed Bailiff of Jersey in 1995, in succession to Sir Peter Crill


In its own right Jersey participates in the Commonwealth Games and in the biennial Island Games, which it first hosted in 1997 and more recently in 2015 add something


Since 1997, Kevin Lewis has arranged the Jersey Film Festival, a charity event showing the latest and classic films outdoors in 35 mm on a big screen add something


Philip Bailhache - In 1997, he was the founding editor of the "Jersey Law Review"


Philip Bailhache - In 1998, he led the setting up and became the first chairman of the Jersey Legal Information Board, a project designed to use technologies to streamline the administration of justice and make Jersey court judgments more easily accessible as part of the worldwide free access to law movement


Philip Ozouf Jr - He has been a member of the States of Jersey since 1999 and is currently Treasury and Resources Minister in the Council of Ministers


Freddie Cohen - He is a former president of the Jersey Jewish Congregation, retiring in 2001


Nedbank - Nedbank acquired the Isle of Man and Jersey private banking business of Robert Fleming & Co. in 2001


Its owners, however, struggled to meet tough competition from the Cineworld Cinemas group, which opened a 10 screen multiplex on the waterfront centre in St. Helier on reclaimed land in December 2002 and the Odeon closed its doors in late 2008 add something


The European Commission have confirmed in a written reply to the European Parliament in 2003 that Jersey is within the Union as a European Territory for whose external relationships the UK is responsible add something


Francis Bacon (artist) - In 2003, the estate was handed to a four-person trust based on Jersey


By comparison, higher temperatures are found in mainland United Kingdom, which achieved 38,5 °C in Faversham, Kent on 10 August 2003 add something


In 2005, the States of Jersey announced limits on licences granted to non-resident companies trading in this way add something


Freddie Cohen - He entered the States of Jersey as a Senator in 2005, receiving 13,704 votes


Centre Party (Jersey) - The "'Centre Party"' was a registered political party in Jersey between 2005 and 2007


Council of Ministers of Jersey - The executive is prevented from constituting a majority of the 51 elected Members by the States of Jersey Law 2005, which places a legal cap of 22 on the number of States' Members who may hold office as Chief Minister, Minister and Assistant Ministers


On 18 February 2005, Jersey was granted Fairtrade Island status add something


Philip Bailhache - In July 2005, the Policy and Resources Committee of the States of Jersey established the Constitutional Review Group, with terms of reference 'to conduct a review and evaluation of the potential advantages and disadvantages for Jersey in seeking independence from the United Kingdom or other incremental change in the constitutional relationship, while retaining the Queen as Head of State'


Centre Party (Jersey) - In 2006 the Centre Party renewed its commitment to instituting change in Jersey


Thomas Benjamin Frederick Davis - In 2006 the States of Jersey consulted with the descendents of Thomas Davis and considered a partial abrogation of the covenant to regularise the uses of the site and to bring the covenant up to date


Stuart McGugan - The production visited Jersey, Wolverhampton and Perth, Scotland in early 2007


Bharti Airtel - On 1 May 2007, Jersey Airtel and Guernsey Airtel, both wholly owned subsidiaries of the Bharti Group, announced they would launch mobile services in the British Crown Dependency islands of Jersey and Guernsey under the brand name Airtel-Vodafone after signing an agreement with Vodafone


Centre Party (Jersey) - It was announced in July 2007 that the Centre Party would contest the next elections as the Jersey Conservative Party


First held in 2008, the Branchage Jersey International Film Festival attracts filmmakers from all over the world add something


Steve Massiah - He most recently represented his adopted country in Division Five of the World Cricket League in Jersey in 2008 where he again captained the side


Ian Woosnam - In 2008, his son Daniel was jailed for two years for what the judge in Jersey described as a "terrifying cold-blooded attack" on a teenager


Jimmy Savile - The States of Jersey Police said that in 2008 an allegation of an indecent assault by Savile at the home in the 1970s had been investigated, but there had been insufficient evidence to proceed


Jimmy Savile - In March 2008, Savile started legal proceedings against "The Sun" newspaper which had linked him in several articles to child abuse at the Jersey children's home Haut de la Garenne


Philip Bailhache - On 15 July 2008, the States of Jersey Assembly overwhelmingly rejected a vote of no-confidence brought by Jersey Democratic Alliance member Deputy Shona Pitman, by 47 votes to three


They competed in the European Division 2, held in Guernsey during August 2008 add something


The Jersey cricket team competed in the World Division 4, held in Tanzania in October 2008, after recently finishing as runners-up and therefore being promoted from the World Division 5 held in Jersey add something


Gross national income in 2009 was £3,7 billion add something


Fisheries and aquaculture make use of Jersey's marine resources to a total value of over £6 million in 2009 add something


The herd total in 2009 was 5,090 animals add something


Philip Bailhache - In 2009, Sir Philip and his wife were among prominent islanders to give public support to a campaign to introduce civil partnerships for gay people in Jersey


Lloyds TSB - In 2009, the BBC's "Panorama" alleged that Lloyds TSB Jersey was encouraging wealthy customers to evade tax


Lloyds Bank - In 2009, the BBC's "Panorama" alleged that Lloyds TSB Offshore in Jersey, Channel Islands was encouraging wealthy customers to evade tax


