Joachim Neander

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Joachim Neander

German Reformed Church teacher, theologian and hymn writer whose most famous hymn, Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation is generally regarded as one of the greatest hymns of praise of the Christian church and, since being translated into English by Catherine Winkworth in the 19th century, it has appeared in most major hymnals add

Category: Philosophy

Born in 1650.

Country: Germany (100%)

Education: undef.




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Joachim Neander was born in 1650 add something


He therefore studied theology in his hometown from 1666 to 1670 add something


In 1671 he became a private tutor in Heidelberg, and in 1674 he became a teacher in a Latin school in Düsseldorf, one step before becoming a minister add something


In 1679, Neander became a pastor in Bremen, as his popularity with the common people had caused problems with the church administration in Düsseldorf add something

Joachim Neander died in 1680 add something


The Neandertal was renamed in his honor in the early 19th century, and became famous in 1856 when the remains of the "Homo neanderthalensis" were found there add something