Clinton Woods - The change seemed to have paid off when on 14 February 2009 Woods travelled to the Channel Island of Jersey to defeat Kosovar-Albanian fighter Elvir Muriqi in an eliminator match for his old IBF title


In July 2009, a Channel Islands Tunnel was proposed to connect Jersey with Lower Normandy add something


Jersey and Guernsey jointly opened an office in Brussels in 2010 to promote their common interests with European Union institutions add something


Philip Bailhache - In written evidence to Lord Carswell's 2010 inquiry into reform of Jersey's Crown Officers, including the role of the Bailiff, Sir Philip concluded that "the current system works extremely well and there is no reason for change"


Michael Pedersen - Later in 2011, he captained Denmark in the European T20 Championship Division One which was held in Jersey and Guernsey, which Denmark won to qualify for the World Twenty20 Qualifier in the United Arab Emirates


Index Ventures - "'Index Ventures"' is a venture capital investment firm based in Geneva, Switzerland, with offices in London, Jersey, and starting in 2011, San Francisco


In January 2011, the Chief Minister designated one of his assistant ministers as having responsibility for external relations; he is now often described as the island's 'foreign minister' add something


Freddie Cohen - In June 2011, after the approval by the States of Jersey of his Island Plan by a majority of 38 to 1 votes and the St Helier Masterplan by 37 votes to 1,he resigned as Minister for Planning and Environment to concentrate on his UK and International responsibilities


easyJet - In June 2011, easyJet announced it will be opening its 11th UK base at London Southend Airport, offering flights to Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belfast International, Faro, Malaga, Jersey, Palma de Majorca and Ibiza


Philip Bailhache - He continued to sit as a Commissioner of the Royal Court of Jersey until July 2011


Philip Bailhache - In July 2011, he announced that he was standing in the elections for the four vacant Senatorial seats in Jersey's October 2011 general election


Philip Ozouf Jr - Ozouf supported the campaign for the introduction of a civil partnership law in Jersey, which the States of Jersey passed in July 2011


Since September 2011, the incumbent Lieutenant Governor has been General Sir John McColl add something


It includes 49 elected members: 8 senators , 12 Connétables and 29 deputies , all elected for four-year terms as from the October 2011 elections add something


Philip Bailhache - He was elected as a Senator in the States of Jersey in October 2011 and serves as an Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister


In 2012 the same two men had found 60 Iron Age coins in the same area add something


Philip Ozouf Jr - In 2012, Ozouf was the subject of criticism over the States of Jersey's failed plan to purchase "Lime Grove House", an office building, for the intended use as a new police headquarters for the States of Jersey Police


Philip Bailhache - On 7 March 2012, the States appointed Bailhache as chairman of Jersey's Electoral Commission


Low-value consignment relief provided the mechanism for VAT-free imports from the Channel Islands to the UK until 1 April 2012, at which time this policy of the UK government was binned add something


In June 2012 it was announced what could be Europe's largest hoard of Iron Age coins had been found in Grouville by two persons using metal detectors add something


In October 2012, the Council of Ministers issued a "Common policy for external relations" which noted "that it is not Government policy to seek independence from the United Kingdom, but rather to ensure that Jersey is prepared if it were in the best interests of islanders to do so" add something


HSBC - In November 2012 it was reported that HSBC had set up offshore accounts in Jersey for suspected drug-dealers and other criminals, and that HM Revenue and Customs had launched an investigation following a whistleblower leaking details of £700 million allegedly held in HSBC accounts in the Crown dependency


Economic growth spurred immigration and a rise in population, which is, by 2013, about 100,000 add something


Other production of alcohol drinks includes wine, and in 2013 the first commercial vodkas made from Jersey Royal potatoes were marketed add something


Alan Whicker - Whicker died on 12 July 2013 from bronchial pneumonia at his home in Jersey, in the Channel Islands


In July 2014, the Jersey Financial Services Commission approved the establishment of the world's first regulated Bitcoin fund, at a time when the digital currency was being accepted by some local businesses add something


Nigel Mansell - In September 2014, it was announced that Mansell would be opening a Mitsubishi franchise on Jersey later in the month


Philip Ozouf Jr - From the October 2014 election Senator Ozouf acted as Assistant Chief Minister with responsibility for Financial Services, Digital, Competition and Innovation matters, assuming full responsibility for Jersey's Innovation Fund at the beginning of 2016


In 2015, Jersey's first ever national survey of religion found that two fifths of Jersey people have no religion, with only small handfuls of Jersey people belonging to the non-Christian religions add something


The established church is the Church of England, from 2015 under the See of Canterbury add something


Tourism supports not only hotels, but retail and services: in 2015 there were 717,600 visitors spending £243 million add something


Santander UK - Santander's branches on the Isle of Man and Jersey have operated under the brand name of Santander International since 2016


Philip Ozouf Jr - On 20 January 2017 the Chief Minister confirmed that he had received and accepted Senator Ozouf's formal resignation from the post following publication of a report from the Auditor General criticising the way in which the Jersey Innovation Fund had lost a substantial part of the public funds entrusted to it


Since 13 March 2017, the incumbent Lieutenant Governor has been Sir Stephen Dalton add something


Jersey does not feature, however, in the March 2019 revised EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes add something